5 Simple Exercises to Free Your Negative Mind

Get Positive!

Let’s face it—we all have negative thoughts from time to time, and some of us may have them all the time depending on the severity of negative thinking. Negative thinking can destroy an individual’s quality of life and can affect the way they live on a daily basis. It can prevent us from doing things we truly love and it may even push away people we love and care for. If you suffer from negative thinking try these 5 exercises to free your negative mind and start living your life more positively.

1. Music Makes the Heart and Mind Happy

Start your day off with music. Some of us forget how truly powerful lyrics and a musical beat can be. Music can change your mood from negative to positive within seconds. Put your morning alarm to radio, walk to work with your MP3 player or iPod or listen to your favorite music while you have breakfast.

2. Meditation and Yoga Techniques

Many people who suffer from daily depression or a negative thought process can escape the doom and gloom by exercising with yoga or sitting in meditation. Clear your mind and allow yourself to just ‘be’ without worry or anxiety over forgotten yesterdays and non-existent tomorrows. Just be.

3. Smile Freely

Sometimes when an individual is stuck in their negative thinking, a smile from someone else can do wonders. Why not smile yourself? Even if you do not feel up to it, try smiling. Sometimes turning your frown upside down can turn your negativity into positive thinking.

4. Distract Yourself

Distraction may sound like an escape from reality, but if you cannot find anything positive to think about, let something else offer you a new thought process. Watch a funny movie, have coffee with a friend or get absorbed into a new project. Distraction can get you out of a negative cloud and help you shine more positively.

5. Use the Pen as Your Sword

Fight against negative thinking with writing. Write down everything you are happy about within your life. Be appreciative of what you have that many others may not. It could be a skill or a talent or food on the table and shelter. Carry this list around with you and read it whenever the “blues” start building up. It can prevent further negative thoughts from entering the mind. Write down positive affirmations such as “Today is going to be a wonderful day” or “I am happy right now and deserve to be happy in my life.” Journaling can be an excellent tool as well. Let your negative thoughts pour out onto page after page and you will feel a sense of freedom and relief. For that added extra courageous touch, burn the pages and rid yourself from the negative thoughts that keep you back in your life. Just do it in a mature and safe manner.

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11 thoughts on “5 Simple Exercises to Free Your Negative Mind

  1. Susie

    Thanks so much for those 5 excercises. I forgot how much music can change my mood. These 5 easy steps are so doable. I’m going to pass them on to my friends and family. Thanks again!

  2. Helen

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    Great site.

    Thank you.

  3. Dragana Rosic

    thanks to god,very useful,and smart written text.The life become easy and nice,in the all circumstances because we all just need to be happy now and also during our whole life.
    best regards ,and thanks for so good advices.

  4. Rose Cocca

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