5 Signs He’s Heard You

Huh? You Say Something?

Active listening is extremely important when it comes to a healthy, solid relationship. It can make or break a relationship if it is used daily or if it is disregarded as unimportant. Communication is always important, but active listening is equally imperative for a grounded, successful relationship. Is he listening? Does he acknowledge what you have to say? It does not matter if you had a bad day at work and want to rant and rave, or if you need to express something that is bothering you in your relationship.

If you feel your man is not practicing active listening, you may have to take out time away from it all to discuss how you can improve this factor of your relationship. Many people do not know how to actively listen, and this is workable. Anyone can learn how to communicate more and how to truly place your focus on another human being. Here are five signs he’s heard you and knows what you are trying to explain to him.

1. If you’re talking, his eyes and focus are placed directly on you – not on a video game, not on the laptop and he’s not texting someone while you’re speaking. He’s listening to your every word. You will know this if he asks questions or nods in agreement, or even if he rebuttals what you have to express. This means he’s listening to you and you’re being heard.

2. If your guy acknowledges your opinions and concerns by creating action after the conversation, you have been heard. If changes are made or he acts on anything you have mentioned, he has heard you and is working towards improving the situation.

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3. Your guy has heard you if he doesn’t run from the conversation. If he is grounded and sitting in one spot, without the urge to run for the hills, he is hearing you speak and respecting the quality time you have requested.

4. If he throws many questions or suggestions your way, he has most likely heard what you have to say, respects your opinion and is furthering the conversation so you can come to an agreement or action plan. Bingo! You’re being heard.

5. The conversation has ended after a long hour talk and you continue to carry on with your day. He has heard you if he returns to the topic you were expressing, on the following day brings up more ideas on how to solve the issue at hand or if he asks how you’re feeling about your conversation. This is a sign of respect and ultimately leads to further understanding and care.

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Active listening is described as taking in each word your partner expresses, without distractions and outside influences. Next time your partner requests some time with you, sit down, make time and listen with both ears. After all, we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason; listen actively rather than talk and think before you speak.

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