5 Self-Love Affirmations

5 Self-Love Affirmations

Seasonal Self-Love

Self-love is critical every season of the year but it’s absolutely essential during the holidays. Busy social schedules, more tasks on our to-do lists, end-of-year work deadlines, and family gatherings tend to bring out additional stress and more anxiety than usual. To cope with the hectic nature of this time of year, it’s important to have some handy phrases in your proverbial back pocket that you can pull out and use to help yourself take a breath, get some mental space, and regain a positive perspective. Here are five self-love affirmations and how best to use them during the holiday season—or whenever else you may need them

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1. “I am enough.”
It’s easy to feel like you’re lacking in today’s world, especially with social media displaying the supposedly perfect (albeit curated) lives of everyone around you. Remind yourself who you are and what you have—material and otherwise—by cherishing your “enough-ness.” You have enough friends. You have enough money to make Christmas fun for your kids (or your pet). You are enough for the people who love you. This is one of those self-love affirmations that are perfect for the holiday season because it shares the spirit of the season which is about feeling grateful for what you have. That includes the wonderful person you already are.

2. “I got this.”
When work projects or even holiday hosting duties have you frazzled, remember that you are fully capable of tackling whatever hurdles or curveballs are thrown your way. This is one of those self-love affirmations that remind you that you have the skills you need to accomplish the tasks at hand. However, if you don’t, you know how to rely on your resources to get what you need. Give yourself a pep talk and then don’t be scared to ask for help if you get too overwhelmed.

3. “This isn’t really about me.”
When confronted with nosy family members—or downright clueless or even not-so-nice ones—it’s important to remember that the things they say and do are not your fault. Learning not to take their potentially hurtful comments and actions personally is a huge factor when finding self-love. It’s freeing to know that you don’t cause others’ behavior. All you can do is focus on being the best person you can be. When word vomit is hurled your way, say to yourself that it’s not about you—it’s really about the person spewing it. This is one of those self-love affirmations that can help you easily deflect and move on.

4. “I love my _______.”
Choose a body part or aspect of yourself that you really and truly love. Whether you’re getting dressed for yet another holiday party or just throwing on sweats to run errands in your hometown, give yourself some love by honoring and cherishing whatever it is that you feel most confident about. That way, when you run into that always-polished coworker or an old flame from high school, you’ll already be riding that wave of confidence. You’ll have a spring in your step from your own self-affirmation.

5. “My life is a gift.”
As burdens and obligations pile up, it’s easy to feel a little down on life. Recognize and honor when you’re feeling negative and then pivot your thoughts to appreciation and gratitude. You have air in your lungs, a beating heart, and the free will to make your life whatever you want it to be. This is one of those self-love affirmations that serve as a reminder that your life really is a gift—both to you and to those around you who you love.

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