The 2019 Numerology Report

The 2019 Numerology Report

Connecting With the Rhythms of Nature

In the world of numerology, each year signals the start of a new energetic vibration. It’s known as the Universal Year. Indicated by a single-digit number (1 through 9), each year represents an overall energy affecting the globe. Each year also comes with its own set of positive influences and challenges. 2019, is a 3 Universal Year, and here are the calculations:

Year: (2+0+1+9 = 12).

Reduce to a single digit: (12 or 1+2 = 3).

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The Meaning Behind 12/3 Universal Year

When adding up the numbers in a Universal Year, focus goes to the single-digit number. However, every number has meaning. As shown above, that makes 2019 a 12/3 year. 12 is the number representing education that should be shared for the greater good. And it’s not only practical education but spiritual education that should be shared too. Therefore, this is a perfect year to work on meditation and listening to your intuition as well. Following that intuition would fall in line with the spirit of a 3 Universal Year, according to your numerology report.

Creation and Nature

Throughout various cultures, beliefs and practices, such as numerology, the number three (3) is often associated with creation. In 2019 we are bound to see new ideas and innovations that will help this planet. As a number that also represents nature, this is definitely going to be a year for coming up with positive solutions to environmental problems. The interest in organics will become even bigger than before, and hopefully more accessible.

Self-Expression and Invention

On a more personal level, a 3 Universal Year will be one of self-expression through art and creation, according to the numerology report. It’s a year for socializing more often. Making new friends, forming closer bonds in existing friendships, and being more outgoing are all supported. This year is set to be the poster year for positivity. Hopefully, it’s also a year that most will find spiritually uplifting.

The Numerology Report for Your 3 Universal Year

Now that we’ve seen how this year will look for the planet, let’s take a look at your life path in this 3 Universal Year. In order to do that, you’ll have to calculate your Life Path Number which is based on your birthday. For example, let’s say your birthday is July 10, 1980. Here’s how to calculate your Life Path Number:

July = 7 (the seventh month)

10 = 1 + 0 = 1

1980 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9

7 + 1 + 9 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8

This person’s Life Path number is 8. What’s yours?

Remember, you should be able to reduce your Life Path Number to a single digit (1 through 9), except for the master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. (For master numbers, see Life Paths 2, 4, and 6.) If you’re having trouble, you can consult a numerology psychic for a detailed 2019 numerology report. Now, find your results below.

Life Path 1

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on your business and/or relationship skills. You reach the next level of awareness, learning, listening, and collaborating too.

Life Path 2

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on expressing yourself, improving your relationships, and setting boundaries with others too. If you’re an 11 master number, creativity is the name of the game.

Life Path 3

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on luck and advises you to seek out professional coaching or offer personal coaching if that interests you. You can also focus on artistic expression, and be sure to seek out support during the ebbs and flows of 2019.

Life Path 4

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on personal development, loosening up and learning to go with the flow. If you’re a 22 master number, the spotlight is on optimism, sensitivity, and outward expression too.

Life Path 5

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on letting go a little, embracing change, laughing it up, and learning to share your feelings too. 2019 will be a great year if you don’t fight the flow.

Life Path 6

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on sharing more. This could even lead to a new career if you choose. If you’re a 33 master number, you’ll enjoy expanding communication, sensitivity, and artistic expression in 2019 too.

Life Path 7

As a deep and spiritual soul, your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on being more silly and expanding your emotional arena too. Get out and have some fun in 2019!

Life Path 8

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on sharing your knowledge of material manifestation, spiritual pursuits, socializing, relaxing, and working with others too.

Life Path 9

Your 2019 numerology report wants you to focus on self-improvement, eliminating blocks on your path and also sharing what you’ve learned with others in your own unique way.

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  1. Michelle Anne Moise from Gulfport ms 39507

    This seems to be the year of my life purpose to use a gift! In 1979 through meditation with my family! Reverend uncle Tom Clark! Who was clairvoyant,psychic,healer! Opend a portal 2 heaven! I saw it!! Rays from the children of Fatima went into my fingertips! My soul got healed! Etc.


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