5 Secrets to Change Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly striving to improve my life and get ahead at the same time. By getting ahead, I mean learning lessons so as not to repeat them, trying to see the error of my ways, and always replacing self-defeating thoughts with self-empowering ones through meditation, constant practice, and discipline. I’m not successful in this endeavor 60% of the time.  So I thought that I might help you and help me by thinking of concrete ways to accomplish this.

1. One Change Only

Don’t go and take on the world.  Make one change at a time and let yourself ease into it before making another. Be in the present, the one change that you’re making today – don’t worry too much about the future. This cause in the present will become an effect in/for the future.

2. Practice change

Make tiny changes to your daily routine to keep yourself flexible. When change comes, you can adapt better this way. Use any change as a learning tool to fuel growth, make you stronger and more confident. Easier said than done! Which is why the reward is worth the effort.

3. Plan

Anticipate problems and work out solutions for each one before they catch you off guard. Have a contingency plan for when things might go awry… I didn’t plan on that flat tire, but I have AAA… apply the same logic to emotional scenarios. “If I feel retaliatory today, I need to change my thinking to look at what I might have done to cause that person’s ire.”

4. Find support

We all need people or a network to help us adapt to change, be a sounding board, and propel us through any crisis. But books and content, like most on this site, help those who are enduring similar setbacks. Reading stories from people who have been there really helps, and I get psychic readings to show me what I have missed through my own tunnel vision. Then I take notes and steps to correct those behaviors. I have notebooks filled with these types of entries, so thank you, psychics!

5. Stay Positive

Look for the upside. I really try, I do. But when I experienced the loss of four people in one year, I felt like I was living in a cave and no exit was in sight. It’s hard when you’re dealing with tragic circumstances,  but try to look for what you can learn in all experiences. Meditation, reading spiritual literature, and again, calling on psychics for insight have truly helped pull me through.

Let me know if any of this has helped you!

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4 thoughts on “5 Secrets to Change Your Life

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  2. ivyx5198

    Thank you Heidi for taking the time to write this amazing article. I’m gonna print this baby out and tape it to the bathroom mirror! Some times we have a hard time with change. We fight it then we want to rush it. LOVE THIS:)
    Namaste, Ivy oxox


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