Destiny and Free Will

Are our lives controlled by fate or free will? It’s an old question, but does the answer really have to be one or the other? We asked our psychics to weigh in on the issue. Here’s the question we posed: What role does free will play in psychic readings?

As Psychic Nigel ext. 5311 points out, knowledge is the key to tapping the power of free will:

A psychic sees probable outcomes. What keeps a prediction from being absolute are acts of free will. Sometimes, the caller can change their future by using the knowledge that the psychic offers. But often, the predicted future event is so set that the caller can’t change it. The acts of others may be able to cause change, but the caller has no control over this. I will inform my callers whether I feel that they or someone else has the power to make such changes. You may not be able to alter the predicted outcome, but the knowledge a psychic provides can give you control over your own actions and reactions. Knowledge is power.

Psychic Leo ext. 5265 offers an example of how free will affects the way destiny is fulfilled:

Let’s say that being a great actor is someone’s destiny, but using their free will, they want to run from acting. They go through life not accepting it, having a nice job and a regular routine. Then suddenly they lose their job and cannot find another. Coincidentally, they do a commercial and enjoy it, which leads them to acting. In this scenario, the only role that free will played was the timing of when they got into acting. It does not stop the destination of the situation, which is “becoming an actor.”

The last word goes to Psychic Marin ext. 5113, who sees free will as a source of life’s joys:

When giving predictions, I look at two different aspects of a person’s life: destiny and free will. Destiny, or preordained fate, is programmed into your soul prior to birth: It is what you have come into this life to achieve. Free will, on the other hand, is your navigation, or how you go about accomplishing your destiny. Free will can create abrupt changes in our life, leading to changes in psychic predictions.

For example, you may be destined to work in law enforcement, but how you position yourself for that career, when you enlist in training, where you relocate or with what agency are all choices you must make because you have been given free will.

A psychic reading can help identify your destiny and give you a starting point for success. Readings can also serve as checkups as you venture into difficult areas and need confirmation that you are still headed in the right direction.

You have control over your future because you have free will! You can choose how to structure your life as you set out to accomplish your destiny. The joys in life stem from our free will and our unique decisions. If our divine higher power had predetermined the set course of action in our life, we would miss out on the variety, suspense and pleasure in living.

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3 thoughts on “Destiny and Free Will

  1. thelimelight

    Great insight from you all! My understanding of “free will” is the life lessons I chose to have in this lifetime. I have come to take responsibility for many of my own faults lately and learn to let go of fear of lose. This was an extremely dark time for me, but I got through it and have step out on “faith”.

    I believe no matter what my “destiny” is I can make life a positive experience with keeping a positive attitude and being grateful for everything and everyone. I feel we have more than one path to choose from, but the path we take will still lead us back to source. Great blog and many blessings to you all.


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