• staying positive

Check In With You!

Many of us have morning rituals that get us into a calm, effective frame of mind for the day ahead. Prayer, meditation and coffee "just the way we like it" can make us into our best, most-centered selves - ... read more

Manage Your Moods

Are your friends as stressed out as you are lately? Well, you're not alone. Web M.D. reports that 30% of Americans are losing sleep because of personal finances, job fears and the economy. CNN cited a ... read more

Have a Backup Plan

Have you ever seen those Worst Case Scenario... books that tell you what to do if, say, the boat you're on capsizes or your wallet is stolen while in a foreign country? While those instances may ... read more

Mind Over Matter

You know how to fight, how to fume and how to feel it deeply when the road gets rough. But what do you do when life forks over exactly what you want? Do you embrace it and give thanks? Or do you ... read more

How to Bounce Back

The boss comes to your cubicle with a pink slip. You swipe your ATM card, only to find that your balance is... nada. And just when you think it can't get worse, the romance in your life comes to a ... read more
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