4 Ways to Control Fear and Anxiety When Taking a Chance

A Journey Into the Unknown

When you decide to do something wild with your life, you’re embarking on an amazing journey into the unknown. Taking a chance is one of those things that many people dream about, talk about or even plan to do, but very rarely do people take the leap. Why? Because doing something outside the norm—and maybe outside of your comfort zone—can be downright scary. But don’t let fear and anxiety prevent you from following your heart. Keep these dream-derailing emotions in check by doing the four things below. Soon enough, you’ll certainly be on your way toward living the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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1. Remember Why You’re Doing It
Things may get scary, uncomfortable or stressful as you start down your new path. To keep yourself from backing out, make sure you have a daily reminder of why you have decided to take this chance. Create a vision board filled with images, words and inspirational quotes. It should depict what your life will be like when you’ve made this change. Or meditate or journal about the reasons behind your decision and what you hope to manifest. If you need to purchase an item in order to take your chance—like a new suitcase, sporting equipment, or something you’ll need to wear—be sure to place the item somewhere where you can see it every day to serve as a reminder.

2. Enlist Moral Support
There are a number of people in your life who will be excited about this chance you’re taking. Ask a couple of these close friends or family members if they’ll support you by being there when you need affirmation about your decision. When fear or anxiety take hold, pick up the phone and text or call one of these people. They will be able to talk you down if you’re thinking about backing out, or allow you to go over some of the grittier details so you can work out the kinks. Having people you trust who can provide emotional backing will make all the difference when taking a chance.

3. Write Down What Scares and Excites You
Sit with your fear and anxiety—give these emotions their due. Write down what makes you afraid so you can better understand if these fears are rooted in reality or in hypotheticals. This will help you release some of your anxiety and you will objectively understand what makes you nervous about taking a chance. Your fears will ultimately seem less looming when they are written down. Also be sure to jot down what you’re anticipating so you can have some positive affirmations about why you’re making this change.

4. Take Deep Breaths
Throughout this time of transformation, remember to stay grounded in your body by harnessing your breath. Your breath will help you stay in the moment and keep you from allowing fear and anxiety to take hold. The more you’re able to be present and take things one step at a time, the more successful you will be.

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