Do You Have the Courage to Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Tomorrow is Promised to No One

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that is less than satisfying. But we stay, hoping that we can make changes that will bring improvement. Afterall, having patience and commitment are very admirable traits, and things worth having often take a great deal of effort and work to achieve and maintain. But what happens when the dissatisfaction seems to continue growing until you’re truly unhappy—and the months have turned into years? What happens when you’ve done everything you can do and nothing has improved? Do you still continue to pursue something that truly isn’t working for you anymore?

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Fear of the Unknown

For many of us, fear of the unknown is scarier than the prospect of remaining forever unhappy. We think, “What if I leave this relationship and I never find another partner?” “What if I leave this job and I can’t find a better one?” “What if I move out of this town to a new town and I hate it there?” Yet, you’re miserable in the relationship/job/town you’re in. Life passes too quickly to remain in a situation that makes you feel horrible. Before you know it, years have passed that you will never get back again.

Lessons and Growth

Granted, every situation brings you lessons and growth—especially if it’s a situation that you are not happy with. Chances are you will leave the situation a wiser, stronger person with a lot more insight than you started with. When we have to leave the safety of the nest and make that leap into the unknown and out of our comfort zone, we will either fly or grow wings on the way down.

Your Cup is Empty

Staying in a situation where you feel hopeless can lead to many other stress-related problems, both physically and emotionally. You may struggle with guilt—you’re considering doing what’s best for you, but you’re also possibly letting someone else down. But remember this: If your cup is empty, you have nothing to give to anyone else. It is not selfish to take care of yourself and your needs first.

When the Time is Right

How do you know when it’s time to leave that comfort zone? Let your heart be your guide. Look deeply into what you really want and what you want your life to contain. You will know when it’s time. You may be terrified of leaving what you know to enter unknown terrain. But your heart’s nudges will become louder and louder until it’s a calling that you can no longer ignore.

The Path to Fulfillment

The results of making that leap can be astounding and radically life changing, leading to fulfillment. Following your heart’s desire to true happiness is a risk you have to take, otherwise you may end up living a bitter and resentful life in a situation where you can never fully bloom.

Louise’s Story

One of my friends, Louise, a single mom with a small daughter, was working in a fast-paced corporate job. The job paid well and had many benefits; for many it would be a dream job. However, it was never what Louise wanted. For many years, Louise had dreamed of leaving the corporate world to live a slower, more rural life. She wanted to move to a rural part of the country and live off the land. She wanted a more organic lifestyle for her and her daughter. It was her heart’s desire. She wanted to grow her own food and build her own home.

Pretending to Be Happy

The day finally did arrive when she realized that she could no longer pretend to be happy in the corporate world; every part of her ached for the life that she dreamed of. She knew she would never have it as long as she stayed in her corporate job. Louise decided to go for it. She quit the job and moved to the country. Then she took odd jobs to pay the bills, all the while keeping her eye on her goal. She connected with like-minded people who shared her same vision of how she wanted her life to be. In this process, she met her life partner, a wonderful man who shared her vision. Together they bought a piece of land in rural America. They are now building a home together on their land. They have a totally organic lifestyle.

Hard Work

Louise still works hard, but it is work that makes her very, very happy. She has a loving partner now and she is teaching her daughter the values that are so very dear to her. Louise is happier than she’s ever been in her life and all because she was willing to take a chance and leave her comfort zone. In photos, she looks like a different person now; she absolutely glows with happiness. Was it scary? Yes. She didn’t know exactly how things would unfold but she knew she had to go for it or be forever stuck in an environment that did not nurture her soul. Was it worth it? Yes, beyond any doubt.

Tomorrow is Promised to None

The only time that is truly promised to us is right now—this moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is promised to none. You must understand what gives you joy and reach for it. Moving towards happiness and joy may mean that you have to leave some “stable” things behind. Sometimes that means it’s time to end a relationship or leave a job or move to a new location. Sometimes it can be on a smaller scale, like learning a new hobby, making new friends or learning a new skill.  It is said that at the end of life people do not regret the things they did, but rather, they regret the things that they did not have the courage to do. Don’t get to the end of your life with dreams left unfulfilled. Listen to your heart, follow your joy and live a life of no regrets.

5 thoughts on “Do You Have the Courage to Leave Your Comfort Zone?

  1. doug darden

    Thank you so much! When you told me to take a (leap of faith). I also heard Steve Harvey say this same thing on the morning show. On 107.5 wbls i’am a big fan and a good lister. but anyway. Since I was younger I have to work hard for everything I wanted like my career move before that I was working low factory jobs paid only $8.00 hr. what I did then was i knew I couldn’t survive this was so I try to figure out a career that I can go for that paid a lot of cash I then knew I was time to change I saved my money then brote into this career I’m in halfway but then I got comfortable then got stuck I know I needed this one step up to get to my goal. But this when that leap of faith comes in. (If I don’t do it I regret it the rest of my life).and if I do it! Then I be more freedom,no regrets. I feels selfish because I know I needs this I know it will help my daughter. The job I’ am at I’m just not happy at all im not getting no were I been there 7yrs and most of my colleagues I started with left. After a certain a mount of time. I’am still there (miserable) what?? And it seem like I can’t save a dime now. New job offers comes like different states but i’am to afraid to move now!

  2. Lydia Marshall

    I needed to hear some of these things. I’ve been thinking about a major decision, moving in with my son who is 2 years into the military and he has been begging me to come live with him. His younger brother and I like spending time with him during vacation time but it never seems to be long enough for the three of us,we all cry at our departure. I have a home that’s almost paid for and a school job of 17 years. Also, I have a 84 year old mother who’s health is a 5 or 6 on a scale from. 1-10 but two of my brother live with her and help take care of her. I am lost, miserable, depressed, drinking myself to death, unhappy, lonely after dealing with a break up of 8 years and finally getting a little bit out of my financial situations of 5 years. Do you have any advice to help me.

  3. MeMe

    Great Topic I feel like life is to short to be Unhappy.In any situation,You have to make a difference and leave your comfort zone and give things a chance, you never know it might not turn out as hard as you think.You might be successful at something you never imagined you would be.Take chances to be Happy and live life, never stay in a Unhealthy Spot.Aim for your Happiness and never Give up on your Goals nomatter what others think or say.Follow your Dreams.


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