30 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

There is no better journey than living your best life. It is something we can all accomplish with a little patience, time, effort, and self-support. There is no such thing as ultimate perfection, but it possible to gain what is perfect for you to find happiness and contentment. Your life belongs solely to you in regards to loving yourself. Love for oneself gets stronger with practice and attentive action. Self-worth is the key which allows us to do, live, and believe all that we can perceive. Your mind, body, and soul can be fully enjoyed if you are willing to be bold. Here are thirty ways to allow the benefits to unfold and gain self-control.

1. Think and believe there is nothing you desire which can’t be achieved.

2. Never forget to love yourself first and appreciate your worth.

3. Accept your beauty, faults, flaws and all as part of your goodness.

4. Every now and again focus solely on your needs and happiness.

5. Remove all things, people, and places that don’t support your best interests.

6. Experience things independently and openly as your own best friend.

7. Gift yourself as much as you are willing to gift anyone else.

8. Don’t ignore your intuition, intellect, pride, emotions, desires, or wisdom.

9. Set aside time for learning and experiencing new things.

10. Surround yourself in physical, material and emotional comfort.

11. Stand up for yourself even when you don’t have the agreement of anyone else.

12. Value your own opinion about what is good for you.

13. Do not allow family or friendships to define your will, purpose, or happiness.

14. Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake while allowing yourself to give and take.

15. Discover the spiritual connection that makes sense and works for you.

16. Place high value on your personal truths and practices.

17. Accept relationships which compliment your life and ignore the ones that don’t.

18. Decide for yourself whom you want to be or become.

19. Show attentive care to meet your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

20. Live just as you are pleased and let your mind be eased.

21. Always have a contingency plan when things don’t work out or a means to adjust.

22. Never be afraid to walk away from harmful people, places, or things.

23. Don’t trouble yourself to justify the things you want, believe, or need.

24. Give and allow yourself all the things you want from someone else.

25. Don’t relinquish your personal power and authority over your own life.

26. Remember that life itself is a gift and nourish it.

27. Reach for joy and happiness until it becomes your reality.

28. Give yourself constant emotional, physical, mental relief from all forms of grief.

29. Chase ill-feelings away before allowing them to get in your way.

30. Protect and believe in yourself even if it means abandoning something or someone else.

It is hard to get living wrong as long as you are able, mindful, and willing to be strong. Your spirit is boundless and unlimited. Don’t waste or give your time focusing on regret as something better usually comes next. Your mind, body, and soul deserve gratitude and understanding. Once you fully and completely love yourself, it becomes easily seen, respected and admired by someone else.

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40 thoughts on “30 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Camilla Ellis - www.lancula.com

    I just now wanted to thank you once more for your amazing website you have developed here. It truly is full of ideas for those who are genuinely interested in this particular subject, specifically this very post.

  2. sweetz

    I find this article to be very useful. However, I down to the lowest point of my life. I’ve been in a bad relationship, which I allowed to to take a toll on me. Even seem to had years to my over all looks. I’m looking older and feeling it too. I love this man so much, that I can’t seem to tap into my happiness anymore! Number 22, 29, and 30, I can not seem, to do. Believe in myself, protect myself from toxic people, chase away bad feelings. See the damage has already been done. I really can’t seem to love myself anymore. Regardless, of any complements I receive. I ‘ve tried everything possible. Life of the mind, body and soul. can be really challenging.

  3. Madeleine Prudhomme

    Madeleine Sept 6 2011 at 1145am Agnes, I really like what i read, it is inspiring and good advice , it makes alot of sense and i will recommend this to my friends and i agree with you totally about everything ,

  4. Samantha Harper

    I think many times people forget to put themselves first before they put others, and to be balanced and to be happy, we need to do things that makes us happy, then when we are happy we will have happiness and positive people around us.

  5. Florenda Gutierrez

    ” I’m so impressed and inspired after i read all these,,” it helps and guides me,in my whole life now,, as long as I have life to live,,” Thank you and more power!

  6. sweetdiva

    Thank you for your comment. It is hard sometimes to see the truth,but with people like you things can go betterand no worse.
    Thank you once for let us know that we have to love us first.
    Many thanks. chirlen.

  7. Manjula

    I have been practicing most of the ways with out knowing that there are ways to practice, now I became more confident about my self and the universal power that I believe the most. Excellent and very inspiring, first love your self then rest of the world will definitely loves you.

    Love and Peace

  8. ishani

    Your thoughts are enriching food for the soul.

    A wee bit difficult perhaps but with practice I am sure we all can master the 30 points and have a fulfilling life.


  9. francia

    thanks for inspiring words.. truly sometimes when you are a little down, its always important to read such words of wisdom and abundance of peace within yourself. thank you once again!


  10. caream

    Thanks for the post, those words are so Powerful. The word feed my Soul and gave me a sense of Healing. I hope to use all 30 of them and hopefully give someone else a glimps of Hope also.

  11. azon

    this is great.. very encouraging and relieving indeed especially for how i feel right now plus i have really not been very good in looking after myself this way.. thank you so much and more power!!!

  12. Michael

    This is a well researched nicely articulated presentation It is fantastic i love the 30 points because that is exactly the way I behave as if you know me.People need more of this Bravo.

  13. Raj

    Excellent advice which most of us do know but very rarely apply it to ourselves! Let us start today – I have! Thank you.

  14. Mary Lou

    Hi Agnes,

    You hit all the needed details… 30 ways to track on, it’s all there! Thanks and more power to you!

    Mary Lou

  15. julia anita moore

    Thank you for those words of wisdom. They really helped me. God bless you! I will concentrate on those words for my sake. It could change my life!!!!!!!!!

  16. misskrystal

    excellent, agnes. Great job-I so agree with it all. I appreciate your posts so much.
    God bless you, miss krystal

  17. Diana

    Hi Agnes, Yes, thanks for the great advice!!! These words will definitely help me with my imperfect life… Thanks! Diana

  18. ABC

    Hi Agnes ,
    am trying to do so from past few months after having a bitter expirience in my relationship . But sometimes my emotions n Sad feeling overule all the above teqnique given .Feels i have something less in me hence he prefered someone else and got married when choice was given; under pretext of family pressure .. (inspite of Loving him more than anyone else i could have in my lifetime , n he was the one who approched me when he was going through same phase in his life and always use to consider me as his angel in his life (inspite of knowing his past i accepted him w/o any complains , doubts or negative feeling n no selfish cause )to uplift him from that trauma and wished to marry me in later stage … . Leaving behind me broken 🙁 .
    Feels lost .

    With Love Sincerely .

  19. felicia

    Agnes …i agree with you totally , infact you added so many things i had’nt considered and if one should comply with this ;it means you can also offer others genuine love and nourishment bc you have experience it!!!! it makes a big sense waoh!will recommend this to my friends on FB.


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