30 Little Ways to Make Your Life Happier in March 2013

It’s the Little Things

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s the little things that can add up to a lot. There are tons of little things in everyday life that can fill your heart with joy and hope and dreams for the future. While it’s important to live in the present, it’s equally important to have something to look forward to; to have new heights to reach and goals to surpass.

When you are feeling challenged, perplexed, perturbed, bothered or bored there some small things you can do to change your mood and brighten your day. Here’s 30 little ways to make your life happier in March. Keep it handy so you can easily refer to it when you need it most.

1. Take an hour a day to just focus on yourself. Don’t run errands, do chores or do work during this time.

2. Get a regular latte this time if you usually get the non-fat one.

3. Work off that latte—horizontally…

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4. Make a calendar out of your favorite photos.

5. Be a kid and eat animal crackers while you shop.

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6. Be generous. Offer some animal crackers to the cutie in the next aisle.

7. Decorate your home for spring.

8. Look for a leprechaun or at least a rainbow.

9. Lay in a field and search for four-leaf clovers.

10. Put your winter clothes in storage.

11. Upload those funny photos of you and your friends and share them.

12. Make a stranger smile.

13. Write a mushy love letter to someone.

14. Sing in your car with the windows open.

15. Spend a whole day getting to know yourself again.

16. Invent a new language.

17. Paint every toenail a different color.

18. Eat only green food for a day.

19. Make a funny YouTube video and share it.

20. Quit a bad habit.

21. Turn a hobby into a career.

22. Stay in pajamas for a whole weekend.

23. Plan a vacation.

24. Give out chocolate coins to everyone you see on St. Patrick’s Day.

25. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog.

26. Find an old friend from grammar school on Facebook and send them a friend request.

27. End each phone call with, “Have a magically delicious day.”

28. Go to the library and check out that book you’ve been wanting to read.

29. Go to the shoe store and try on every pair of shoes in your size.

30. Share this list with a friend!

Sometimes the best way to make your life happier is to just be silly, even if only for a moment. Of course, there are other little ways to make life happier, like making someone else happy—you’d be surprised how quickly it spreads. Be silly, enjoy life and don’t be greedy. Spread the cheer whenever possible. Laughter is contagious. Learn to see the funny side of life with tips from Shauna ext. 9010.

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  1. LJ Innes

    Thanks Tracy – actually, I start my day the same way (substitute coffee for tea) LOL. I love California Psychics too – so many great people and so much awesome, interesting and fun information to find and share. Glad you like it too.

  2. Tracy

    Thank you for another great article and all the great tips. I look forward to reading my horoscope and all the great posts and blogs. It is how I start my day. I get up, go to the bathroom, get a hot cup of tea and get my laptop out to read my horoscope by California Psychics. It puts me in the right frame of mind so I can tackle my day. I recommend it to everyone.

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