3 Things She Wants to Hear

Women. When it comes to saying the right thing, we’re so hard to please. Or at least it seems that way most of the time. But here’s a little secret that the high maintenance among us may not want you to know: we’re really not that difficult – as long as you keep a few phrases in your regular rotation!

1. How was your day?
The kicker with this one is you really have to care and you really have to listen. But by doing something as simple as inquiring about your significant other’s day, you’re illustrating that you want to be a part of it. Why this is even worth mentioning? Because men often forget that for a woman, sharing is hugely important. If Oprah’s twenty years of success haven’t taught you that, then you’d better tune into a few episodes. That, or take it from me! Ask your lady how her day went, listen to what she says attentively and remember a few details for the next time she fills you in and you’ll give yourself a leg up in the land of love.

2. You look gorgeous!
Note that hot, sexy and gorgeous are not the same as cute or pretty. Feel free to substitute any other word you think is appropriate but the key here is to let your woman know you find her sexually attractive. Every girl wants to feel sexy – especially to the guy she’s with. In fact, on most days it doesn’t matter to most of us if no one else notices us – as long as our guy does! Now should you be uttering this constantly – probably not. Over usage of anything will render it meaningless. But if you love the way your lady looks when she wakes up in the morning and stretches, tell her. If she looks hot to you when she comes home from work a little wrinkled, tell her. If you’re sitting across from her at dinner and her glammed up hair and shiny lips do it for you, for goodness’ sake, let her know! Whatever does it for you will make her feel good – and encourage her to appeal to you more often!

3. What do you think about (blank)?
Okay, so after your woman knows you care about her and you want her, she wants to know you think she’s smart and respect her opinion. What better way to show her than by asking for her opinion and/or her input. Whether it’s the car you’re considering buying, the latest news on CNN, a book you heard was good or a shirt you’re going to put on, let her know her thoughts matter to you. Asking will go along way – particularly if you listen to her reply!

Now of course, there are zillions of other things you can say to stay in your lady’s good graces. But consider this: as long as a woman knows you love her, respect her and desire her, you’re going to be on solid ground. Remember that and you’ll understand why these three phrases are a good place to start the next time you’re wondering what she wants to hear.

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