Red Responds: She Has a Vision of Him Leaving Her

Dear Red,

I’m getting married in less then 2 weeks to the love of my life. This is not the first marriage for either of us. I sometimes get this “vision” of me crying and asking him “Why? Why are you doing this to me?” I believe this takes place in the future, many years down the road. I “feel” like he is leaving me in my vision. Is this my own insecurity doing this or do you think our relationship will not last? Thank you very much.

– Beth in Kent

Dear Beth,

Congratulations! Not everyone can say they are about to marry the love of their life.

You really need to relax, my friend. Forgive me for saying this, but you don’t seem to have the best luck in the world, and that is really playing on your mind.

I don’t see the two of you ending up in divorce. I’m not seeing your man cheating on you or pulling a disappearing act. Your vision comes through as fear-based. Your insecurities are rudely interfering with what should be a happy and exciting time.

When I look at this relationship, it comes through very strong. Neither one of you are perfect people with perfect pasts, and you each are aware of this. That is a good thing. It is part of the foundation of your current relationship. Don’t lose that.

Marriage doesn’t dictate that the relationship will succeed. This is a lesson you have already learned. And you’re doing it again! That is scary, and gutsy. As the time draws nearer to the nuptials, it is perfectly normal to question the decision to make a relationship legal.

Put your faith and trust into the love that you share with this man, not into visions and fears. When we feed our fears, they grow. So decide RIGHT NOW that your vision is not a prediction, and even if it was, (which it wasn’t) it has given you the power to change your future.

I know that you can’t ignore these visions and feelings. I’m not about to suggest that you do. What I am going to say, though, is remember them as a warning — not a foretelling. Use them to your advantage. In the long run, they will help to keep the focus on the relationship, on the dreams and promises you’ve made to each other. Don’t lose sight of the things that brought the two of you to this place. Don’t fall into the safe space of taking the marriage for granted. Treat him as you have, love him as you do, and he won’t want to leave, much less have a reason.

Brightest Blessings,

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