3 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

If you’re like the billions of humans trapped in a humdrum, meaningless drift, snap out of it! Breaking free from the constraints of aimlessness makes finding your life’s purpose (however changing) priority number one. Once you’ve made a clear discovery regarding what your time here must be about, you’ll never again return to the miserable monotony, even as your purpose continues to evolve.

Here are three easy steps for discovering the purpose you were born to fulfill:

Figure out what matters to you
While determining what direction to take in life, many of us make the same mistake: we try to apply the principles of our parents, spouses, co-workers, etc., to our own individual journey. Then, we’re surprised when we’re miserable! The first thing to do when trying to connect to your life’s purpose, then, is to set aside the need to please others or live up to anyone else’s expectations. Be completely honest about what matters most to you. Define your core values. If you’ve never given serious thought to this subject, you may be surprised by what emerges.

To get started, use an index card to write down the main 8 to 12 ideals that you hold above all else. You might value safety, security, peace, personal freedom and thought. Maybe you care deeply about creativity, spontaneity, wealth and competition. It’s up to you to decide. If you’re struggling to come up with even a handful, shift your attention to concepts that elicit an immediate (positive) reaction. Trust your gut.

What’s your hidden talent?
Once you have your values list, it’s time to uncover your natural talents and strengths. In what areas of life do you effortlessly excel? Note the use of the word “effortlessly.” Finding your life’s purpose is not about struggle. It’s about the path of least resistance. That doesn’t mean taking the easy way out or being lazy. Rather, it means being actively engaged in all you do, which requires that you enjoy whatever it is you’re doing (at least most of the time).

Make another list; this time include all your best aptitudes, and don’t be shy! Are you good with your hands as a builder or painter? Are you an outstanding listener and communicator? Do you have empathy with animals and a way of relating to your four-legged friends? Do you love being in nature and find yourself drawn to adventures like hiking and skiing? Are you a natural-born computer wizard and video game master?

If you’re having trouble listing things you’re good at (having no purpose often leads to decreased self-esteem), focus on things you enjoy doing immensely. What are some activities you could literally spend all day immersed in?

Come up with a plan and go for it!
Now that you’re attuned to your values and talents, it’s time to combine them to uncover your life’s purpose. The process itself may take time (as your purpose may very well change as you learn and grow), but if you use your two lists to form a mission statement you will be off the path of aimless floating and onto making a difference. If you have to, start simply: “I will use my skills at insert your talent to foster feelings of insert core values in myself and those around me.”

Whatever your personal talents and desires, your ultimate life purpose is to be happy doing the things you love and attending to the causes that move you. Contrary to what you may have been told, it’s not selfish to honor your talents and express your highest values using them. In fact, it’s the best way for you to help make the world a better place!

A gifted psychic can help you connect with yourself and your higher purpose. In the meantime, join the conversation. What does fulfillment look like to you?

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