12 Ways to Deflect Negativity

Is the negative energy in your life starting to get to you? Do you feel like there’s nothing you can do? Well, you’re wrong. Luckily, if you turn to these simple spiritual practices that have withstood the test of centuries, you’ll feel better in no time at all!

Your body
Need to combat the negative energy that’s building up in your body? Consider adding a ginseng tea or supplement to your day. The herbal remedy has long been known to fight all forms of negativity in the body, and has even been proven to increase the “positive” chemicals in your brain.

If you need to wash away negative energy from your body, your best bet may be to drink extra water. Water washes away physical and spiritual impurities, leaving you refreshed and energized.

Your home
Looking for a way to rid your home of negativity? Consider using sage to “smudge” your living environment. Close all the doors and windows, burn dried sage leaves, and waft the smoke from the floor to the ceiling. When you are finished the room will feel brighter and more pure.

Just like drinking water will reduce negativity in your body, flowing water in your home will produce positive ions in the air that minimize negative energy. By placing a small waterfall in your home, you will improve the quality of the air and immediately improve the energy of your living environment.

Around the house
Feel like the negativity isn’t just in your house, it’s all around it? You may want to take steps to improve the energy in your yard or neighborhood. Not only is cedar wood renowned for it’s cleansing and purification properties, it also offers protection for negativity and evil. Consider replacing your front door with one made of cedar, or even use cedar chips as mulch in your garden.

At work
Work environments are notorious breeding grounds for negativity. If you want to improve the energy around your professional life, try adding turquoise to your office or workspace. The stone – or even the color – will bring calm to you and those around you.

Mirrors are another great way to deflect negativity. Place several small mirrors on your desk or workspace, and you’ll improve the energy in the area around you and combat negativity from co-workers.

In the kitchen
One of the best ways to deflect negativity is through the use of silver metal – so what better place to start than in the kitchen? Instead of opting for modern kitchen products made of rubber and plastic, think about sticking to old fashioned silver. It will improve the energy in your kitchen – and your life.

Spiritualists have long known the benefits of using spices to combat negative forces in the universe. If you want to minimize negativity in your own life, add cumin, clove and rosemary to your spice rack – and your cooking. If you’re looking for something less exotic, just substitute sea salt for your regular table salt. Before you know it, you’ll find your life is cleaner, purer and less negative.

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