Your Soulmate Quest to Find the Elusive Manicorn

Manicorn: Fact or Fiction?

He is rugged. He is tall. He picks up his underwear (which is a size X-large, just to hold all his manliness) off the floor. He is the man of your dreams and more. He is the elusive manicorn! The manicorn is believed to be the perfect male who every woman wants. The only problem is that he was born and bred in your mind.

What Does the Manicorn Look Like?

There have been a lot of surveys taken on what makes a perfect male soulmate, and the list almost always includes a height of six feet, a toned body and a medium-priced luxury car. He is preferred to make over $100,000 a year and be successful (but not too successful). In other words, women understand that hard work is a good quality, but too much of anything can be bad. In fact, most women say they would settle for a man who brought home a check that was at least larger than theirs.

The manicorn is a jack of all trades. He may not be the best handyman, but he knows his way around a hammer and plunger. He can play a musical instrument and share his feelings, but he won’t cry about them. Women prefer the strong, not-too-silent type over the sensitive man. However, the manicorn must also be intelligent, understanding, gentlemanly and know how and when to express himself.

Your elusive manicorn cares about his looks, but he focuses more on being healthy. He doesn’t act like a prima donna. Surveys suggest that women like a toned body, but don’t worry too much about wrinkle-free skin, rosy cheeks and perfectly trimmed eyebrows. Women also like a man who drinks beer, eats meat, doesn’t shave, tells a good joke and doesn’t have a wandering eye. In other words, the perfect male is just perfect enough to be a great catch, but not so perfect that his mate will face constant competition from every other woman who crosses his path.

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Women also prefer six-pack abs and an above-average-sized manhood. Even though studies suggest that size doesn’t matter, surveys suggest that women will consistently choose photos of well-endowed men over more moderately-sized men. No matter the size, the manicorn must know how to use his equipment as women, ages 25 to 34 report they prefer a mate who is sexually compatible. He should also be thoughtful, caring, like his family and not afraid to tell his woman he loves her. But a man showing his gentler side is all fine and good until his woman is ovulating. When that happens, she’ll toss Mr. Sensitive aside for Mr. Manly and Brooding.

The Life’s Progression of the Manicorn

A century ago, the manicorn had quite a different appearance than he does today. He looked like the average man. In fact, the only way you could really tell he was a manicorn at all, was to get to know his moral and emotional character. Professor Joan Jacobs Brumberg of Cornell University, author of The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, suggests that the manicorn is much more of a superficial beast, as compared to previous generations. Researchers also point out the popularity of plastic surgery to capture the attention of this elusive, yet beautiful beast.

Most women have never seen a manicorn. However, they believe he should be easy to identify, as they would fall in love at first sight. But what if you’re going about it all wrong? What if the manicorn was not something to be discovered, but a creature that could be manifested through understanding, communication and courtship. Perhaps your manicorn is elusive because he is not identified by sight, but rather by his character.

He’s Been Discovered

Despite what women say about the “perfect” man, most men do not fit their idea of perfection. But a less-than-perfect man is still good enough for the women who claim to be predominantly happy. Biology has a way of bringing lovers together to populate this planet, and despite man’s attempt to adapt himself to become the perfect male (i.e. sensitive, toned, youthful, etc.), he has not had a big impact on women’s happiness. In fact, the incidents of unhappy relationships has only become more prevalent in recent years.

“You don’t have to be beautiful or perfect to be loved.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178

Who you imagine to be your perfect mate, is most likely not who you’ll end up with. You have to ask yourself if you’re taking into consideration what your heart and experience are telling you. Maybe you allowing television and the media to dictate what you are supposed to want.

Many women get tired of searching for their manicorn and settle for Mr. Good Enough. But Mr. Good Enough is real and if he is kind and loving, then he can be the real man of your dreams.

11 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Quest to Find the Elusive Manicorn

  1. sb

    I agree with zentbch – this article left a bitter taste in the mouth of any intelligent woman.
    maybe it was not the autors intention – but woman of today are far more evolved than most men want to realize – and able to reach

  2. zenbtch

    Okay. Here is the problem with this article:

    “Women, your dream guy doesn’t exist. So be happy when you find a humanoid who bathes and doesn’t give you STDs”

    “Men, these are the things women want. Achieve a 6 pack and you can sleep with as many women as you want!!”

    And don’t tell me every man reading this didn’t take it that way.

    Personally I would take a financially dependent man who was beautiful, faithful, loyal, and moderately intelligent. I can teach him to be amazing in bed.

    I get tired of this attitude that women can be cut down to statistics.

    Manicorn indeed.

    I would just like to meet a guy who didn’t assume I was impressed that he thought I was sexy.

  3. Kas

    I don’t know what shallow women you have recieved information from- they must be extremely young and unexperienced to want this “manicorn” that you have described. I too am a psychic, and all of the real women that I talk to just want a “real man”, pleasant to look at but definately not perfect, that will really love them back- regardless of his height, or his bank account. Of course none of us want to have to support someone- we want a man to have ambition- but, from personal experience, many wealthy men are usually very self serving and to paranoid about their money to love anyone other than arm candy and themselves in the mirror!

  4. lucylou

    Calm down people. It’s tongue-in-cheek. I think what the author is trying to say is: if we look past the superficial standards of perfection, we will find that “soulmate”.

  5. Kari

    This has been my experience EVERY SINGLE TIME. Few men are able to appreciate a woman until its too late. Every man “thinks” he’s a manicorn. They think they can do better even when they aren’t in your league to begin with. They fail the relationship and true to form resurface anywhere from 8 weeks to 8 years hoping to restate their claim.
    The manicorn will always think he’s superior and entitled to better. It’s not the woman coming to a realization the manicorn doesn’t exist.. It’s the man needing to realize he’s not a manicorn.



  7. Julie

    Mr. Leech,

    I don’t know which women you have been talking to because I just want a man who is kind & loving. I don’t care how tall or endowed he is. My boyfriend would take offence if he thought he was Mr. Good Enough. To me he is perfect warts & all.
    I usually enjoy your articles very much but today you’ve missed the mark & insulted a lot of women in the process. Now how about an article that says men love women with long blonde hair, big boobs, & a 38-24-36 figure who won’t nag her man while you are at the stereotypes.

  8. old-fashioned22

    why is it, when it comes to women and their “soulmates” , we are told to “settle” for the Not-So-Perfect man, but when it comes to Men, they can and DO “hold-out” for the “perfect” woman, because they CAN (women are consistantly pressured to look and be “perfect”) after all, isn’t it still MAINLY the male’s perogative when it comes to dating and marriage?? They STILL do the proposing…. let me know when women are doing the “asking” out for a date, OR proposing “marriage” to a guy AND buying the engagement ring!!


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