Numerology: Your Hidden Passions Revealed

 What are Your Hidden Passions?

Your Hidden Passion Number describes a quality that you have in abundance—a special ability that serves you in life. You rely on it to help you achieve your destiny. You go to your Hidden Passion Number when you need to find something reliable and well-developed in yourself. As a child, you may have been working to uncover your hidden talents or abilities, and they brought you joy when you used them. As an adult, these personal qualities are like old friends. As long as you balance these tendencies with other power areas in your numerology, you’ll offer the finest expression of this number.

Your Hidden Passion Number is found by taking your complete name at birth and converting the letters to numbers. This table makes the conversion simple:



Find the numerical equivalent for each letter, and then determine which number appears most often. Here is an example:

B-A-R-A-C-K  H-U-S-S-E-I-N  O-B-A-M-A
2-1-9-1-3-2      8-3-1-1-5-9-5     6-2-1-4-1

So, we see that President Obama has Six 1s, three 2s, one 3, one 4, two 5s, one 6, no 7s, one 8 and two 9s. So, Obama’s Hidden Passion Number is 1 because it appears the most times in his name. Now calculate your Hidden Passion Number and read what it reveals about you!

Hidden Passion Number 1

Your energetic love of life is your passion. You have a singularity of purpose in any activity you pursue. If you are an athlete, you are heroic and your style is “all or nothing.” You desire independence, yet you are a natural leader due to you strong individuality and incredible focus on the goal or prize at hand. You have power and energy and live life fully and courageously. You are a fierce competitor and are someone who initiates action in a group.

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Hidden Passion Number 2

Harmonious relationships are your passion. You are affectionate, kind and always sensitive to the hopes, dreams and feelings of others. At the same time, you are deeply aware of your own need for love and an agreeable, peaceful environment. You are always looking for the balance in a situation or within yourself. In fact, you’re the person others go to when they need advice about relationships. You make a “home” for lovers, family and friends.

Hidden Passion Number 3

Your passion is beauty and you bring fun and style to any situation, relationship or creative effort. You naturally come up with the right words, feelings, designs or personal styles that pleases others. At a party, you are the gracious one who also can provide the entertainment with your positive nature and sense of humor. You have a creative ability that can be directed towards the arts, sales and marketing or fashion.

Hidden Passion Number 4

Your passion is creating structure for everyone around you, whether in your family or at the office. You love it when everything works well and people can come together to achieve success. Others count on you to provide the home life or work environment that they desire. You are great at building things, whether it is physical bridges or bridges between the people around you.

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Hidden Passion Number 5

Your passion is passion! Actually, you love adventure and trying new things at any given time. You have a child-like delight in life and others love being in the reflection of your warmth and energy. You are a natural at taking center stage because of your vital, attractive qualities. You are also a natural leader and public performer or speaker. If you can stay focused, nothing can stop you.

Hidden Passion Number 6

Your passion is loving service to humanity. You are capable and gifted and that’s an excellent combination for serving the world in the way you desire. You want to make a difference. You have an ability to work with any personality type through your adaptability. Know when to take care of yourself and recognize when others genuinely appreciate your giving nature.

Hidden Passion Number 7

Your passion is intellectual and spiritual pursuit. You have a fine mind with a deep sense of both the intuitive and instinctual. You are a natural observer with a powerful mind. You can make major contributions with your special, intellectual gifts. You might express yourself as an intuitive, a spiritual leader or teacher. Your mind is a gift.

Hidden Passion Number 8

Your passion is the pure power that comes from balancing your spiritual and physical natures. 8s are known for being successful in business and this number is much desired, particularly in Chinese culture. The fact that 8s often command positions of power actually comes from your natural ability and desire to put spiritual power into form. You love seeing spirit in action.

Hidden Passion Number 9

Your passion is loving inclusiveness and completion. You are a natural educator and philosopher who generously shares what you know with others. You love exploring all cultures, religious studies and the concept of the “oneness” that is humanity. You have an inherent understanding of, and love for the world and its people.

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43 thoughts on “Numerology: Your Hidden Passions Revealed

  1. john

    Well I did the math and I came out with the following. 1 6 8 5 7 1 3 3 5 5 3 1 8. 3= 5’s. 3= 3’s 3= 1’s. Whats the call boss? John

  2. Bella

    Ok I did my math finally ok what if your = 2 of them , like with me I’m a #1 and a #5 of equals = #s BCZ of my middle name being spelled with an “”E”” in front of it , it’s a French name 2 lol lol that figures / makes a lot of sense 2 me, since my b-day is on 0101 lol lol , 4 me yes I DO agree with them both YES I am a #1 & a # 5 of = s , so here’s my thank 2 you what a great in sights 411 2 have knowledge of lol .. 😉

  3. Sim

    This is so true! I have two numbers though and my friend has three. But the two numbers describe me at the fullest and the three numbers for my friend describe him very well. I do not know how many numbers one can have. But i doubt that is what matters. Me and my friends number are alike. Except he has am extra, may i know what this means?

  4. Joseph Palmateer

    Not that I believe any of this… but you did just add to my growing list of perfect numerical alignment. I was born May 5th 1975, at st.josephs hospital on the 3rd floor but when you add in the basement and sub-basement the 3rd floor becomes the fifth level. My mother was 25yrs old when she gave birth to me, my grandmother 25yrs when she gave birth to my mother, etc. going back like that for 5 generations. I was born in Sudbury Ontario Canada… “Nickel city” The nickel city is represented by a 5 cent coin. 5 planets aligned in 2000… on May 5th the alignment was perfect. My family comprised of my dad, mom, oldest brother, me, my sister… then my dad left, mom gave birth to my youngest brother… so now my family comprised of… My mom, oldest brother, me, my sister and youngest brother. If you kept track you would see the patter… very rare patern.

    Birth… 5th day 5th month 5th year
    Place of birth… st josephs 5th Level, Nickel cty
    the 25th birthday… 5 planets align
    5 in my family… before dad left
    5 in my family… after dad left
    My spiritual life number… 5
    My reincarnated life number… 5
    Now my hidden passion number… 5
    and that’s just the beginning, we haven’t even scratch the surface yet.

  5. patricia kline

    Hi Tabitha!!!
    I just got done revealing my hidden passion number and it is 9,so know what do i do with that knowledge? I would call like it says,but i am a little short on funds right now.would you please write me an e-mail and let me know,what i should know?

    sencerly Patricia

  6. Nathaniel

    my Number is 5.
    And it is perfectly right. There has been signs of me succeeding one day, but right now I just don’t believe in myself I just need to be confirmed. I feel stuck right now I really need help. I don’t have much money we always run out of food at the end of the month we are on (SSI). So I take in the free samples I get in the email like this one.





  9. Meg Miller

    What if….the name comes up with NO Conclusion !?.
    I.E, Roger Allen Miller ..equals: four 9,s……Four 3,s……Four 5,s !!!!.
    What then ?.
    No conclusive passion number can be reached.
    No wonder he can,t make up his little mind about much to do with who he is as a male .

  10. April

    Before completinng this I already knew my number would be 3, and I found it very interesting to find that my passion is beauty. I have always been able to find beauty in all things. People, nature, words, behaviors, relationships and well this world. I tend to look past or ignore what is obvious to the human eye and mind always searching for something that is hidden. I almost always find something better, a beauty of sorts in doing so. I told my boyfriend that he was beautiful not so long ago. He looked confused in hearing that. I explained that I saw a beauty in him that he didn’t see, but that if he would allow himself to be open to discovering his own heart without the embedded ideals his parents invoked on him he would find a man who has yet to be discovered. A life that has not even begun and that my love, is a beautiful thing. He looked at me with even more confusion, smiled and politely thanked me. I returned his smile, and said, your true beauty makes my heart smile.
    In people I search for the true beauty which for me is thier spirit. I find this beauty within thier soul. Many might believe they find it in thier hearts, but the heart can deceive the soul cannot. this is exactly why when we pass our soul returns to God the creator of all things beautiful. My passion is definately beauty because in beauty I find all things good. The number 3 has always been my number because everything beautiful and good that has ever happened to me has happened in threes. I have 3 beautiful children and they are such incredible people. I have three beautiful grandchildren that are equally incredible and in thier arrival and existance I discovered a whole new level of love that before had been hidden from my own keen eyes. My favorite and best car I’ve ever had was a 5 speed Camaro Rally Sport. That car brought out an inner fire and spirit I never knew existed. My current and 3rd relationship has me completely head over heels in love and I discovered that in relationships prior to this one I was not in love. So you see there really is power and passion in numbers. And mine is in the number 3. Thank you to the blog writer for this article. I found much beauty in it!

  11. brenda

    My dreams come true, ever since I was a child. I can remember them because each of years I have the same dream. Also they seem to come true. Do I have a power? Is it passed down from generation to generation? I think my grandmother was a witch doctor for her tribe. She knew what ails the people and used the things around her, she lived in the jungle.

  12. maricel cantere solano

    Looking forward to know what is mine?im very interested what goes on! Thanks for sharing all of this its my pleasure to read god bless

  13. diana

    I have 2 numbers that have the most numbers in my name////////////// so I looked at both of the explanations since there was nothing said about that if it occurred

  14. Angela Mcmahan

    All of that do tell the real me!! I am a minister in training and I love helping others! I am also about to start a Women’s ministry for hurting people. That’s GOD’S call on my life!!!

  15. Mara T.P. Yirka

    Hello, How do you calculate your hidden passion number if you have three of each letter eg, 3 A’s, 3 R’s and 3 E’s?
    Thank-You ,

  16. cheryl whitney

    I calculated my original birth name , and came up with the number 5 as most appeared. It quotes that I am a natural at center stage . And a natural leader, public speaker / performer ?

    This is farthest from any truth…I become paralized , in thought if I have to be out in front or center stage. I have always disliked public speaking. And would much rather stay behind so no one will notice I am even there !

  17. Robin

    I actually ended up with 2 numbers…3 and 9, and my husband also has 2 numbers, which is strange considering we were both born on a cusp as well.


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