Your Soulmate Forecast

What Venus in Taurus Might Mean for You!

On March 5, the planet of love and commitment enters sensual, stable Taurus, bringing with it plenty of opportunity for romance that sticks. Whether you’re in the market for a new connection or already coupled up, this is a perfect time to invest in your relationship – it will pay dividends.

Putting Down Roots

The energy of Venus in Taurus dictates devotion for the duration. The timing is right for stability in romance – the Bull is a fixed earth sign and its influence over loving Venus suggests that you and your current prospect or partner can foster something lasting. How to fan the flames that lead to long-term love? Start with sensual connection…

Demonstrative Devotion

Few signs are as cuddly as Taurus. A Taurean Venus then, is pretty much as loving, tender and tactile as it gets. So if you’re looking for a way to manifest a deeper connection, consider taking time out for some bonding in the bedroom. After all, we can never overestimate the power of the physical. That said, if your relationship is new and you’re afraid of rushing it, don’t think taking advantage of this astrological energy has to be strictly sexual. One of the many wonderful aspects of this transit is that cuddling, massage, kissing and holding hands will do wonders for forging a deeper connection… In fact, now is one of those times when you’ll actually benefit from taking it slow.

“Define your sensuality and sexuality according to what makes you happy.” – Agnes ext. 5400

Proceed With Carefree Caution

Sound oxymoronic? Here’s a simple translation: rushing into things is rarely the right idea. But if you keep your wits about you and take things slow during this period, you might just find that Taurus in Venus guides you – albeit at something like a snail’s pace – to the long haul love of your life. Meanwhile if this relationship isn’t actually right, you’ll find out in the process, without having made yourself too vulnerable. In other words, don’t rush the romance and the reality of the relationship will reveal itself all in good time.

“We are spiritual soul energy beings, made up of pure energy, only on the earthly plane to grow and learn Karmic life lessons, inhabiting the earthly plane in physical form.” – Gina Rose ext. 9500

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31 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast

  1. anjae

    here is a good pic up peom!

    Your are my mt to my due you are my mellow to my yellow my dr to my pepper…
    yellow , due, pepper…
    see i’m not the same with out you….

  2. Forbidden

    Being alone is not a curse…for we do not need another to make our worth. Love is a gift that comes when we least expect it. At times its the gt=reates thing…at other times the most painful. If your alone..enjoy ur time alone. Dont add value to yourself in someone elses worth. If its meant to will be. If you loose it..then let ig go, if its meant to be yours, it shall return to you. Live each day blessed of all that life brings and teaches. The good and the bad. And inbetween it all…JUST BELIEVE.

  3. Natesa Burks

    right now i’m some what in a so called relationship for 5years now but i feel that we at a stand still he always living in the pass. but the pass had not to do with him it was before he came into my life but i made the mistake of telling him about my pass so now all he knows how to say is what i did in my pass and always say that,this is what’s holding us up on going forward, but i say it’s just an excuse to have things his way i know i’m the one to blame for this happening because a man only do what you allow him to do. i just wish he could stop thinking i’m always cheating when i’m not .i wish he can see how much i love him and won’t to be with him it’s just that he needs to trust me more. he needs to let things fall into place and things will be just fine.

  4. stacie

    He saidy heart hurts I think he’s heartbroken at seven.what should.I do now I can’t bear my pain but its my job to spare them pain this is so.bad I.cannot.stand itmuch more please help

  5. stacie

    My husband lied in open court and this judge grsntedbhim full custody for 3 weeks today we went back to court and our case file is missing so the two of our lawyers decided on may 14th as the next time it is convenient for both of them to do before judge my children 7 &almost 4 are sad and confused I won’t bad mouth there dad he sent me a text after court “hahaha” this isn’t funny to my kids or me please help me I don’t.know.if I can hang in that’s too long I slept with those beautiful babies of MINE everynite the oldest my boy told me his heart hurt I need tobget

  6. stacie

    My husband of almost eight years went courthouse to file for emergency custody of our two young children because he wad jealous of a man I was involved with. its a long story ….I was neglected except for any time he had the urge for sex I needed someone totalk to and found him while he did work on my husband and my new
    home this new guy wasn’t what I ever thought would end my marriage but he listened given my profound sadness and loneliness i fell for him.

  7. jay best

    thank you for the breathing.hard to see the one you love the must and not be Abel to do nothing, keep dreaming of her every night, and waking up every time she come to say some thing to me .please need help it hurt to much..

  8. Debbie

    Hello….very interesting advice and i read it after hooking up with someone new that i like but don’t want to be too connected to…..things are slow but heating up fast sexually….who knows where the winding road of life will turn…..i really like the combination of Taurus and Venus….mixes well with Scorpio man and Aquaruis woman

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear George,

    I’m sorry to read of your dilema… a psychic, I hate to tell you, but I do not see her changing anytime soon.

    You seem like a very nice guy…. but I think it’s time for you, after 2 years, to give serious thought to searching elsewhere for a woman who wants to be in a * loving * relationship with you. Somebody who enjoys spending time with you and does not take you and your love for granted.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. beauty1blessed

    They say if one loves more than the other the one who loves less is in control of the relationship. Though it of difficult to give the heart a lesson in wits it is good to be equally balanced emotionally and mentally because if not you will show that lack in the relationship you produce. If only we didn’t crave companionship as human beings I feel life would be a whole lot simpler. Because in my experience no one really adds up to that perfect picture we envision and then comes dissapointment

  11. Jen

    If any of you truly wants a real serious relationship, I suggest you consider the level of your self respect!
    I cannot believe the level of poor grammar for which I am seeing! My God! .. There is nothing more unattractive than an individual who presents him/herself in poor taste and light, by which blatantly showing that you could not care less about who you are and who you are being in public, .. showing yourself to not have an education through your thoughts in writing!

    Put your needs first,.. and then you’ll attract the right relationship!

  12. George

    Unfortunately, I realized what you said one day too early. She’s been with me for close to two years now-Ms. Taurus. Yesterday was the final test for her to come over on the weekend and spend some time. I really was hoping she would show- but, nawww. She had to hang out with her aunt who is just the pits and hates the ground I stand on. After calling to find her because she had told me that she really would make it this time, the aunt told me- “I thought I told you not to call here”.

    I went off and this morning found myself in the ugliest doghouse on the planet. She told me not to call her mom’s house anymore and to have a nice life.

    I feel where you’ve coming from- but, just can’t get from under this gloom. Snowing today too. Perfect-huh?

  13. mags

    what a surprise ,this is what i am experiencing now…my boyfriend and i are are in a be or go situation because of the fact that he is afraid of serious relationship because of all his baggages he must still carry to loosen up is stress life it was easier for him to let me go.but i will not because i care for him and we have been together ,though not live in yet,still five years is along time to just end it ,we will talk today to find out what went wrong and find out if we can still save this relationship….i hope for a positive outcome…

  14. michelle

    is this forcast for capircorn, i have been really scaptical on my realionship because i have none and im intrested in someone but we only have been talking threw im we haven’t met yet,

  15. mary

    i found the soulmate Forecast to be very interesting. Especially since i am really hoping to find my last real love in life. Thanks for the wonderful insight.

  16. kristenkenyon

    Thank you I understood COMPLETELY whay it said and I needed some guidance on what to do I’ve been married for 7 years and only 6 mth ago oi really jusyt met him he knows absolutley nothong about me and what I learmed that this husband is actually a sex perverted man w a serious prob that he needs help my husband is 51 and I was 21 when he introduced me 6 year out of the 7 he had a hugh sex problem and I’m not lying I am young and beautiful I was always the who caught him and he always told older women he don’t like I already seen ans old partner I wanted to puke thouhty was joke she was 66 and was on druga was falling he said that’s gross when I tell u I wanted to die so bad that puty this ways another man wouldnr even have sex with another mans parts . He said he always loved me its alie instead of being beinf w beautidul young wife husbad is powerlifter started leavinf twice a year I was never aloud to go bc found out he always goes to strip clubs of Vip 7 girls it gor so bad that he was spendinfg 3ooo for hoes makes me sick ill have ro finish story but my daughter always wanted to see him compete so was happy hid phone voice went off sure as hell was an ex weighed 300 lb aand she said I heard your to my town stay with me and I promise u I remembewr saying he better not cx this for a women that his has sex to get to town so I need much help that I can’t feel good when I look grear help me with a decsion if can thank

  17. Marc from the UK

    Interesting article and informative, someone once said to me years ago” our bodies are borrowed, we use them and when we die our souls move on” This made me think, and I feel it makes sense, I now consider when I travel through my life that life is a journey and we are here to learn, I have had a stressful few months at work and re-located the business to a new location, following my gut feeling and intuition. The lesson was that the people I used to work for who retired and sold the business, had been undermining our business and caused a lot of grief for us as well as stealing clients! When i said goodbye to my former owners, I stood tall and said to them that despite all that had happened I was grateful they initially employed me, I was grateful for the fantastic experiences and happy times we once had, and learned from the sad and bad times, but more than anything I was leaving a better person than when I came 9 years ago, and I recognised the positives in this experience and thanked them! It was an emotional time but I left proud and realised maybe before they ever will that Karma is my guide and I will rise like the Phoenix. We have choices in life, I believe our life path is only that a path, WE have to take a journey and its not set in stone, we can deviate or elevate within that path line.


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