Coffee vs. Sex

It is All About You

It’s easy to see when you’re addicted to coffee or cigarettes. Seeing that you’re addicted to a person and/or situation can be a bit more difficult. On one hand, you deeply love this person, and on the other, they are not giving you the love you deserve. Psychic Justine ext. 5402 knows all about this kind of situation. Recently, she shared this success story with us, and we just had to share it with you.

“Sandy called me both confused and hurt seeking advice regarding her present relationship which had been ongoing for nearly seven years.

Ted, the man of her dreams, was verbally abusive and had cheated on her many times. They were not married and did not have children. Sandy had convinced herself that this was her Prince Charming, and she could not live without him.” If you’re confused where you love life is headed, talk with Psychic Justine. She can see your relationship on a deeper level.

Justine continues, “During our conversation, I informed her that I saw many tears and many lonely nights. She confessed that there had been many tears and lengthy periods of loneliness as Ted would sometimes disappear for weeks at a time.

She further stated that Ted was bad for her and that the relationship would not progress. Yet, she continued to feel that it was more her fault than his. She had excessive guilt and searched internally for remedies.

I told her that I saw Ted had many issues and that he would never give her what she needed. She needed to realize that she was not doing anything wrong that this was Ted’s problems. Ones that she could not fix.

I advised that in a relationship, one cannot repair another’s faults; they have to admit their wrongdoings and attempt to rectify (personally, as well as professionally, if required).

Sandy began to cry and admitted to me that she knew everything I was saying was true, but it was difficult for her to say it. She found comfort in discussing this with someone who would listen, be understanding and not judgmental. Most of her girlfriends would tell her to leave him without allowing her a chance to express her innermost feelings. Not all things are black and white.” Do you need someone to listen? Talk to Psychic Justine with over 30 years of listening and helping people find the answers.

Justine went on to say, “We continued our discussions evolving around the positive things in her life. Her family, career, interests and goals. It took a while, but Sandy began to realize that there was more to her life than just Ted.

Knowing that Sandy didn’t want to be her mate’s mother or caretaker, I directed her down a path that would allow her to shift interest from Ted to her own life. Sandy and I agreed that love is not a light switch which can be turned on and off immediately. She then began to look at her needs and how she could learn to love herself first and foremost.

Eventually, Sandy realized Ted was draining all her energy and that even though she continued to have strong feelings for him, it was not healthy and it would never work.

In the months that followed, Sandy and I continued our conversations. Her self-esteem grew, and she informed Ted that they both needed to get their lives together and parting was in their best interests.

Sandy did experience bad days, but had many more good days. For the first time in a long time, she has the energy, confidence and motivation to do what’s best for her.”

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2 thoughts on “Coffee vs. Sex

  1. Marc from the UK

    It is not always that what is going on in your life that is the lesson, but how and what you are going to do about it to evolve, in other words get of that train and learn a new route.

  2. Kay

    whew…this is the most appreciative/happiest thing that could happen! knowing what you want, where you want to head and standing firm on it!


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