Your Relationship Survival Guide

Break Open in Case of Emergency

Though getting extensive advice from friends and family can be beneficial, sometimes all we need are a few clear steps to get us through the hard times. Thus, here is a short and sweet “survival” guide for both men and women to help you with some of your most common relationship issues. Break open in case of emergency!

For Men

When You Are in a Bad Mood:

Step 1: Quarantine that bad mood. Find a place to be alone for a while like the bedroom, garage, or yard.
Step 2: Do something enjoyable and/or productive to “cool off,” such as take a nap, fix something, or watch television.
Step 3: Once you have cooled off, talk to your woman and let her know why you were or still are in a bad mood. If possible, let her know what she may do to help, since she will probably ask anyway. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

When Your Woman is in a Bad Mood:

Step 1: Do not accuse her of being in a bad mood. Ask her if anything is wrong.
Step 2: Listen! Let her tell you every detail of the issue. Ask questions, but do not offer solutions unless she asks for them. Women like to talk out loud until they come to their own solution. Men can be great sounding boards.
Step 3: Ask her if she wants a back rub, glass of wine, or something else to help her relax and feel better. She will be pleased with your thoughtfulness. Need tips on how to be a more thoughtful partner? Give Psychic Catherine ext. 5116 a call!

When You Disagree With Your Woman:

Step 1: Acknowledge her point of view and opinion.
Step 2: Ask her gently about her reasoning or rationale for her decision, and listen carefully.
Step 3: Give your opinion, and ask her to consider your point of view. Do not put down her opinion; just show why yours is the better option for BOTH of you to choose, if it really is.

When Your Woman Disagrees With You:

Step 1: Share your valid reason(s) for your stance on the issue.
Step 2: Answer any questions she has about your position.
Step 3: Appeal to her pathos by explaining why your decision is best for both of you emotionally, if it really is.

For Women

When You Are in a Bad Mood:

Step 1: Call a girlfriend to talk it out. Try to leave your man out of it.
Step 2: Treat yourself to something relaxing like a pedicure or bubble bath.
Step 3: Handle your issue, or it will just fester. Do whatever you can to fix the problem at hand.

When Your Man is in a Bad Mood:

Step 1: Give him space! Do not ask him what is wrong.
Step 2: When he is ready he will tell you why he is in a bad mood. Just listen.
Step 3: Make a delicious dinner. A well-fed man tends to be a less grumpy man. Help him get over the grumps with tips from Psychic Charlotte ext. 9350!

When You Disagree With Your Man:

Step 1: Ask him to explain his full rationale for his decision.
Step 2: Emphasize the positive parts of what you hear.
Step 3: Then, see if you can agree with all or part of his decision. Your best approach is to present your idea to seem like it was his idea originally. When done correctly, it is very effective!

When Your Man Disagrees With You:

Step 1: Ask him to explain why he disagrees with you.
Step 2:  Present your idea again, but this time imbed some of his ideas or considerations.
Step 3: Come up with a deal to offer him.

Hopefully, some of these relationship survival tips have resonated with you and may be applied to any issues you may have with your mate. Because this guide is general, you will notice a natural theme emerge: When having relationship problems, men need space and time to think while women need closeness and discussion. Thus, there is a natural divide in how each gender handles their issues. So, always do your best to consider your mate’s needs and responses before taking action.

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