Date and Love a Virgo

Do You Want to Date a Virgo?

It’s a myth that Virgos are unromantic, overly cautious and much too organized for messy feelings of love. They enjoy being seen as organized, well-balanced individuals, but they are far more complicated than that. They can be elusive, endearing and sometimes confusing, but beneath their Superman costume is the beating heart of a real human who longs for a connection with someone that is so deep that it, much like Virgos themselves, cannot be easily described.

If you date and love a Virgo, be prepared for a lifelong journey of constantly increasing oneness that transcends well beyond the boundaries and limitations of an earthly existence. Let’s see how your Sun sign fares with the zodiac’s most indescribable and possibly misunderstood sign. See if your a match with a Virgo with a reading from astrologer Psychic Alison ext. 9885.

Aries: Virgo is intrigued by Aries’ energy. Virgo is deep enough that Aries will always have more to learn about them, keeping it new and exciting the way Aries likes it.

Taurus: You and Virgo make the perfect mates. You are both devoted to each other and will continually make the bond between you stronger over time.

Gemini: Two great minds that think alike, your first connection will be an intellectual one. Gemini encourages Virgo to take a more carefree approach to life and love.

Cancer: Though Cancer tends to be more relaxed and Virgo more regimented, you both use it to your advantage to learn from each other. You have fun together and can form a tight bond that runs deep.

Leo: Though Leo is more flamboyant and Virgo tends to be more reserved at times, you do share both a caring and a wild side, and it tends to amplify when you’re together. The sexual attraction is strong.

Virgo: Together you tend to be more outgoing than when you are with any other signs. You enjoy traveling, socializing and even quiet times together. There is a spiritual bond between you.

Libra: You have a great connection with Virgo, and a closeness and devotion to each that can run rather deep. You could explore a rich fantasy life which can grow to a beyond-intoxicating level.

Scorpio: The differences in you can ignite a spark of heat so hot that you may just burn each other out. You’ll both laugh it off and do it all over again.

Sagittarius: Your deep attraction can turn into a long-term romantic bond. This should compensate for those times when you two are not fully in sync. Are you out of sync with a Virgo? Talk to astrologer Psychic Penelope ext. 5340 to see how to regain balance.

Capricorn: Your shared similarities form into an instant connection. You understand each other and likely will only struggle over who is top and who is bottom.

Aquarius: The attraction between you and Virgo can be primal and magnetic. If the electricity between you turns inward it can be explosive, but hopefully you’ll be too busy having fun.

Pisces: You’re both quite different creatures. Each of you takes charge of what the other doesn’t care to. You fill in each other’s gaps and will certainly be life-long companions.

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24 thoughts on “Date and Love a Virgo

  1. Virgo male

    I have always loved Aries women they are smart independent ”passionate” and awesome seducers which then makes us Virgos feel good but the bad part is that Aries women tend to withdraw a lot and are too independent and don’t have a lot communication with each other. Personally to make both signs work you first have to understand each other. Google it if you have to lol. Confusion to a Virgo can occur when an Aries ignores a Virgo and doesn’t call or text back and we know your busy and always have things to do but you are going to have to put effort in order for a Virgo to commit even though you think you have him you don’t or else he would have asked you out along time ago. If you manage to win a Virgos heart he will be loyal and you will have security in your relationship. and once you get to the heart of a Virgo imagine all the passionate times you ever dreamed of like that movie ”the notebook”
    -applies to most Virgos-

  2. Terry

    I have been in a relationship with a virgo man for ten years and I need to say he is the most wonderful man, compassionate, loving, caring individual I have ever met. I thank God for sending him to me he has made my life great. I hope he knows how much he means to me he has made my life complete and we will get married and become one. His name is Pete Bobrick and we will share the rest of our life together.

  3. Lucky

    Wow love what I read of Libra D.O.B.10/16 and Virgo woman D.O.B. 8/24.. We communicate well and feeling of love for each other are deep and growing, I’m head over heels with this woman.. Been helping her needs where it counts most not sexual yet, but with her young ones.. Am ready for the wild ride of a true unity encounter as one with this Virgo. Been with a Aquarius for a long time we could never agree upon anything then becomes argument I’m not into the arguments their always a peaceful solution to all matter that balance out. Working on a Divorce I done my Job in raising our children’s gee been long over due lol. I’m willing to accept this beautiful Virgo woman and the responsibility that comes with the package.
    The Loving Libra

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  6. Aliiz

    Omg ii just started going out with a virgo and then read this it totally made my day and we do learn off eachother and have soooo much fun(:

  7. Black Magic Solution

    Your posted information are very nice and beautiful, related to my search, Thanks for good information , I hope you’ll add in future more information related to this topic.

  8. Ronke

    I thank u all for ur contributions and comments one way or the other on the sign Virgo! I am a virgorian and I tell U¯_??° we are the best sign anyone can be married †??! We are very supportive, loving/passionate,we deny ourselves most times †?? please our partner/others and mostly mother hen by Nature. Though we could be jealous at times,it simply goes †?? say d¯_??°a¯_??t¯_ we care about wats ours and don’t want †?? lose it or shared with anyone at all. I have never dâted a virgorian for once. But wish †?? date and settle down with one i¯_??°n¯_??° marriage! THANKS. ADERONKE

  9. Malik

    I am a Gemini and I had friendship with a Virgo. It lasted for over 11 years but I could not convert the friendship into love. I think Virgos are good friends but not always good lovers

  10. thenia allen

    I am a TRUE aries woman and happily married to a Virgo man. I have been married to 2 Leo men and they both treated me like dirt. My virgo man treats me like a queen. Even though I am a very head strong woman and drive him crazy he still loves me like he did the day we met. I feel very blessed because God sent me this wonderful man. He thinks of me first and himself last. To all the aries women out there who think Virgo men are dogs I must say. It is not the sign that makes the man but the heart he wears in his chest. I love my Virgo man.

  11. Nanette

    I am a scorpio. I dated a virgo. I agree now that virgo is organized, well balanced individual. But only possessive, not sociable; just us alone. I am outgoing. Like to entertain with friends and Family. True.. Virgo is complicated sometimes.

  12. Jean

    in response to Kelly’s comment on Virgos, I had the exact problem but in reverse. I am a Virgo and he was an Aries. I have always met men that were Aries and we have never gotten along. The last one was a real con artist and just wanted someone to take care of him. Didn’t want to work or anything. Just thought he was so handsome that no one could resist his charms. Well, I guess I showed him. I do like things that are nice, very loving and too generous but I am very outgoing. I think a lot of your own personality goes along with your sign. The aries males I have known have all been out for themselves. They really don’t care anything about you. Very good at pretending. I am still dating aries men because they are always attracted to me and I don’t know why!!!

  13. sunny

    There is nothing good about an ariess woman and a Virgo man. Been in 2 Virgo relationships, very abusive. They fall in love with who you are then spend the rest of your relationship being jealous of the very reason they fell in the first place. Like oil and water ladies, takes a lot of work and aries personality sacrifice to make these two signs work.

  14. Brenda

    I opened my mail and saw r u a match for a virgo,I said to myself duh I already know that. while cuious I opened and read the whole thing. You hit it right on the head. My late husband and I were oppistes,but I never felt love like he had and gave to me in my life. I miss him and havent remarried,dated but no fit. I have to start ask what thier sign oh by the way Im a pisces!

  15. Scorpio

    I’m a Scorpio woman engaged to a Virgo male.
    Very intense, yet passionate relationship.
    Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  16. Hassan saadat

    it was interesting to read ,it is quite good but i think it differs in case of men and women ,to me men always look for his partner to initiate love as they are shy but devoted and once take stand do not look back . Thanks

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi LJ !!!!

    Thank You for the nice article on Virgo’s…… I know we are a difficult sign to write about.

    I’m grateful that you didn’t paint Virgos ,( as most other writers do when they write most any article on Virgo ), ……… as OCD, eternally chasing elusive dust bunnies across the floor in order to maintain perfect cleanliness and order. LOL LOL LOL

  18. kelly

    I am a female aries… And throught my life I have seemed to only attract Virgos. And those men are the ones that ended up hurting me the most because i feel in love with them so deeply… But yet they were only in love with themselves.

    They couldn’t open themselves up to me after being in past hurtful relationships… They were always too afraid i would hurt them. (And this wasn’t me just assuming this…. No. They would tell these things to my face.)

    So as you claim the virgo is one of the most “misunderstood” signs of all… I beg to differ… They just are really good at head games and understanding that if something doesn’t benefit them directly… At that very moment…. Like instant gratification….. Then they don’t care too much about it at all.

    Even when love is being poured out to them…. Right under their noses.

    Too many virgo’s in my life have been exatly like that!

    They’re not misunderstood… They just know how to fake it to try and get what they want.

  19. Ebony

    thats was pretty interesting to read. I have been involved with a virgo for almost 4 months now but we’ve known each other for 7 years. Im amazed at the humor ..He keeps me laughing and its as if were thinking the same thing one another is thinking all the time..We share a very close bond and it already feels as if this could possibly be the one i share the rest of my life with!! By the way im a Pisces.

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  21. -quinn ext.5484

    morning –
    i married a virgo – best of the best…
    they sure do aim to please. and with my cappy-ness we both want to make sure the other one is happy.
    it is a wonderful marriage.
    dating was fun as he made sure i had his full attention. i love that he knows how i feel. empathy – runs deep in his nature.

    great article LJ
    – quinn

  22. virgo

    1-1 sun sign patterns are excellent, as well a 5-9 sun sign patterns but other positive aspects also that are trine together arethe 3-11 sun sign patterns, but the 1-1 sun sign patterns are virgo for virgo, taurus or taurus etc, but as fo 5-9 sun sign patterns they are vigo-capricorn, taurus-virgo, aries-saggitarian, leo-aries etc and he 3-11 sun sign patterns are cancer-virgo, scorpio-capricorn, sagittarius-aquarious etc as all of these sun sign patterns work in some harmonious way always, and ye i did dateanothe virgo like myself and shewas very woneful lady but unfortunately i did n realise of what i had at the give ime and i let her go, well we were both only young any way and i was a merchant seaman at the given time and i was just not ready to settle down, but in some waysi still miss her but i am a vey happily married man as i have two wonderful taurean children and a wonderful capricorn wife, oh well such as life.


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