Your Career Horoscope for February 2013

What’s in Store for Your Career?

You’ll find enchantment and enthusiasm during the month of February. February 9 brings not only a New Moon signaling new beginnings for your career, but the Chinese and Tibetan New Year of the Water Snake arrives then as well—February 10 in the US. Valentine’s Day brings focus on the wonderful, generous flow of love and sentiment operating this month. It’s a great time to get in touch with what your employer and clients want and need from you. Be receptive and you’ll find an opening by the Full Moon on February 25 to expand your career presence by April.


Friends and social networking can offer real support to your breakthrough ideas at the beginning of February. Keep aiming for those dreams through education and travel, but make certain that you take into account factors that are operating behind the scenes before making major financial or career commitments.


If you are in the fashion or beauty industry or have innovative ideas that appeal to females, the month of February begins with the possibility of financial gain. Look for ways to bring your earthy, sexy quality to projects, be certain to make others feel wanted and desirable, and your career can benefit in a real way.


If you take into account the passionate emotions of others at the beginning of February, you can build real support for your great ideas and communication skills through the month. You’ll be helping others through technical challenges and other innovations that intimidate them. You’ll be thanked in generous ways by coworkers.


People are relying on your caring and loving support during the month of February. Take care of your own health while you help others and you can make real strides in career efforts, seeing results by the end of the month. You could receive gifts or good returns on investments by using your nurturing, caring style this month.


Others will be singing your praises during the month of February if you use networking and partnering with others to its fullest. Use your amazing energy and positive personality to inspire others and promote your career during the first week of February and around Valentine’s Day to gain success.


The work environment will be really beautiful and pleasant during the week of February 4th. Once again, you will be providing the grounding for others through your quick mind and ability to organize. The Full Moon in your sign on Monday, February 25 brings attention to how well you have managed the balancing act of others’ inspiration with actually getting things done at work.


The entire month of February offers you chances to pursue travel or your favorite ideals and share them with others. Special opportunities arise on Friday the 8th and again on the week of Valentine’s Day through Tuesday, February 19. The end of the month also offers special opportunities to use your dreams to promote your career.


All Scorpios know in their gut that healing is creative and that art can heal, so whether you are an artist or work in the healing arts February is a great month for you. Your communications will be very effective on Monday the 11th. Take action and communicate your creative efforts on Thursday the 21st to bring greater opportunity in March and April.


You feel liberated in your creative efforts at the beginning of February and communications are the key to getting that breakthrough you are looking for this month. You are particularly inspired and full of energy on February 4 and 13. Your usual generosity at Valentine’s Day will bring positive results by the following week.


Plan to be the financial guru at work during the month of February, particularly during the first week. You listen carefully to the desires and wishes of others, and they respond to that. Valentine’s weekend will offer an opportunity for you to bring comfort and pleasure to yourself and others.

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You are the person who shines during the first part of February through your creative efforts, particularly on Friday the 8th. Your innovations and networking abilities should be communicated on Wednesday, February 13. You set the tone for an electric Valentine’s Day promotion and creating new friendships that benefit your career. Your inventive efforts shine on February 18.


Education, travel and spiritual efforts can provide career benefits at the beginning of February. You’ll be intense in your efforts to express your feelings and should find success if you mind or your health at the beginning of the month. Communicate your feelings through writing or speaking on February 11 to build toward some real success at the end of the month.

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