Psychic Picks for February 2013

Help to Heal Your Heart

I used to hate Valentine’s Day—especially when I was single. I especially hated the corporate, generic message that we all had to be mated or we were spinsters, doomed to be alone forever. If you’re going through this or just wonder what will happen on Valentine’s Day with your special someone, give these psychics a call. Through a love reading or a love path reading, they can help you decipher the road ahead and navigate any obstacles that come your way.

Psychic Chanel ext. 5432: Get a Love Forecast

She encourages her clients to approach the reading with a specific question and/or topic to discuss as her messages are very specific and direct. She pairs her ability to see, hear and feel the needs of her callers with years of knowledge as an astrologer to provide an in-depth profile of the individuals and/or situation being discussed. See what lies ahead in your love life this Valentine’s Day and beyond with a love forecast from astrologer Psychic Chanel ext. 5432.

Psychic Elliot ext. 5862: Overcome Hardships in Love

Please share your name and date of birth to begin the session. While he does not ask questions, he wants to know your topic of choice. He establishes a connection to your main concerns and works with your vocal vibrations. Elliot says, “Life brings many challenges on a daily basis. One of the wonderful aspects of my job is knowing that spirit is there to help us with these issues.” When you’re at your wits ends with a problem, talk with Psychic Elliot ext. 5862 who can see the path ahead for you.

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