Ways Women Impress Men

Here’s What to Do if You Want to Impress Men

The most important attribute a woman can use to impress men is her self-confidence. With that confidence comes the ability to be her own woman. Self-confidence shows strength and emits a wonderful, positive energy. Also with that confidence comes the ability to be true to herself. A woman who acknowledges what makes her happy and goes after it shows a man that she’s self-reliant.

Take Initiative

Men are impressed by women who take initiative. Gone are the days when only men plan dates, so do a little planning of your own. Take the reins and decide where you’ll go and what you’ll do together. Treat him to a movie. Why not plan your entire evening? When you take the initiative and plan an entire evening, it impresses men. It shows that you are taking an active role in your relationship and want to treat or spoil your guy a little. Men like getting gifts too, so don’t hesitate to send him flowers or make him a romantic playlist.

Don’t Overthink Things

If you want to impress men, don’t obsess about and overthink things, especially when it comes to what you do or how you look. Don’t try too hard. Remember, no one is perfect, and we love everything about you—not just what you consider to be your best attributes.

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Share Your Interests 

If you’re really into something, share it with us. We want to be a part of your world and experience the things that make you happy. Whether it be sports, a hobby or anything you’re good at, let us be a part of it. Men are impressed when women have independent interests and a life outside their romantic relationships.

Be Honest and Open

I love when a partner is honest and open from the start. I know this is a lot easier said than done, but the advantage to honesty from the beginning is that there’s no backtracking as a relationship builds. Honesty impresses men because it suggests maturity, but it is also an important part of the emotional foundation of your relationship. Speak your mind and listen to your partner. This all relates back to self-confidence.

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Know What Makes Us Tick

When you hear what a man has to say, you get a sense of his likes and dislikes—what makes him happy and what doesn’t. If you know what makes us happy, and you make a conscious effort to keep us happy, you’ll impress us.

Dress Sexy, Not Trashy

Men are visual beings. Although most like it when a woman dresses sexy and shows off her body, many men say women who cover up a little are even more sexy. What men find impressive about this is that women who know they’re sexy don’t need to flaunt their bodies for everyone to see. If you want to impress men, take pride in your appearance and show that you respect yourself.

Make Us Laugh

Everyone has a different sense of humor and the challenge is to find someone who can make us laugh and appreciate the lighter side of life. Many men are impressed by women with a funny bone.

Be Appreciative

When we treat you like a queen, show your appreciation. When a man loves a woman, he thinks she deserved the very best in life and he works hard to give her everything. So when you get nice things, say thank you. Men are impressed by a woman who is appreciative.

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    Wow… Nice tips! I love that second tip “Don’t Overthink Things” I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing those wonderful thoughts. ^^


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