Why Men Aren’t Honest With You

Perhaps the worst liars are not the macho players looking for sex, but rather the quiet ones. See why this kind of man isn’t telling you the truth.

Perhaps it’s Just Sensitive Men

Okay, so we know that most men lie (as do most women). We also know that any article written by a man for women containing the words “honesty,” “PMS,” “penis size” or “truth” will most likely elicit the response, “Whatever you say, buddy. I am probably already in disagreement with you.”

I am mostly joking, but it’s true that any woman who has been scorned will have a difficult time trusting any man. However, some of these women are being taken advantage of by a different kind of man. He’s someone they might want to add to their “most unwanted” list, because he is perhaps one of the worst kinds of liars. He’s the quiet one sitting in his chair night after night, carefully sipping tea and eating crumpets. He’s pretending to be interested in why Suzy had a tuna salad for lunch, but he is really frightened that his wall of lies will crumble on top of him at any moment. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

The Macho Man Lies to Be Respected or Get Laid

The typical macho guy knows that whatever assets he lacks, their easiest acquisition is always one lie away. He can be instantly single, a Kennedy, or the owner of a multi-million-dollar corporation. However, while these guys aren’t exactly honest, in many ways, their intentions are out in the open. Consider a recent study that suggests testosterone promotes feelings of nobility, and therefore, the likelihood of honesty. The player may be trying to impress you with his stories, but the red flags are practically dragging on the ground. The player does not consider keeping information from you a lie, and that is his best tactic. This is, perhaps, why he is less dangerous than the sensitive guy. I’m talking about the humble fellow hiding behind his bowl of tofu (and emotions)—building a wonderful fantasy around all the things his partner loves. Then, one day, when she least expects it, she realizes he has not been honest (noble) about… well, everything. But why?

Sensitive Guys are Stressed When You’re Unhappy

The sensitive guy is really trying to give a woman what she wants. However, what he fails to consider is that the ending to every one of these manufactured fairytales is never a happy one. The sensitive man is a big topic right now, because a lot of relationship experts are saying that men have lost their masculine edge. The result is women who are making all the decisions, and are left feeling overworked and insecure. Where is the proof? Various studies have enlightened us to the possibility that men may be more sensitive to troubled relationships than women, and may consequently do whatever it takes to smooth them out—including lying. Are you seeing a whole new side to them as you discover the truth? Talk with Psychic Alison ext. 9885 to make sense out of everything.

Those Who Tell the Truth, and Nothing but the Truth Lead Very Unpopular Lives

Many lies start innocently, and grow steadily into the whoppers that cause significant damage to relationships (cheating, affair, and so on). This is because men learn very quickly that women do not always want to hear the truth. In fact, to keep the peace, it has been said that he must tell tell his mother fibs up to 50 percent of the time, and fib to his partner a third of the time. These are not all plots to cheat, but rather to protect her from getting hurt, avoid drama, or impress. This doesn’t make it right, but it does drive home the point that the worst liars may just be too sensitive for their own good.

Sensitive Men Fall in Love Too Easily

Sensitive men lie to avoid loneliness, and women get caught in the shrapnel. Women get led to these bad relationships by the guys who would rather make a commitment, then be lonely. These may be the most hurtful of guys, as while his intention may be to make you (and him) happy, his lies will only multiply with time. He will need to lie about his love. He will have to lie about who he is, to cover up the fact that he doesn’t really have anything in common with you. He will eventually lie to escape his growing contempt for your company, and again, once his lies start unraveling at their seams. The moral of this story is to be very weary of any man who falls in love too quickly. Are their lies just piling up and you’re unsure what to do? Talk with Psychic Ginger ext. 9344 to see your path ahead.

In conclusion, the worst guy may not be the player, but rather the overly sensitive guy who avoids the truth simply because he lacks the gonads (a.k.a. testosterone) to tell you how he feels. Now, I know what you are probably saying, “Oh great, this was another article geared towards women, written by a man for his own benefit.” Well, no. What you should be wondering is if this article was written by a sensitive or a macho man? As it may make all the difference as to what you can and can’t believe.

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35 thoughts on “Why Men Aren’t Honest With You

  1. Cyndarella

    I read this article twice…and it was written like a puzzle, all the pieces were just not there. So in essence it just didn’t jell together. Really it should have been one article. I have my own take on why some men are not honest but then neither are some women. It takes two people to build a relationship and honesty is at the top of the list. if everyone was happy with themselves and not afraid of being rejected at the thought of honesty, maybe we could build something between us…and damn I read every response when u r in a ugly relationship…you need to know when to move the hell on. After all how many times do u have to be deceived and taken advantage of before u get the message.

  2. crystal

    just a couple days ago, i finally can’t handle all the lies from my husband, i got so mad at him. He had his past addiction to drugs, weeds, pills, drunker etc.. he got divorced with his ex-wife after living a year with her who’s drug user too, they were fighting all the time. My husband was totally changed when we got met and got married for 2 years until now. I kept him away from his dealer and user friends because he really wants to change, he’s doing good with me. He never drink liquor anymore, he smokes sometimes but not weeds, he didn’t take pills. Everything is ok just what i thought. But i caught him couple times hiding his pills inside his closet and secretly meet his friends when i caught in his phone and i smell weeds in his lips while kissing him. All this time, he just lied to me and keep telling things he didn’t do anything. He never tell me where was his paycheck goes? he had a really good pays at his work, wonder why they were all have gone so easily. He is so sweet, gentle loving husband to me yet full of lies inside, a very great liar to keep all his bad doings trying to hide all those from me so i won’t get hurt? I really don’t get it, it’s better to tell me honestly that would be easy to understand than making you fooled all this time. It really hurts me a lot. What i like for my husband is, he never fight at me even when i am mad, instead he will fix some foods for me and clean the dishes. Making up all his mistakes and asking for apology. I know he really loves me, i just convinced myself that is all really matters. Thanks for this article for enlightenment, so it is a man’s nature to be a liar after all……………

  3. Bee

    Some men are just greedy by nature they dominated by evil for lying & winning women’s heart that’s too bad…that’s no love,,,,,,,


    I am a sensible guy and I won’t say I have never lied but I have never lied about my feeling to the woman I love,yes being married for thirty one years I have lied mainly about my drinking and smoking over the first few years until I found out she has eyes behind her head.So I would say your satistics are far off the charts. sensitivity is good in a relationship we have a understanding of what women really strive for and need to make a happy relationship work,we have patience,warmth,consideration and honesty,you or what women wrote this clearly has had a poor relationship,you should not judge those whom have it good I feel for someone like you you will always be second guesting on the men you meet and never have the happiness that should be felt in a good marrage.

  5. cat

    regardless of the content of the article it needed a serious round of editing. im deffinitely not a grammar and spelling nazi, but when im getting advice on the most sensitive topic in my life i would really like to think the person giving that advice is demonstrably intelligent. and since, online, the only things i have to base that on are the words you use and how you arrange/spell them i would suggest using an editor before you post.

  6. u know

    Crazy wat if a guy claim he loves you never tell u initiating himself, but cooks for u n everyghing else..tells his friends he love you but dont tell u or give u hugs n kisses on his own but yall getalong and everything else is fine

  7. Donna Burows

    wow… I have been with my guy 3 yrs, living with for the past year. He thanks me all the time , appreciates my efforts to help him, his family loves me,and has told me so. we have a good sex life, though its gone down alot during this finacial and turmoil stuff.He also has alot of physical things, due to old injuires and age. He was on anxiety meds for a bit. He once had a high power positions,and always made good $$. I met him when he was out of a job, and so was I. We are not kids.He has been in/out of work for a long time. He has helped me with a few things in the past, and has taken me to a great trip or two when we could . He has always been very benevolent to family and friends, even if it strapped him finacially, and alot of people have taken advantage of him . I try help financially now. I have paid bills and bought food and kept his home together, physically an emotionally. I am always “there” for him and he does acknowledge that. He says I’m his “rock”. We have been through some very tough things together, which included us both selling stuff we own to pay bills. I have a job but doesn’t pay alot of money. I am not clingy, we have lots in common and differences that make it inetrestng to talk. I am ok with him having women friends as long as they are just that. I have become friends with those women as well and they all say I am the best thing that ever happened to him. So does his family.
    Caught him in a bunch of lies, left him once about 2 yrs ago,came back with eyes open, but he still goes in phases. He does not know what i know. Through this all he still talks “future” about us,and I always make sure he knows how inportant he still is to all of us and that his is one of the smartest ,kindest, sexy guys!So.. his “illness” is Mostly its the other women on the inetrnet. I finally figured out that he has an illness-lying for self esteem and attention. I know he is on like 5 different sites,but does not frequent them all, some he joined and never went to once, didn’t even finish a profile! On one he actually made a date,and never showed up! The latest is some foreign site filled with absolutely gorgeous women that wouldn’t even look at him (normally).He uses pictures that are from when he wa working like 5-8 yrs ago. He may or may not be very wealthy soon, and I am sure he thinks he can now “get” one of these women. He used to travel alot and be very prominent in his profession. They want to come to the US and little do they know he is so broke he couldn’t even pay attention! LOL. He says he looks forward to making them happy and meeting tem soon. He still has old girlfriends that chat with online and text.I finally have him at least telling me when they(old gf) send a text because now its not so often that they do. I know if he really wanted them he would be with them,(one stalker lives just a mile or so from us) but I am here and they are not. I have told him several times in the past that if he even thinks he wants to be somewhere else to please just let me go and go be happy. He always refuses swears he isn’t looking.The activity stops for a bit.
    Frankly i am afraid for him.If he becomes affluent again, he will be besieged by women that will take advantage of him. It has happened before. He thinks they “want” him. They want his status and his $$$!! I was here with him when he was flat broke(still is) and I’ve helped financially when I can. So I am definetly NOT in for the $$. Never have been. He is a wonderful person good to his family,good to me. I am not bad looking, keep in decent shape for my age,look way younger than, I am a supportive, admiring partner.I help in in his work sometimes as well. But he seems to need lots of other women telling him how wonderful they think he is, based on his “hype” profile. I keep telling myself this is an illness. When we do finally get some $$ I will go get counseling to deal with it so maybe i can help him to know that who he is , is great enough, and lying will only leave him lonely in his old age and broke!!

  8. Kate

    People – please! Men AND women should try being honest – it’s very liberating! Frees the mind up so you can enjoy much more, do more, create more… It’s not about gender – it’s about UNhappy people trying to create happiness – simple. Not good, bad or indifferent. And not one person is worthy of judging others. We all have the right to be happy and safe – if we’re not, we must take responsibility for our own happiness and surround ourselves with that which is healthy. Logic. Make excuses that you can’t, play victim, or do whatever it is you’re used to doing instead of just changing and you’ll always be searching for that little allusive piece of happiness.

  9. Sophia

    Both Suck! It’s not is the alpha male more hurtful or the sensitive guy more hurtful, they both are! Men and women of any substance want real men and women! Real menan dwomen wade through the good the bad the ugly etc because they feel the relationship and the person they are with are worth it. Really anyone who lies on any regular basis especially about anything of value is selfish. And they will end up alone or in terrible relationships built on lying, denial, and other very destructive interpersonal habits.

  10. Floyd

    All men are sensitive. Period! Macho men just perform in that manner to hide the fact that they are more sensitive than the identifiable sensitive (MAN). Yes we all lie or convince ourselves to believe a lie before believing the truth. The less evidence the better! I love should mean only one thing. Therefore from conception of any relationship it is all a matter of perception and deception. We either want to make someone to fit or we allow the situation fit us. I love the truth cause it hurts so good. Help me to understand or do you understand,so that we might stand. We focus on morality and yet it is not a reality. Not as long as immorality exists. So explain how there is a worse kind of guy. We are all misguided through music,media,associations with others, and most of all by introduction of the idea that there is better type of man. Live learn lust and hopefully you will find what love is. If we were taught that all people are precious we would hold all precious.

  11. Leslie

    Are you sure you know what you are writing about? Seems like a bunch of hot air to me. Your article is not really informative but mostly confusing nonsense. I usually enjoy reading the e-mails.

  12. rico

    yes, most of men lie to their partner they do that because they want to maintain their image and relationship to her partner. And also because of love, that’s why most men lie and men are not like women that any time they express their feeling, men are silent person, it is not easy for them to express their feelings not because they are shy but that the attitude of a men when we talk about their personal life.

  13. John Boynton

    I have two different comments. 1. About a decade ago, while taking a Women’s Studies
    class at Portland State College in Portland, Oregon I mentioned to the 98% of the class that
    was women that in a article in the recent Cosmopolitian it said that in general women felt
    that what She made….was HERS…and what He made…was THEIRS…I said just where is the
    equality in That….. One Middle Aged woman turned around in her seat and announced:
    “You men OWE us”!!. Bullshit….

    2. I find it unsettling that Both men and Women feel that it is perfectly ok to lie to the other
    gender, but when they find out that the other person is lying to Them, well, both the women
    and the men go nuclear….Yeah, right….

  14. Angie

    I do not care if a man is sensitive or not. Lying as a facade to please me just displeases me even more. I’d rather a guy be up front about his mean ways than to be a hypocrite. That’s what happened in my last relationship. He was so needy and yet felt no need to tell the truth. It’s just a cover for insecurity. Not to mention when I broke it off; he stalked me. He didn’t love me at all. It was just about winning. Love is not a game. I’m tired of guys thinking they’ll play me and win.

  15. Sasha

    Thank you for this article Eric. I’ve always known this and if guy was falling for me too fast it was the red flag right away. All you said is so true and I am happy that even though macho guys can be unavailable at times, I’d still rather be with them as I know what I am getting and what I am not. I value the truth above all.
    Perfect article.

  16. William Lester

    You people are full of crap. The average college/plus woman has the emotional maturity of a well developed 14 year old boy.
    The only difference is they don’t have a sex drive, just a desire to accumulate “things”.
    They gave a group of women Viagra and it took a unit from the National Guard to get them out of the mall.
    I used your service 100% wrong. Thanks
    Bill Lester

  17. ayobami adegoke

    This article is the true reflection of men.they are not trustworthy and cannot be relied upon.men do not love but women do.what men wants from women is to lay them and when they get what they want from the women they dump them and move to another younger women.men are bunch of liars and should not be relied upon.let our younger women know that men are necessary for procreation and after that they serve no other useful purpose in womem s life.women should have the number of children they can cater for.any woman who want to live a peaceful life should be hardworking and forget the untrustworthy men.

  18. sonam

    I want ur help n am nt getting it what should I do am very helpless don’t ask… Actually there is a fight between my family n my bf’s family n we r was going to get marries also but this thing happ n I so don’t want to loose that guy I just can’t stay without him really…

  19. Yvonne

    wow i really love your articles it’s been a ig help to me. and im living with a man who i feel is love of my life but he was hurt by a past relationship and me as well im one who is paying the price for her faults and indiscretion. we have been living toeghter for alittle over a year and have live in seperate bedrooms but he said he cares but has yet to tell me he even loves me at all

  20. David

    This blog is nothing but crap ! As a guy I’m offended by the implicatoned ” most men lie “. This readiy cast a light of suspicion on all men . Talking with friends and aquantices about our relationships , two things always pop up 1: the females are endlesly tryin to read something into what has been said . 2 women give their friends to much power on how to run their romantic relationsips to the point where they kill the relationship . Other than that my friends have no worries . The insecure immature male will lie but many a female will let them even if it is a false compliment .

  21. Ellen Lawlor

    This article is really about which is the lesser of the two evils: the macho man or the sensitive guy. Not sure if I agree with such a stringent catergorization of men. “Most men lie (as do women).” I do believe that to be true. But not ALL men lie nor do ALL women. So it seems to me that a very small percentage of men don’t lie. That small percentage of men are the ones I would like to meet. So who am I going to believe: the macho man or the sensitive guy? Probably neither. Especially if both are likely to lie to me anyway. Instead follow my instincts. Get to know the man, as a man and a human being. If my instincts tell me that he’s full of it, then I know to move on.

  22. Debster

    Good article that I learned from, very well written. End of day, I’m one of those that got extremely hurt by a player. I’ve got that unpopular character flaw of telling the truth most all of the time. It just doesn’t work, somehow the “who cares,” gene got left out of my mix. Disastrous results with men of all types, sensitive and Type-A. I’m 50 and alone, and plan to stay that way. My life is pretty fabulous, and I like it. I can make mosaic art until five a.m., have a piece of pizza, jump in the car and go to L.A., it’s all good.

  23. Marsha

    Ok , got a question ? I’m married the same man for 17 years and though the years he has lied about talking to other woman and met girls in the park while I was working and now we live apart since July 9 , 2009 , he moved in with his mother 3 years ago and since we been living apart he has been dating this woman that he has taken on three vacations ! He never took me on one vacation in 17 years and he still wants to him and me and my son to spend time together and he still has a house key and comes in and out whenever he wants and he still pays the mortgage , I have not filed for devoice I truely want to married to my hubby but I’m so tired of being last in his life his friends and his parents and his other woman are more important ! I’m thinking about finely for a devoice !!! Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me !

  24. T

    So true, we’re so focused on being played by the player, we forget about the sensitive guy who is building relationship(s) on lies including saying you you and also others. In reality he doesn’t know who he loves as long as he’s not lonely. It’s not good to build any relationships on ‘false emotions’, its very painful.

  25. keith clupper

    why is it that it’s always about men lieing what about woman, and isn’t it possible to fall in love at first sight. Also my ex always favered one child over the rest and then took her first husband name back because of the one child and he was nothing but a drug user and supose thats why she left him which hurt the younger badly.

  26. Natalie

    I think this article is ridiculous. I’m dating a sensitive guy, he doesn’t lie to avoid hurting my feelings. He tells it like it is, as you say he has the balls. I think maybe your the macho man sick of the sensitive guy getting the woman every time. The sensitive man has the way different qualities then the macho man, besides being sensitive.

    1. A sensitive man cares about the woman’s feelings and takes in account to try and understand why she would be mad or upset. Not lie cause he doesn’t want to see her emotions.

    2. He is better in bed cause he wants her to be sexually satisfied.

    3. He’ll try harder then a Mach o Man to please her and ask her what feels good.

    4. He doesn’t roll over, leave or fall asleep after wards.

    5. Best of all he’ll try new things and be spontaneous.

  27. arindam chakravorty

    Isn’t it so typical? Articles written by women I can tell a mile away. They are horribly biased, lack the slightest semblance of objectivity, which cheapens their analysis. As I have observed and formed a non-gender biased observation, I find quite the opposite. Let us expose and archive some commonly held myths:

    It is generally opined that almost all men are philanderers. They are used to having multiple affairs. Has it occurred to these ill-reasoned females to question, “Who are they supposed to be having these affairs with”? Surely it is not suggested with any deggre of adult observation, they are not all poor 16 year old virgins with innocence of a newborn! The crude fact is that they are having affairs with CONSENTING female counterparts, who are equally guilty of pursuing multiple affairs outside marriage. I should know – I suffered from one over two decades. Yet, she circulated that she was the victim! So, may urge women to get a sense of objectivity and put these worthless, meaningless notions and leave this long protracted gender war in the archives and accept the truth that, “Men and women are equal liars, equal in their extra marital activities. A lot of libertines need to hold a mirror to their face and ask themselves this honest question – “Am I truthfully the person inside that presents a persona outside”? I have had numerous offers from MARRIED women, (some even with children) who present such innocence of persona, that has sickened me to turn down their advances. How they enter their marital beds has constantly baffled me – in the eyes of socity, they are holy hypocrites (Both men and women) to take their vows to enter a convent!

    Yours etc

  28. mike genatiempo

    Let’s face it! Honesty will get you nowhere in this world. The only man that can and often does tell you the truth is your brother ladies and you know how those conversations go. try this ladies. Be a woman! Treat your man like a man and maybe you’ll get the respect that you crave.

  29. gopinathan k

    That was great.Calling a spade a spade is not bad at all.Then,I have found both men and
    women are selfish,tell lies a lot especially women (some of them atleast find it a natural
    way of things to tell lies little realizing that they are doing something wrong).
    Men feel most of the times that it is within their authority and right to tell lies and get
    away with it.The so called lessons on morality,ethics that you taught in the lower or
    primary classes of education seems to be a thing of the past ,perhaps from another era
    and not conducive and applicable to the present world.The only thing is that a time would be
    reached when others(those who lie less than you)find that it is better to be inattentive than
    listen to your bunch of lies in conversation or may show their disinterest and look away.
    But the Mr. and Mrs. lier would never realize that now they are only fooling themselves
    and others are not believing a word of what they are seeing.But like the fancy imagination
    guy you mentioned ,they can take comfort in the fact by imagining that it is the other way
    round and nothing is wrong either with them,their conversation or the look on their faces.
    Things are not going to be any better in the future and it may get worse as time goes on.
    Let us hope and pray a better time may come when the cyclic order in the mother nature
    sometimes takes a better course.


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