Why Do Some Women Always Get the Guys?

What do some women have that you don’t? There are certain characteristics of women who are lucky in love that make them so successful: confidence, strong sense of self, they’re approachable, sexually confident and her level of charisma.

What’s the Secret of Success?

Feminine mojo may seem like an intangible concept, but we’ve all watched it in action. Some women appear to have cornered the market on those mysterious female-pheromones-of-seduction, which few men are able to resist. Let’s see if we can’t get an inside view of some of the characteristics that these irresistible women all seem to possess.


For men and women alike, a healthy dose of self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities to a potential mate. People see and treat you according to how you present yourself to the world, so if you project yourself as a strong, desirable woman, men will naturally be drawn to you.


Strong Sense of Self

Mousy, co-dependent women with low self-esteem will attract a certain type of man—at worst, a controlling and abusive one. Men want to see an independent woman who entices, challenges and excites them. If they feel as though the woman cannot build a fulfilling life for herself, they can hardly be blamed for doubting her ability to maintain a desirable relationship with them.


Many women don’t give this characteristic enough thought. Life is full of many distractions that add stress to your daily life. If you’re constantly carrying these feelings around with you, men will notice. Being closed off by unhappiness, or from bitterness about past failed relationships, will send a clear signal to men: back off. Women that can live in the moment, and who are open to each new person and potential mate that they encounter, will be considered more desirable to potential friends and suitors alike.


It’s a brutal truth that women who seem more sexually open and inviting will always have a full dance card. This is not to say she will have more relationship opportunities, just more men interested in dating her for the chance of sexual intimacy. But even in regard to relationships, sex is an important part of a healthy partnership, so if a woman seems sexually frigid or uninterested in sex, that may play a major part in his decision not to date her.

“Know what you want. Have confidence. Be in the mood to be open and playful and good spirited.” – Claire ext. 5242


A certain degree of charisma is associated with every person who is admired by many. A woman’s ability to attract male attention comes from a mix of things such as the way she carries herself, any air of mystery she may project, and how endowed she is with a flirtatious or playful nature. These traits naturally draw more attention to her in most environments, keeping men guessing and wanting more!

“Anyone can attract a fun partner by having a fun sense of self.” – Lalita ext. 5408

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10 thoughts on “Why Do Some Women Always Get the Guys?

  1. stacy freedman

    All women are NOT girlfriend material. There are certain things men are looking for in the women they commit to and invest in, and as long as you can demonstrate that you are worthy of those things, you too can find yourself in the position of always getting the guy.

  2. littlepinkdaisy

    I don’t really think about how to attract anyone. I used to think when I was younger that it would never happen to me, now that I’m older, it happens too much? When I was young and beautiful, nothing, now they are all around. Dang, I guess that is wierd.

  3. Ty

    Im like this, me and room full of hot men brings out the flirt in me and I love it! Some things come natural to others so I guess thats y im comfy with approaching men, easy peasy :))

  4. Nicole

    I am totally confused…and I’m 60 years old…married and very in love with hubbie.

    However: I am VERY flirtatious, especially at work…in the “right” environment.

    My problem with this article: Liam had a post about a week ago about the “helpless”, “lost”, “girl stuck in a castle waiting for a rescuer”…and that THIS type of female gets a ton of male attention…and drive a man to pursue her. According to this other post, men cannot resist the “damsel in distress”….

    You know what??? Just be yourself in life…that way you can’t fail…yourself or anybody else.

  5. Ophelia ext. 5078

    Love this post. I feel women could have more confidence about their best qualities and men are so attracted to that.


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