Why Are You Ruining True Love?

Don’t Ruin a Good Thing!

Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? If you are guilty of the following mistakes, you may very well be hopeless… but not necessarily in just the romance department. You may be guilty of not maintaining a healthy relationship without throwing it to the dogs every now and then. For the very first time on the California Psychics blog, I present to you the seven preferred ways to ruin true love, and best of all, this advice won’t cost you a thing… other than your relationship.

White Insults

They say a white lie is innocent enough, so, the same must be true for a white insult. Whenever your significant other is feeling down, ugly, or depressed, there is nothing better than initiating the “Get-your-crap-together” program, which is comprised of a “no-compliment” policy that will help get your partner up and feeling “great” about themselves! Such examples of this helpful advice include the phrases, “You’re an idiot,” “You’re an ass,” and my personal favorite, “Get the hell out of my face; you smell like old cheese.” Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

The Unhelpful Observationalist

In today’s world of technology and insight, everybody loves a partner who scrutinizes their shortcomings and reminds them why their place should be on the bottom rung. The best way to accomplish this is to recant to your partner why they are not good enough. This can be accomplished with a number of phrases, notably, “You’re not going to actually wear that,” “Where’s the rest of your paycheck,” and “Didn’t you used to have an ass?” Do you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you? Justine ext. 5402 knows what’s in their heart.

The Tin Trophy

Your partner works hard for their accomplishments, and there is no greater reward than the quintessential tin trophy. These verbal trophies are usually tarnished, have a generic nameplate, and are designed to belittle your partner’s accomplishments, so they will work harder the next time around. If you are unfamiliar with these forms of flattery, I’ll give you a few examples.
Your Partner: “Honey, I was promoted to a manager.”
Your Reply: “Humph” (grunt).
Lengthy Alternative: “I guess your boss thought you deserved something (unsaid words: “after 25 years of nothing.”).

Judgment Day

Some relationship experts recommend explaining a particular grievance you are having with your mate, rather than resorting to name calling. For example, “Could you please put the dishes in the washer? Today is going to be hectic, and I could use the extra help.” However, this advice is never as effective at driving your true disdain to the home plate, by combining all your frustration into one big judgment call. This will not only discourage a particular action, but criticize your partner’s entire character, such as “You’re a freaking slob!”

Sarcasm is Judgment’s Sexier Single Cousin (Single, Being the Key Word)

Straightforward criticism has its place in relationships. However, those who are crafty, can offer particularly stinging criticism, under the guise of making someone also the butt of a crap-tastic joke (i.e., “Honey, I’d like to see your point of view, but quite frankly, I can’t get my head that far up my a**.”).

Mr. and Mrs. Nitpick

There may be more than one way to swab out a toilet bowl. However, I guarantee yours is probably the best, and most preferred way. This is why you should always demand that your partner do things in exactly the same way as you ask them to. Any deviation from the plan should be punished severely. I do stress that it has to be your way, or else you won’t like them anymore! Why do you feel the need to nitpick your partner? Joyce ext. 9598 has the insight you’re looking for!

If at First You Don’t Get What You Want… Threaten, Threaten Again

It’s not always easy to get what you want. You have to consider that your partner has their own needs which you will be required to squelch in order to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re truly after. To do this, you could either have a civil conversation, followed by a compromise which will get you about 50 percent of what you want, or if you would rather receive 100 percent, you have to make it clear that if you don’t get the full monty, you will be required to inflict brisk punishment in the form of sex withholding, genital dismemberment, or a trip to divorce court.

5 thoughts on “Why Are You Ruining True Love?

  1. Jessica


    This is a great article. What you’re describing, in my opinion, is abuse–emotional abuse, and I’ve witnessed and overheard a great deal of it over the years. It’s amazing how often women dish out this kind of stuff. I’ve been on the receiving end of it with a man, and I know what it feels like.

    If someone is that unhappy with their partner that they feel the need to talk to, even think about their partner in those ways, than she or he, would be doing themselves and their partner a big favor by ending the relationship.

    Sometimes, 2 perfectly good people are just so wrong for each other that one or both end up being a jerk (as described in your article), when they might be terrific with a different partner–or alone. And some people just aren’t at a point in their lives where they’re good relationship material, i.e., they have stuff to work out on their own.

  2. Nikke

    I think this is a good article. I don’t believe that it is in any way a rant of some scorned lover. If you have read Eric’s other articles he does have a bit of sarcasm along with them, I find them to be entertaining. I don’t think that what he is trying to say is not tell your partner your feelings or if there is something they are doing that is bothering you. I think he is telling you NOT to do it approach it in a passive aggressive manner. None of us can say that we haven’t on occasion had a snide remark. I believe what Eric is saying is approach it in the best way for your relationship. When I have had experiences of this type of behavior with people it wasn’t really about how they were feeling about me it was more how they were feeling about themselves.

  3. Jeanie

    It seems that the writer of this is a very scorned man as the article is so sarcastic. I enjoy reading articles from California Psychics written by Carmen, Liam, & Red, who are more direct but leave out their past baggage. Although I got the point of this article, I was distracted by his obvious bitterness toward a past love.

    Just one readers opinion…

  4. Chrissi

    so that means then, if your other half has ‘let themselves go’ has breath that could defeat the Taliban, and feet that smell so much that there is even a smell of them in the room after they and their owner have left- doesn’t introduce what could be lovely hair to either conditioner or a comb, and whose definition of home repair is to put a bucket under a leaky loo shouldn’t be told about it ?


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