Your Venus Love Forecast for October 2012

It’s Time to Talk About Love

Venus, the planet of love, will be spending most of October in the sign of Virgo. It’ll also be hooking up in the heavens with Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, the planet of communication, for much of the month. And that means it’s a great time for everyone to talk about love. So let’s get the ball rolling! Need some help talking about your feelings for a sweet someone? Psychic Justine ext. 5402 can help you find the words.


You should be ready to make a few sacrifices for someone you love this month. Just don’t be surprised if you end up feeling a fleeting attraction to someone you work with. If romantic highlights seem to be few and far between at the moment, don’t worry. You can expect to enjoy a much more lively love life next month.


It’s a great time for you to get out and enjoy yourself. Your most important relationships could really be reinvigorated. And if you’re looking for love, most people should find you extremely charming and magnetic at the moment. So it’s a perfect time for you to get out there and let your light shine for all to see.


You could be inclined to go a little overboard in love, particularly around the middle of the month, so just remember to keep one foot on the ground. It’s a perfect time to try to plan a nice romantic evening or two around the house if you can. And everything should really start falling into place in your love life by the end of the month.


It’s a great time for you to open up and express your feelings for anyone you truly care about. You should be able to come up with the right words to unlock almost anyone’s heart if you really try. So don’t be afraid to let down your guard and put your heart on the line.


The first couple days of the month should be bringing the best romantic opportunities your way, so be sure to get it while you can! And don’t be afraid to spend a little money to show someone you care about how much they really mean to you. A few well-timed tokens of affection could really make a big impression. Are things backfiring in your relationship? Talk with Psychic Skylar ext. 9887 to get things moving forward again.


With Venus in your sign for most of the month, it’s the best time of the year for you to enjoy a little romance. Your charms will be almost impossible to resist on the 12th when Venus unites with the Moon. And you should be able to say the right thing to almost anyone between the 16th and the 25th when Venus and Mercury will both be working in your favor.


While it might feel like your love life is in hibernation, rest assured that your natural charm and magnetism will really be on the rise again during the final few days of the month. Just don’t be surprised if Halloween ends up delivering a few romantic treats to your door. And you should be ready to spend your time lost in love next month.


Don’t be surprised if you end up feeling attracted to someone you’d thought of as just a friend. And if you’re both available, it’s a great time to take a friendship to a whole new level. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with someone between the 16th and the 25th when Venus and Mercury will be hooking up in the heavens.


You could end up developing an attraction to someone older or more experienced than yourself. You’ll be prone to getting a little too lost in love though, so try to remember to remain realistic if you can. And just don’t be afraid to make a few sacrifices on behalf of someone you care about.


It’s a great time to open yourself up and try something new in your love life. If you’re single, think about going to some different places and getting to know a broader variety of people. You could find yourself experiencing an intense, new attraction on the 8th or 9th while Venus is trining Pluto in your sign, when it would also be a great time to try to reignite the spark in an existing relationship.


Some issues will be coming to the surface in your most important relationships. Just remember to keep your cool and try not to respond to things too emotionally if you can help it. The good news is that some intense romantic encounters could leave your head in a whirl, and you should be ready to enjoy a rising romantic tide next month.


Your most important relationships should be going very smoothly. But if there have been any sort of problems lately, now’s the perfect time to try to resolve them and make a fresh start. And if you’re still single, there should be some intriguing new opportunities crossing your path before the month is through.

35 thoughts on “Your Venus Love Forecast for October 2012

  1. Csharmaine

    Sometimes I feel like there’s someone else . He says I don’t have nothing to worry about. I feel like he is not happy. So what’s going on with him

  2. Ms. Scorpio

    I was born on 11/08/74, been maaried for 15 year now separated. I got married at 17 madly inlove with my partner before but later on I don’t feel loving him coz he doesn’t treated me well and don’t have dreams in life. We have different point of view in life, he never dreams about things in the future even giving good education in our kids. We’ve got 3 kids. I am working out of my country so that I couldn’t see him anymore but my problem if I want to go back to my country he might go to my place and wanted to be with me again but I don’t like it. We are not legally divorced. I don’t want to waste my life living with someone who doesn’t know how to love and protect his family. Btw, he is virgo born Sept. 1, 1968.

  3. Lele

    Hi me and my baby daddy have been together for three years. About a year ago he cheated and now have a baby by her and he has a new girlfriend. I still love him. i just wanted to know if there is a chance of us getting back together or will i every find that special someone and when????

  4. Rayne

    My ex and I have been seeing each other since Dec 2011, things were going REALLY REALLY well until mid September and the last month has been crazy, however it seems like things might be starting to level out again. Will things straighten out for us?? Should i hang on or abandon ship? My bday is 10-7-65 and his is 4-14-67.

  5. Ruth

    I lost my life partner in July. He had cancer and went quickly.
    I joined a Grief Group and met a nice man, unexpectedly that seems very interested in me. Should I act on this new friendship?
    I feel alone and confused, but he seems to have the strength I need to carry on.
    What do you see in my future? Ruth

  6. virgo

    Dear Karen,
    Don’t worry about your future too much there Karen as everything will fall into place for you but as for a partner thats if you are seeking either a friendship, relationship wether female or male may i suggest that you stick with your own water sign personality traits or entities and they are a Cancer like yourself, or try your luck with a scorpio or even a Pisces as use are very and highly sensitive individuals and very immaterialistic at that and extremely moody, but overall wonderful and exceptional people you cancers and will pout on some issues but never the less use are wonderful people, like there are another (2) signs that you can match up with as ell and they are either a Virgo if need be or a Taurus, but we are both Earth signs but given the right moon signs and ascendants of these Earth signs as well as your true water signs then you would have a very and understanding and long lasting relationship but thats if you want one or are after one that is and if i was you i would go out and seek to have my birth chart done that can consolidate your time of birth of which that you were born etc. oh well the best of British there Karen and try not to worry to much just stick to your guns and everything will work out fine, bye for now and take care.

  7. virgo

    And yes there Larry Vulcan is a special place for us Virgos as mine is the 6/9/61 as Vulcan is in the orbit of that of mercury of which is Geminis true ruling planet and at the moment Mercury is our foster planet, but Vulcan is not that far away i can ashore you that for us Virgos as Vulcan has been discovered that may times over the last 200 years its just that Astronomers are finding it very hard to get a very good fix on it inside of mercury’s orbit, bye for now there Larry and the best of British. And yes even though the we are mutable communicators of the Earth Element and yes that we are born here does not mean to say that we should have our very own mature planet like don’t you agree, well bye for now and take care.

  8. virgo

    My Dear Ms Scorpio,
    Well as you water signs know that use are both immaterialistic and him by being born as a cancer or a cancerian so to speak use are very compatible but use must learn that love is based on TRUST and use must communicate in a far more productive manner as most probably your cancerian partner is just looking to spread his legs a bit more by moving sideways and backways and front ways for what ever reason, but let him make the mistakes and then he will learn that what he has had in his life he will return in good faith and remember this that love is forgiveness in things like this and remember that every 7-10 years we go through vigorous CHANGES within our individual selves and another thing is thaat usse must learn to give and take as one of you has to let the other one lead and both be able to compromise on different issues as one of use take control of some issues and let the otherpartner deal with the rest and this would keep both of use both stable and enduring throughout the rest of your years together as as you had stated that you was born on the 11th of November where as your partner was born on that of the 20th of July and as you can see he is only 2 days short of being on the cusp f a leo/cancerian person but your partner is still thatof a very moody crab, but from both of use use must learn that love is forgiveness in this kind of circumstance and if not then move on, but stick with your own water sign or element andthey are a CANCER, A SCORPIO, OR A PISCES and there are another (2) and they are an Earth Sign of Virgo or a Capricorn, but to me you must stick with your water sign elements to be more understanding and a lot more empathy than with any other sign of the Zodiac, but give things sometime before moving forward as patience is a virtue in this case bye for now and the best of british. As the choice is yours.

  9. Scorpio

    My Birthdate is 11/11/71 I have been in a roller coaster relationship for 3 years we have split up a week ago. Will we be back together or will I find someone new? If so how soon?
    Oh and his B-Day is 7/20/89.

  10. Larry

    Virgo though I second it and yes though Valcon is a special Place.
    We’ve got to remember we where born on earth not Valcon like many cousins.
    Sincerely Romulin.

  11. virgo

    Hi there Greg,
    I am truly sorry there mate but your partner is that of a water sign as you are a leo and that is true but your partner is that of a scorpio as you can see which is the stronge of the two of you as water will always put out fire and believe you me you would be much better off with another Leo like yourself or even an Aries or even a sagittarian and another to of which are Air Signs are that of a Libra or a Gemini as you are a Fire Sign there Greg and an Aries and a Sagittarian is also a fire sign as these fire signs would be most compatible with yourself and of course you can fine tune things by having a birth chart done for you to break it down to your moon sign or ascendants to make it a lot more compatible with your fire sign structure, bye for now Greg and take care, but for better understanding and communications and far better empathy stick with your fire sign elements and god bless.

  12. virgo

    My friend Jeff,
    Jeff Jeff Jeff what are we going to do with you your wife and you are very compatible both of you are earth signs, your wife most probably thinks that she can find someone a lot better than you so what let her go as she is most probably going through some kind of change at the moment and every seven to ten years we go through vigorous changes within our lives because as we get older so does our metabolisms change but don’t forget there Jeff that women go through a lot more strenuous menapause that men do sure we go through some radical changes ourselves but in due time things will work themselves out if not don’t cry over spilt milk as there are plenty more other earth signs of women that are out there as it what changes it is just the moon signsand the ascendants that are in your planetary configurations but nothing changes the basic personality traits of any given individual, just take care there Jeff and just be patient, and god bless. But don’t worry too much there Jeff as she is only stretching her wings or abilities and just out seeking something different in life that is all so just let it go as in the end it will all work itself out, bye there mate and take it easy.

  13. virgo

    Dear Kate,
    Yes use are compatile but your husband by being a cancerian is a water sign and is the cardinal leader of the water element and you are an earth sign a mutable communicator of the earth element, but your husband to be will be immaterial as he does not care for material possesions, but if he was given something for sentimental reasons then he would treasure such a thing or an item for keep sake as it would mean something to him, but by being a water sign he would be very and extremely sensitive, but for far better and realistic communications me by being a perfectionist as you are there kate i would stick to the earth signs as you would find a lot more better empathy and understanding and the earth signs are Virgo, Taurus or a Capricorn, but then again it depends on what moon signs or ascendants are in your husbands birth charts, cancers very good friends and so forth, but for far better empathy and understanding your very own earth element personality people, best of luck and best of british, bye for now there Kate and take care, the choice is yours.

  14. noraziah abd aziz

    im a cancerian my date of birth is 7th july 1961. born at8.50 am. married to virgo n his date of birth is 23.08.1972. borb at 12.30am. r we compatible. as now im suffering with his bad habits, such as womaniser, very stinggy n taking weed.

  15. Aquarius

    I need some answers about my future and when or will I ever have a long-term decent relationship again in my life with someone I can actually trust.

    Aquarius 27th female

  16. Jonalyn L Marelic

    Hi Jeff… Capricorn and Virgo are both Earth Signs, that’s what makes you attracted at the first place… bit you are born in the wood dragon year and she is in the fire horse year. Which means fire burns wood…. not a so good match… you guys will defenitely get along if you underst and andbwork on defferenses…

  17. Thea

    Dear Marion,

    I know exactly what you’re going through. I was caring for my 97 year old grand father and he passed away this past June. My husband is very sick and there is no cure for ALS. Im caring for him and to watch him just waste away is killing me. Im forced to be strong for our children who are all teenagers. Sometimes its so hard to even get out of bed. Thinngs I use to do just dont matter anymore.

    If you believe in God, how about I pray for you and you do the same for me. These are trying times.

  18. kate

    im getting married this coming december, im a virgo and my husband to be is cancer, my DoB is 9/10/71…Are we compatible?

  19. marion

    My fiance died four years ago.My father was sick and was living with me i was his care taker.he died a year and a half ago.My mother has dimensia and i help my aunt take care of her.I feel as if my world is falling.I not in arelatioship or seeing anyone.I feel so unloved and lost

  20. jeff

    My wife wants a divorce and has left me two months ago will she come back? I am a Capricorn and she is a Virgo. My DOB is 12/28?64 and her DOB is 8/25/66

    Please advise before i continue


  21. gemini

    I feel everything around me is falling to pieces. When are things going to look up in love, future, work, etc. I need some hope to hang on to.

  22. Greg

    I am a 31 year old, single dad of 2 wonderful girls. 2.5 & 5 years old respectively and I need insight. I was dating a Scorpio in August n all of a sudden Labor Day she said she wants to just be friends but i know she cares for me bc she’s in touch w me everyday….i read the Scorpio October Lovecast n it applies to our situation. Should i forward it to her to maybe open her eyes or just wait n play hard to get bc we both have huge feelings for each othee n i DO NOT want to chase her away. HELP!!!!!!!!! FROM: A BROKEN HEARTED MAN WHO FEELS AS THOUGH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE CAN BE POTENTIALLY SLIPPING THROUGH THE CRACKS! HELP!!!!

  23. sonu kumar ravi

    i love to kiran kohli …but she dont love me but she like me ……
    i want to know that she becomes my life partnar.
    my dob-01-10-1986

  24. karen

    I really need some good news for the future. Some hope if you will. My whole life has become a pitfall of disaster. Is there any hope for me. I am a Cancer. HELP

  25. virgo

    As far as i am concerned my true ruling planet is VULCAN as MERCURY belongs to that of GEMINI and nothing more as MERCURY is a foster planet for VIRGO but planet VULCAN is my true ruler.


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