Which Sign Might Cheat? How to Keep Your Love by Your Side

Are Some Zodiac Signs More Likely to Cheat Than Others?

Since cheating requires deceit and disloyalty, no sun sign is really an indicator of a cheat, nor is any sign immune to it. But the tendency to flirt and find interest in others is much more likely in some signs than others. Don’t despair! Each sun sign has a partner who can keep them interested and honest. Here are some approaches:

Aries: As long as you can keep up with your Aries and excite them, they will be loyal. They love being heroic, so make them feel that they are.

Taurus: As a Taurus, you want to be comfortable and to feel very desirable. If they feel pampered and sexy, they’ll stay put. Otherwise, they could look for that adoration elsewhere.

Gemini: Challenge your Gemini mentally and you’ll keep them interested. Understand, though, that they might be a flirt. They aren’t the least bit serious about it, so ignore it and reclaim their attention.

Cancer: Nurture your Cancer and make them feel at home, and they will STAY at home. Stay sensitive to their feelings and they won’t go looking for a sympathetic ear.

Leo: Leos love attention—lots of attention. If they misbehave, that’s probably what it’s about. Flatter them and they won’t pursue that attentive other person.

Virgo: They get so much satisfaction and joy from a sense of accomplishment. Help them achieve goals and complete projects and they’ll be far to busy to fool around.

Libra: Your only worry about devoted Libra is their huge desire to please others. Provide them with a graceful way to make it clear that they are attached and you have no worries.

Scorpio: Your Scorpio loves intensity and passion. As long as you provide these things, they’ll be coming home to you.

Sagittarius: Oh boy, Sagittarius loves everyone! They don’t have to be a cheat though. Get them to make a promise to be loyal, and they should remain honest.

Capricorn: Focus on your Capricorn’s ambitions. They have great purpose and set attainable goals. Support them solidly and they’ll stick with you.

Aquarius: Allow your Aquarius to feel free and unencumbered and they will be a lot less likely to stray. Hold them accountable but don’t overwhelm them with jealousy.

Pisces: Pisces follow their muse. Their inspiration leads them. If you are their muse, their inspiration, they will be loyal. Make certain that they always have a creative outlet.

Honesty in a relationship is everything. If your love is honest, you can make it without cheating.

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