Where Letting Go Can Lead

It’s not uncommon for people to put their career or even their whole life on hold waiting for love. And, as incredible as it may seem … that hold can go on for years. When you finally release your hopes for that person, when you realize it’s time to move on and open up your life to other people, places, and happenings, you don’t have to dump your feelings all at once, tells Psychic Joy. “Its okay to cherish the good things — to hold the lessons you learned while you were together, the happy memories you shared, the love you once felt … close to your heart. Don’t feel guilty.”

Just months ago, Elise (not her real name) a medical researcher, had her very first psychic reading, with Clairaudient and Clairvoyant Joy. She was hoping that the psychic could help her break the painful silence she felt after another series of dramatic breakups with Brian (not his real name), her boyfriend of six years.

“Will we get back together? What if we go to counseling? I think we could make it?” Elise questioned, as she described the frustrations of her mostly off-again relationship.

“No,” Joy responded sweetly. “He’s stubborn and your relationship hasn’t grown. Even though you seem to be hanging on desperately, I’m pretty sure that you know he’s not good for you anymore.”

Satisfied, but sounding angry, Elise moved on to her worries about her career. “Is it possible that I might be able to move into my boss’s job? He steals my ideas, and my research and I’m not growing there either. “

Once again, “No,” was the word the Clairaudient received before she continued with her visual impressions. “You could do his job, but there are politics … You’ll have to look outside your company to find what you’re looking for,” Joy continued.

“Look where?” she asked, before quickly revealing that she had been offered a great job in Detroit for more money.

“You don’t want to leave, because of Brian,” Joy responded knowingly.

“Brian does live five minutes from me here in Chicago … but I think I’ve been waiting for a psychic to tell me it won’t work. I just don’t like Detroit. It’s a good opportunity, but I can’t see myself living there. So where should I look, I mean what city?”

Pressed to answer, Joy was honest about saying that locations aren’t one of her strong points. But she settled into the question and then blurted out, “Columbus!”

Joy’s guide Christopher had given her the information.


“I see another university setting. It’s going to be a great annual salary — start searching the internet.

That won’t happen, but I will look,” Elise doubted before the call ended.

“Joy, I found a great job in Columbus. I think it’s the one you were talking about, but I had to talk them into interviewing me. They don’t sound that excited … they said they were actually looking for someone older.”

Joy looked into the situation, and saw that Elise would be interviewed by a panel. They would offer her the job, before the interview was over. “Be sure to work on your resume and have plenty of copies of any handouts you make from your portfolio … Oh, and the offer will be better than the Detroit offer. They’ll pay for your moving expenses,” she said with great enthusiasm.

Days later, Elise called Joy again. “Joy, you’re amazing. I got the job, a better salary and moving expenses. You were so right! They said the job had been sitting there open for a year and that I fit their needs exactly. It’s as if the job was just waiting for me …”

“That’s true … you just had to let go of Brian and Chicago.”
“But I still love Brian. I’ll always love Brian. I’m glad that I’m moving away … it still hurts.”

There’s nothing wrong with letting Brian go and still loving him. It’s actually easier that way,” Joy offered.

“And what about a new love?”

“There are two loves,” Joy answered to Elise’s surprise. You’ll find a little cottage hidden in trees, an easy distance from the university. And in April, after you’ve settled in, you’ll meet someone at work. He doesn’t work there himself, but it’s where you’ll meet.”

Elise still calls Joy as she heals. “I think, I’ll always feel love for him, Joy. But you’re helping me to understand that it doesn’t mean that I need to be with him.”

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