When Will He Call? Never, Honey. Never.

“Hold On to the Mystery!”

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from callers is “When will he call?” They say they went on the first date a week ago, everything seemed to be great and there was a real connection. Now where is he?

It is very, very common nowadays for two people to meet on dating sites or through a third-party situation. They will “chat” or converse by electronic means for some time, sometimes a few months, before actually getting together.

By the time the two actually get together on a “real” date, they’ll they are well-acquainted. I don’t know why this is but women in particular seem to feel they do know the other one pretty well, and that there really has been a relationship blooming over the talk time. With all the communication that has gone on, it seems that they know each other’s likes, dislikes and attitudes. And with this development of common ground, a feeling of trust also takes place.

When the two do meet each other face to face, the woman especially feels that the relationship has already begun, and is moving in a very positive direction. On the first date, they talk and confirm how the other is just like they thought they would be! With the mental attraction that has already taken place, a physical attraction also comes into play. The woman has seen the man’s photograph, and he has seen hers. The stage was already set for the first encounter.

After dinner and maybe a few glasses of wine, they will go to her or his place to talk more. Everything is great—attraction, good “vibes” and a nice environment. They have sex.

A week or so later, the woman will call California Psychics to ask “When will he call?” She’s hurt and disappointed. It’s been a whole week after what she thought was a wonderful encounter. What’s wrong? What’s happened?

Well, I’m afraid she already knows what’s happened. There’s no mystery left. With all the buildup, the conversation, the getting-to-know-you and the sex, the whole relationship was fast-forwarded into a “What else is left?” feeling for the man.

I want to say that I’m not being judgmental. It’s just that men think differently from women. They do. I see this when I do readings.

Part of the excitement and draw of a relationship with a man is the bit of mystery. They don’t want to feel that they know everything about the woman. The getting-together process, and then the first date, is what the man can handle at one time. The jump from introduction (in person) to sex is just too fast for him.

She has opened up mentally and physically too fast for him. The next morning, he feels that he has done the same and is embarrassed. He also questions her judgment and wonders about his own, as well, in becoming intimate so quickly with someone who was basically still a stranger.

Before anyone says this, I do want to say that I have known a (very) few of these situations that have turned out quite nicely. A friend of mine went out with a guy on an arranged blind date, slept with him, and was married a year later. Their marriage is still great, twenty years and counting.

But how often does this happen? Practically never. We question our judgment. Was it the wine, or just the excitement of finally meeting?

The men sometimes wonder if it was simply desperation on the women’s part. The women may think the men just wanted sex.

So, for the greatest part of the time, my answer to the question “When will he call?” must be a tactful-as-possible “Never.” This pains me. It really does. I like “happily ever afters” as much as the next person. But the answer to the question is what I psychically see. It’s not my opinion, my judgment or my values speaking. This is what is. The man sees things differently, in most cases. And the woman learns this, to her great disappointment. She can no longer hold on to the mystery in the relationship.

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11 thoughts on “When Will He Call? Never, Honey. Never.

  1. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Great advice Miss T! Keep the mystery; it’s alluring and attractive to the opposite sex. I say that a relationship doesn’t really start until you’ve met in person. Up until that point, all the prior conversations and messages are part of the courting ritual, yet really only provide a snippet of insight into a person’s character. May sound old fashion, but there’s really no way to know someone unless you’re around them and interacting with them physically. More than once!

    At least give yourself a chance to meet a few times in person to see if you really connect before you fall head over heels in love. The truth is, those deep intense feelings you’re experiencing before you meet, are an illusion. They are preparing you to meet; however you’d be better served by taking them with a grain of salt until you get to know each other better. You might decide that it’s someone you don’t really want to spend time with after all, thus escaping the disappointment those intense feelings brought you initially.

    Fiona ~ love your post here.

    Blessings to all, Faith ext. 9608

  2. Fiona x5178

    Hi Tansey,
    Good advice, good food for thought.
    Here’s another–The flame that burns high fast burns out quickly.
    Many blessings.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This article offers food for thought :

    Every reading should be viewed as unique and different…..

    Because everybody is on their individual Karmic life path…..situations and circumstances vary….no two readings on any given topic should be viewed the same way,….. same circumstances maybe,
    …but each soul and that soul’s destiny in this life/incarnation is as individual as a fingerprint…..and should be viewed as such.

    For example :
    Whether or not so & so will ever call you again , whether or not both of you are meant to connect in this incarnation and come together as a couple,depends upon both of your Karmic life paths and your soul connection to each other and the soul’s purpose in coming together in this life time.

    And that is how ( and when ) your chosen psychic can help you….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Tansy-Thank you. Very unique article. Totally thought provoking…
    I appreciate your direct touch and style…
    Big huggies, Miss Krystal

  5. ~Wren ext. 5383

    Oh Tansy, great scenario…you hit the nail on the head: most men love to pursue and feel like they’ve had to work for their prize. As females, we want the connection, the love and the romance to get started and keep going. That first meeting has so much chemistry and excitement…what’s wrong with taking it to the next level? You lay it out so eloquently here. Great insight! <3

  6. Cameron


    Thank you, as always, for this thought-provoking and powerful article. I think you make some very good points here, and with humor. I’m always grateful for your wisdom and advice!

    Cameron ext 5412

  7. Taryn

    Would like to comment on women who wonder why they stay, and share the things I have read about why women stay. It is not your fault!! I have just left a man i was with for 6 years, I went through mental hell trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
    Look up Narrsasist, or sociapath. Read it carefully, then you will know why you stayed.

  8. -quinn ext. 5484

    having a wow factor to the sex is a very important part of actually getting together. on paper, over the internet the interaction can be amusing and sexy.
    in person after the meal the wine the dance – the sex might not be good.
    why would a person man or woman want to get involved with a lover who doesn’t make it in the bed?
    if you don’t hear from the person by the time they get home – forget about it!
    -quinn ext. 5484


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