When To Call It Quits

Breaking up is hard to do. In fact, deciding whether or not to throw in the towel, call it quits or give up on love is one of the top reasons people consult with our psychics. Not the kind of thing one does lightly, the effects of a split can be painful, disabling (financially and emotionally) and wide reaching. After all, going your separate ways in love often involves “breaking up” with mutual friends and your significant other’s family, too. Callers are hesitant to make a move, make a wrong move or break their partner’s heart. Plus, they may feel like they’re too deep into their partnered lives to ever extricate themselves from the involvement.

So how can we truly determine if/when is time to leave a relationship at any stage? We asked our psychics how they help callers look into the question as well as the kind of guidance they share with clients on the matter. Here’s what they had to say:

If there’s absolutely no chance of healing the situation, if love seems to be gone, arguments never end, or perhaps a third person is involved – in short, if you’re constantly second guessing yourself, you don’t have to go from indifference directly to divorce. A separation may be a healthier choice than making no move at all.

This is a good time to decide if there is any chance of healing the bond, our psychics say. “Only leave a committed relationship after exhausting all possibilities of making it work. There were obviously strong reasons that brought you into the relationship to begin with, and in order to have closure, you want to do all you can,” advises Jonathan ext. 9601. “Far too often people find themselves realizing that a relationship was worth saving after it’s too late to turn back the clock.”

When contemplating these difficult steps, a reading can help provide comfort to callers. “When my clients ask me these very serious, sensitive questions, we go over what brought them to the questions in the first place, using Tarot cards, a validation of situations, circumstances and timing,” tells TeriLynn ext. 9625.

Conversely, TeriLynn tells about a client who was consulting a lawyer secretly about ending her marriage over unsolvable arguments. The psychic looked into their problems and it appeared their communication was severely off-kilter. The intuitive suggested the couple approach their conversations with a pad and pen, advising that they each write down their feelings and thoughts and exchange pads until they felt understood, whenever emotions ran too high to continue a conversation. “My client called back reporting that they had misunderstood each other for years. Luckily she found out, before she had to take back the word divorce!'”

If it is time to break up, what are the rules? Tell us your stories — and share your thoughts!

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