When Love is Meant to Be

“I get goose bumps when I think of this particular love story,” love psychic and master Tarot reader Jesse ext. 9027 tells excitedly. “What are the odds of something like this really happening?” she wonders out loud about a message she gave her caller Patricia (not her real name) after checking the Tarot three times and consulting another reliable source.

When something highly uncommon shows up in a reading… when logic tells a psychic that the possibilities of a wish coming true would most likely be against the odds – they may check their sources more than once – or even consult an additional tool to be sure their information is correct.

Patricia had called Jesse several times after her divorce was finalized. The art teacher had just gone back to work after a three-year hiatus and wanted to be sure she was doing well on her job.

“I knew that Patricia also wanted to ask me about love, but for some reason she was afraid to ask. I didn’t see love in her cards at that time and Patricia seemed perfectly pleased with her readings,”Jesse remembers.

As their readings continued, the psychic knew without a doubt that Patricia had a question she didn’t dare ask. So, Jesse opened up the conversation asking her caller if there was one person who dominated her thoughts when she daydreamed about romance.

“Yes,” Patricia said surprised, relieved and a bit melancholy. “For some reason my high school boyfriend keeps entering my mind. I’ve often wondered what happened to him, but the memories have become stronger lately. I guess I’m just lonely. I even took out my old yearbook and found some photos of us tucked in there,” Patricia admitted as she wound around the subject – admitting she hadn’t seen this person in almost 25 years. “I’m sure he’s married, so I wouldn’t dare try to contact him. Actually, he’d be hard to find, even on the Internet. His name is Robert Smith!”

Both Patricia and Jesse laughed. Then Jesse asked permission to do a Tarot spread on Robert. Patricia was surprised at Jesse’s accurate description of him as he had looked when they were last together. They had been inseparable since middle school and dated throughout high school. The night before he went away to boot camp they had a fight, and for some crazy reason that was it, Patricia recalled. “I guess we both knew we were too young for anything else. I heard he married in college… and you know about me.”

Jesse recalls that Robert’s presence in Patricia’s cards was so overwhelmingly strong, that she felt a meeting might occur magically within months. “I kept hearing that he would ‘magically appear’ in my mind, but I didn’t want to suggest something that seemed so unlikely without really doing my homework,” Jesse tells. “The Tarot and my other information were in a deadlock before I said anything at all to Patricia,” the psychic confirms.

“You’re just saying that because you know that’s what I want to hear,” her caller responded to the news.

“My mother always told me that if I ever told a client what they wanted to hear and it wasn’t the truth, that I would lose my powers,” Jesse, who is a third generation psychic, responded seriously. “I’ve never wanted to test that theory.”

On Patricia’s next call to Jesse, she told the psychic that she had just received an invitation to her 25th High School reunion. “I don’t think anyone would recognize me… I haven’t kept in touch and I don’t have time to lose 25 pounds. I don’t even have a dress…” she insisted. Patricia did not mention Robert’s name or ask Jesse if he would be at the reunion.

“I think she knew in her heart that he would be there,” Jesse believes.

So Jesse suggested that Patricia buy a stunning dress and just go. “Robert was in her cards, but Patricia specifically asked me not to tell her anything about him.”

“If he is there and he’s married, well then that’s that. And if he doesn’t attend, I want to enjoy myself without being hugely disappointed – that is, if I go,” she rationalized before she said goodbye to Jesse.

The next time Jesse heard Patricia’s now familiar voice was immediately after the reunion. “We walked up to the check-in table at exactly the same moment. We recognized each other immediately. The first thing I did was look to see if Robert had a wedding ring on. We talked all night. Sadly, Robert’s wife died four years ago. He had been deeply in love and was so devastated by her passing that he had only felt ready to remove the ring six months earlier. You’re not going to believe this, Jesse… he went to the reunion because he was hoping to see me!”

This time, Patricia asked Jesse to look at their cards. She saw a ring around them both, understanding that they would have a lifetime bond together.

“This story just wrapped about a month ago,” Jesse tells about Robert and Patricia. She moved into his house in upstate New York, where they were married on New Year’s Day. “I got the cutest thank you call from Patricia on Valentine’s Day.”

“If you hadn’t encouraged me I never would have gone to that reunion. You are my wonderful secret…” she told Jesse mischievously.

“We’re a lot of people’s little secret, Jesse responded with her bubbly wit. “Plastic surgeons and psychics… they’re right up there with us.”

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