What Women Don’t Understand About Men

Understanding the Minds of Men

There are seven misunderstandings about men that seem to cause quite a bit of mischief in relationships. That means there are a lot of things that women don’t understand about men!

Men Need to Be Touched… Just Ignore the Tent Pole if You’re Not in the Mood for Camping

In relationships, sex with a man is often equated to the importance of friendship, love, or even the air he breathes. However, women grow tired of this comparison, so I think it is about time you understand that it is not just about the sex. Men from all walks of life crave to be touched, kissed, snuggled, and cuddled. If our hormones get the best of us, and Uncle Peppy comes to visit; that shouldn’t make you avoid physical intimacy. Men do have an off switch, even though we may try to convince you otherwise.

Why He Hates “The Talk.”

It’s not that guys aren’t interested in making our relationships better; we just understand these so-called relationship talks to be a chance to complain about a problem (we most likely caused), rather than the opportunity to grow closer. Whenever you need to talk about something important to your guy, ask to spend time together (preferably doing a side-by-side activity, such as taking a walk or drive). Don’t mention anything about talking, and just causally strike up a conversation that will wind around to the topic you need to get off your chest.

Throw a Monkey a Banana, and He’ll Eat it… Throw Your Guy One, and He’ll Peel it for You

Men are problem solvers conditioned to listen to women actively, which means his cogwheels are rotating, attempting to find the solution to all your woes. This is why we may seem so unsympathetic to your day, because what we are focused on is getting to the bottom of your unhappiness. This is a compliment, as it means we like you and we want to help!

When He’s Licking His Wounds

When an animal is injured, it will wander away to lick its wounds, and attempt to heal itself. When men retreat to their cave, this is essentially what they’re doing. Women often equate this lack of communication as meaning he is not allowing her to share in his day. If a man doesn’t have a story he feels is worth telling, or is afraid you’ll think he is less of a man because of a problem he’s facing, he may withdraw. You don’t want to push him for answers, nor ignore this red flag. The best thing to do is acknowledge something is wrong, and offer to be there when he’s ready to talk.

Boys Will Be Boys

Guys are rarely insensitive to your needs out of disrespect. Men can look at a pile of dishes on the counter, and see right through to the peanuts on the other side. They will look directly at their crumpled undershorts on the floor, and use their x-ray vision to notice the golf clubs sitting in the corner of the garage. A guy’s priorities are different from women. The good news is that men are trainable using positive reinforcement, positive influence, and direct communication.

Me First!

Guys may seem to put their needs before yours, and this is because we sometimes do. Boys are raised to do whatever it takes to succeed; with the understanding that it is okay to snag the last helping of mashed potatoes, and falling asleep after an orgasm is as much a compliment to the chef, as an obnoxious burp after dinner. A mann can adapt to a more equal relationship, but just understand he’ll have to work at it.

It’s Either Me or the Dog? 

Men can become jealous when your attention is diligently focused elsewhere. When he seems to be irritated with your friends, a house pet, or even your own children, he may be telling you that he misses some of that attention you used to reserve for him. Women are good at focusing on what needs to be done for the greatest benefit to the family. However, sometimes this means allowing the relationship to linger, simply because she does not see it as the priority at the moment. Take time to make your guy feel special, and he won’t find it necessary to complete for your attention. Want to make your guy feel special, but not sure how? Talk with Psychic Shevonne ext. 5503 to learn how.

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85 thoughts on “What Women Don’t Understand About Men

  1. Debster

    @Gina – That’s an awesome strategy. Would be great to see that put into practice much, much more (equal chores…etc.)

    @Crinn – Ditto, sista. Tonight, know what I made for dinner?? Nothing!!! Buh-wahh-hah-hah. I wasn’t hungry, didn’t have to throw down with a four item, home-made culinary example of wizardry. Think I’ll have pizza for breakfast…..

  2. Roni

    Man or women it does not matter, everyone wants to be loved and give love. If you and your man are not best of friends, no matter what you do it won’t work. I mean best of friends through respect of each other, communications and intimacy. If you respect each other physically and mentally having children, workloads, everyday living is easier. You may not always like your partner, but being best friends, you can tell each other what you feel(like I’m not happy with you right now)and there is no resentment. Give a man credit if he really wants your help he will let you know after licking his wounds and if you need his help, ask him.(the point here is ask him…not tell him). Everyone deep down are loving creatures…but some people are never taught how to love…if they don’t know teach them how to love you in a non-attacking way. The main thought here is Respect and Love each other, because you both thought enough of each other to become partners in life.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well said Debster !!!!

    I agree with your comment : ” We enable, enable enable. We make allowances, we say to ourselves and them, “it is okay that you treat me this way.” We give that permission and power, make excuses for and endorse the child-like behavior just trying to keep the peace and make things work. Frick that. It’s okay, and great, to be happy, at peace, and free.”

    Personally speaking, as a veteran psychic of 45 years in the business AND a mother and grandmother, I feel if * some * of these men had been raised differently they would have grown up to be more sensitive towards women in general. In other words we need to sart raising our boys, while they are still boys, to be MEN.
    I never had a son, only a daughter, but I’ve always said that IF I had had a son he would have learned to do his share of dishes, vacuuming, cooking, laundry , picking up after himself, etc….just as I raised my daughter to do. I never believed in a double standard when it came to raising boys vs girls.
    In fairness I would have had a daughter and son switch chores back & forth,for example : one week he helps do laundry while she mows the yard, etc.

    My point is only this : If men are spoiled, it’s because they have had women in their lives that spoiled them, sometimes starting from childhood.

  4. Crinn

    Ahhhh…Guess after all that “work” trying to adjust to a Mans needs and retraining him…..Exactly, “WHY IS IT AGAIN THAT WE NEED A MAN?” Someone help me out since most Women are self supporting and own non-demanding, loving pets for companionship!!!

  5. Debster

    OH While we’re on the subject: Work. I work a demanding job he would not let me leave for a position that pays less even though he made good money. I also maintained the house, a five acre yard, my vehicles, cooked, cleaned, you name it. He took out the trash, even that seemed to be an, “excessive demand,” in his book. His excuse? Well, I have to WORK! Like this is some badge of friggin honor excuse. Everyone works, everyone.. Get over it. Men that think it’s enough just to show up 40 hours and rob oxygen, then come home and expect clean clothes, a hot meal, and a pole-dancing performance from their partner need a serious reality check. Guys, don’t even try to say, “Hey!!! I do the dishes!!!” Translation: Once, two years ago on her birthday, I rinsed the dinner dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Who needs it. Use them physically, then casually glance at your watch and say, “gee, look at the time…”

  6. Debster

    After spending seven years pampering, mothering, and adjusting my needs, wants and behavior for a very accomplished but selfish and controlling man, I’m very done with it. I have known many men, the template is the same. Toward the last, I bought all kinds of books. There are shelves and shelves of them, “What men want…What men Think…What men Think they Want….” I read and read, sure that I was doing something wrong. Guess what I noticed??? There were only like, two books that were for men to try to figure out women. Why? Because they don’t really give a carp. Why should they? We give them the permission to feel that way. So, who’s the dummy? Me standing there spending hundreds on these books trying to figure out how to get along with an egotistical and immature child-man. When I tossed him for good, I took every single one of those books out into the back yard. I went and got a can of gas and burned them to cinders. Who cares what THEY want, or what they THINK.

  7. Debster

    Bravo to Freda! Me too, I’m WAY over it. I have tools, talent, and do great home repair. Who needs all the whiny, overly sensitive, fluctuating drama? You go on a date with one, “Blah, blah, blah…all about me….” I’m not gay, I’m not anything. I’m just me, and I won’t sacrifice my freedom, self respect, or time for playing the, “relationship game.” Baah! Constantly juggling your own needs and activities against a fragile ego?? No thank you. I know it works for some women, and I’m happy for you. That’s not me, and it’s okay to be proud of who you are, alone, and free!!! As women, we generally spend our entire lives looking at our relationships through rose colored glasses. We rationalize everything, “it’s okay, he really didn’t mean it, him spilling stuff all over the kitchen floor then walking out the door is okay…” We enable, enable enable. We make allowances, we say to ourselves and them, “it is okay that you treat me this way.” We give that permission and power, make excuses for and endorse the child-like behavior just trying to keep the peace and make things work. Frick that. It’s okay, and great, to be happy, at peace, and free.

  8. Mary

    After all these centuries, isn’t it time for men to step up to the plate and try to understand women, their changing roles, added responsibilitie, etc., etc., and change themselves too, to make life more amicable and pleasant? As a woman who’s been married twice but very independent, I see myself always doing more and taking on additional responsibilities. Therefore, if man has to lick his wounds at times, I feel he should take the time to do it himself until he feels like he is ready to unlick and talk. Unfortunately though, by the time they open their eyes and mind it’s too lae and the source of their support and comfort get away. Women who work hard get tired too. Life can feel a lot better, especially for men, if they, too, lear to adapt to the changes.

  9. shewana

    I don’t have a husband anymore I hold my household down by myself. My husband was murdered before I relocated to were I’m living know. I Tell my son’s I can’t teach you how to be a man but I can give you advice as a mother. Stay focus and strive for the best and nothing less. Keep being that go getter because my children are our future. I’m doing a miraculous job as a single parent holding my household down. God didn’t bring me this far to leave me and my children. When you have been through something you can tell other’s something to reach there goals in life. Can’t know man make our break me because I’m a strong woman who won’t quit till I reach my goals. People want my victory they don’t want my struggles. Don’t judge me until you have walked in my shoes because my struggles haven’t been easy.

  10. paula

    men should be the main course at the family meal,not the leftovers. Because those kids you put first exist thanks to him and have an easy life thanks to the fact that he is there,taking care of them, since you are not a single mom. Kids only need food,clothes, wormth, guidance,love and respect. And with time they start asking for one thing: freedom. While your housebant only asks for one thing: you. To care for him,touch him, realy look at him. And that is exactly what he is trying to do for you, if you give him the time. KIds should never be put above the relationship with your man, that is like the people running the king and queen of the castle. Kids should learn rules and accomodate to he family they entered \nd if they understand that at some time, you need to be with your lover they will. And i personally don’t think that kids are so deamnding. They go to school, than they do homework and then they go out to play, come home tired and go to sleep. Simply, they don’t want so much timw to spend with theyr family, they want to explore the outside world. It’s you and your man that want a family, thy were simply born in it. The problem here lies in you.You prfere spending time with your kids than your lover, somehow you think that is more enjoyable. You like to have evrything under control and allways have something”important ” to do, so you can feel important, instead of letting your man show you how omportant you are to him. And if you do, you still think that is no enough. What will you do when your kids find someone they love more than they love you? when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? you become gealous and unsatisfied because all of the time and effort you put to give them attention and now they want attention from somenoe else. And when you turn your eyes towords your lover he is allready to unhappy and maybe doesen’t even love you enymore. You get lonely, our kids go to collage, get merried and you still try tobe a part of theyr lives but they go as far as possible away from you and tell you that you are overwhelming. And you re alone, probably your housebant wants to devorce and you ask: where did i go wrong? here is where: what used to be the best part of your life, the love , becomes nothing compared to a duty or responsabity and tat is living an empty life. Keep loving your man and loving yourself the most important, the best thing in your life and children as a responsability and love them because they are a product of love, they are not he source. And they will be he first kids to have in theyr family a model of true love, when parents still love eachother instead of just leaving togheter, where passion and energy flows and they will take this as a way of creating theyr own happy family. Evry parent should remember that what really makes a kid happy is seing theyr parents happy and not being suffocated with toomuch attention, nore being neglected of it. They should have they needs met, emotionaly and fiziologicaly, but still as long as theyr parents are happy, they will believe that they have a happy family and that they are not a burden. So keep your kids secured, cared and protected, but keep your man wanted and loved. He is the true reason you have a beautifuul family. If he hadn’t benn, you would have been a single mom with a crappy job and with nothing to put on the table. But he is still there, helping you by just being with you. Appreciate him,love him and show him how greatfull you are. And this is the last thing i have to say on this matter: For those who have eyes to see, they shall see.

  11. paula

    and it seems like women complain that they have to pay attention to theyr man, like i have to do chores, children, work, take care of m body and never hae time for herself. So, you want time for yourself but not to spend time whith your man? i beleve he wouldlove to see you skipa day of chores to do something romantic or sexy with him or just spend time togheter. I don’t think chores should be more important than him. Besides, kids grow up and will want mothers to lay back and give them space , to stop giving them so much attetnion and let them be free. Since they’re like 13 tey will want to be more left alone and will spend more time with freids tha with family. So instead of suffocating your kids and neglecting your housebant, leave your kids find independence and start connecting with your housebant. And work?DO women actually forget that when thay are at wok, usually men are also at work and probably kids are at school? And that you have a predefined work scheduale?so that is not an excuse, work is smth they all do mostly at the same time. And what happens when you come home? that is the question. So stop using chores as an exuse, because don’t last more than an hour, especially if you put the kids to help you with it. Or are all women control freaks faving a bacteria fobia with calls for 4 hour of cleaning Daily?!! So in conclusion, if just simply do not want to give attention to your lover(though you demand the same thing) simply say it to him. The truth that you don’t realy love him enough to make him a priority rather than the last thing on your mind might come out and you will both feel relieved. Seccondly, women should remember that kids leave, one da you will be too old to go to work and too weak to do so much cores and the only one still staiyng with you ( if he will, after the miserable life you put him through), the only one staying with you will be your lover. And wouldn’t you prefer to have a strong connection created in so many years and have a happy ending of your life , or o you want that in the last 20 years of your life to find out from him what you pu him throw and how unhappy you hae made him and probably how the last 40 years he has been happy with someone else behind your back.

  12. paula

    it seems to me most of women here are stupid. THis article clearly says that all a men realy cares about is his woman and all tht he needs from her is love and affection and sex is a way of showing that. But almost all of them complain that men never grow up??????? are you realy serious? when a boy is a child evryone says to him “do not cry, men do’n t cry” and to us “little girls play nicely”. They are the ones who are forced to grow up before they are prepared to do so and that is why they intentionaly opose to it. Try for a chance leaving your men do what you think is right when he is prepared not when you demand it. And finally, men who act like children do it because of theyr women who stop acting like wifes and start acting like mothers towords them, never letting them decide what to dress with, what to eat, when to go to sleep or even when to come home. They become kids because theyr women act like”they know best”. And finally, when he sees you acting so caring to your kids and so cold to him, like he was just loved only so YOU can have kids, he will act like one, hoping will get the same care from you, trying to look helpless and uncapable of doing the most simple things, thinking he has to remain a child to be loved. But that is not who he realy is , he is a man and that what he wants to be, a hero, a wise prophet, a god of love and to have the power to give you any resources you need. TRy be a woman to your man and encourage your man to see that he allready is one because he loves you and STOP using words like” try acting like a man, be a man, stop winning like a child, a true man does that or tahat ” and instead tell him that he is a man because he cares and loves a woman . simple as that. A man behaves like a child because a woman treats him as one or because the woman doesen’t make time for him or the relationship. If he is simply imature, why did you start a relationship with him? Or if he is an imature adult, than he has a psichological problem, like regression or retard. If none of this is the case , you either pressure him to much or you don’t treat him like he deserves.

  13. Kimberly Eubanks

    THANK YOU, My god the BS is so deep I thought it was coming out my cell. I have 3 sons, your right I need to slap them upside their heads. I try so hard to counter act their fathers influence that I think it might have the opposite effect. Oh well, guess we will see when they are grown. But they better not call me like he does his mom and lies and manipulates her to get money for what he wants, like , first a lexus when i left, last montb a truck, which hes given to his girlfriend a pair of jet skis etc. After i divorced him of course. We have our oldest starting college and his gramma can’t help because of all the money her son talked her out of. He absolutely put himself and his girlfriends needs before his kids. Its terrifying to me how manipulative he is and how much he gets away with. I guess when we were married I had to keep some sort of balance because we just didn’t act like this. Kids needs next to household needs are first up. Nature of the beast. I think most if not all men are spoiled and selfish. We indulge them or we end up alone, at least when were young. I do not tolerate much anymore. Call me a bitch. I earned the right.

  14. Kimberly Eubanks

    For Bill from Aug 21st.
    Dude get your fact straight. Women left the kitchens during WW2 when they had to pick up and help run this country while our men were at war. Be aware that then as like now WOMEN WORK FULL TIME, TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN FULL TIME, THEN DO THE HOME AND YARD MAINTENANCE. NOT TO MENTION, SICK DAYS, DR APPOINTMENTS, ORTHODONTIC PAYMENTS. How many of us are single? How many of you are dead beats? We work because we have to the majority of us. If you go pull up the statistics you will be appalled at the lack of fathers in childrens lives over the past 30 years. So the breakdown of the American family I agree takes its responsibility for it’s part . But its in no way the womens fault. Most of us work day and night mentally,emotionally and physically to run our families around and keep everyone happy but then who takes care of mom when she suddenly takes ill? You got it, nobody mom ended up getting divorced after 20 years of service and then ended up on the hospital. Thank you husband. But i gave tons of passion, kissing, fun, all he had to do was do his 1 job, i did all the rest for the 6 of us. Ok i understand narcissism in its finest example. Then when I pulled myself together took my kids and left his pathetic excuse of a human, he couldn’t figure out what to tell his family or other people i didn’t care about. So he told everyone his good catholic wife cheated on him so people actually felt sorry for him and thought me lol unstable. So just for the record its uniformed cavemen with their heads up their rears that say that crap. Read a book on history, you ever hear of Rosey the riveter ?

  15. freda


  16. Ty

    I believe the relationship should be equal. As much as I do for him, he should do for me. Attimes I get frustrated with having to tend to all of a mans needs, like do it yourself, I do. Their are a lot of really goid men out in the world, but just like woman, men can be a headache as well. According to your compatibility, you can always count on having some issues. I just want men to stop with the bs and be straight forward with us, we can handle more than you think fellows. Overall I njoyed the article.

  17. Maria

    Have you realize that for the past 13 coments woman still arguing com on guys lets give them a break, no men is giving an opinion here, for sure they get tired just to look at this, and they continuo in the cave!!!

  18. Kevin

    I am generally a fairly reasonable man. There are somethings that both men and women have said though, that make me wonder if we will survive as a society. For example, a woman said that men should be smacked up against the head, because he deserves to be commended for helping with the household chores.

    I agree that men should do their fair share of the chores. However, if I ever enter a relationship with a woman whom ‘smacks me upside the head every time I fail to do one job’, that relationship will be over. On the flip side, if I consistently do not praise her for doing the dishes, having sex, making dinner, or whatever, I expect that she will either smack me upside the head, tell me I am no being vocally appreciative, or get a divorce.

    I agree that women should be able to work and explore new areas, as well as, men taking care of the home. I do not believe that ANY job is unsuitable for any gender. The advice this man is giving about how to treat your man is good advice. Women if you are unable to follow his advice, or it makes you flat out angry when you hear it, you have zero right dating. I know I am being harsh, but any time anyone gives advice on how to treat them better, you LISTEN. You maintain an openmind. You learn to love differently.

    If this had been an article written by a woman saying 10 ways to treat women better, I would have reacted maturely, and thanked her for the advice. Even if she had told me, specifically, that I should jump off a 200 foot cliff, in order to get a woman to marry me. I probably would not jump, but I definitely would not have given her hell for saying it either.

  19. v

    omg I really am tired of americans talking about what a woman needs to do to keep a relationahip together. What happened to equal responsibility. I mean, really it makes me yawn.
    I am in my early 30’s and it’s shocking the weakness of men that come into my life. Us women are partly to blame, well the exs. I mean don’t put up with bullshit from men, They can’t live without us, remember that. Over time they will learn to not act like babies and the like, but pandering to their every need, then leaving them, means that someone like me and of my age, is left with useless dreggs of society. It is in his best interest to not let him get away with ANYTHING. If he doesn’t fix up, find someone else. Remember, man needs woman. Woman does not NEED man. Want yes, need, no. If we can all as woman learn to do this then hopefully the next generations of females will have happier relationships. As for me, sperm bank it is 🙂

  20. gsdmom

    Eric was explaining it like it is. Men and women are just different. No better or no worse. Just different.

    I had to laugh when he said men are trainable with positive reinforcement. Isn’t that the truth. Who wouldn’t rather learn by being praised for what you do right rather than beat up for what you don’t do right. Like dog training. LOL

    I am sure there are great men out there. Just as there are great women.

    If you don’t want to put up with some of this stuff Ladies, then don’t! No one ever said we had to. Eric was trying to point out ways that could effectively get a man to do things we want of them. If that happens, wouldn’t we all be happier? No matter how silly some of the methods might seem to a woman.

  21. Phoenix

    I liked the article. I didn’t take it as men need need need. I took it as if you have a good man, sometimes he will need his space and the ability to be his own man with a supportive woman. I too would like the same treatment honestly but I do wish I could be this woman to the man I am seeing now because he is very dear to me. I think all men that are good men should be treated with respect and should be showered with affection. If you are making me happy my duty is to do the same.

  22. Jo

    I hate to explain this in such an arrogant manner but women have such large and gentile ego’s between the mass of the other females that basically when it is the turn for a woman to apologize for something that was done (MASSIVELY wrong) they refuse. But yet us men have to apologize for something that is a small scratch on a females ego otherwise heck cometh down upon the mans life to death as be soon.

  23. BerkshireMom

    Bill, I am glad you used the caveman analogy and saved us all the trouble. No doubt it never occurred to you that women must work, and some men must take care of families and home. It’s called being a responsible adult. Some of us apparently are more mature than whiny others.

  24. rita

    Many women don’t want to work, and it is the men who insisted they share the load as he didn’t think they were really doing WORK around the house raising children and assistiing them in school, doing all the cooking, cleaning, yardwork, etc. Maybe what they should have had was a maid?

  25. Trish

    Well well, so the male is the prize. Guess what Ladies, you are the goal, the objective and the ultimate prize in a man’s life. You are the source of life, inspiration and sensuousness. All the things a man can not resist. Become and continue to nurture your sensuous nature and the man becomes a piece of clay that will mold to your standards because he wants to please the source of his pleasure. Sensuousness is your key to a happy fulfilling relationship with a man. He can not resist giving you what you want and need because he wants and needs more of you, the sensuous woman. Try it on and watch the results.

  26. Bill

    Men have been out working and bringing home the paycheck (or the food) since the caveman days, while women were at home taking care of the family – and her husband. Then, somwhere along the line women decided they wanted out of the kitchen and wanted to go to work. So, they took it on themselves to go to work and try to take care of the family – including her husband. Men did not force women to go out and work, they did it on their own. However, the men are still doing what they’ve been doing since the days of the cavemen. Just because women wanted to change their lives, don’t blame us men because it’s not working out for you! Just look how this world is falling apart since the women decided to walk out of the house and into the workforce. Is everything really better off than it was 50 years ago? I think not!

  27. Konchan

    I was married for 31+yrs to same guy that refused to grow up, I raised 4kids, full time work and full time student. Came home cook, clean, shop, attended all school events, took care of him, his parents. He would complaint if he didn’t get 5courses dinners, lunch and breakfast. I told him that I didn’t sign contract to be his cook when we got married. He was angry at me for saying that. I finally fed up and left him, he was so spoiled, useless, clueless, helpless and loss. Guys just because women good at doing everything it doesn’t mean we don’t feel resentful ok. We are human being too. It’s time to grow up.

  28. MARIE


  29. Laula

    I find it both interesting and disturbing what I’ve read in this article. Seems that men need constant stroking, coaxing, manipulating and coercing in order to be a decent, thoughtful and caring partner. Women, it said, seem to focus on the greatest need of the family and tend to let the relationship linger. Wow! How selfish we are to our men and children. Hey, here’s an idea. How about the man show how he says he wants our happiness and help with what really matters to us women. Thoughtfulness, kindness, love, appreciation and help.

  30. elayne

    I guess this means if you don’t want to be alone or join your own team you need to cater to a man’s needs. Its too bad that men never grow up and no matter how a man is raised it comes down to the lack of evolutionary growth by the male population. The information has been said time and time again. I am so glad to not be in the 20 something generation and have realized the fact that you come to world alone (even if your a product of multiple birth) and when you leave the world your exit will be solo. Be a BITCH (being in total control of herself) and love yourself. Keep in mind the author is of the inferior species (male).

  31. Ms Knowledge Box

    So again what about the needs of all human beings to have mental stimulation verbalizing our needs to be a partner in a relationship as we know communication is one of the key bricks to laying a solid foundation in any relationship so please tell me again when talking became a death sentence to the male female equation. When men are ill the act like babies who need a mother’s love when they are angry they lash out to release anger when they are hungry they want a hot meal and when they are excited sexually they want satisfaction. At what point is it a womans place to have all her needs met or are we just here to be servants to a man i dont think so if a man has to have his basic needs met to function properly in any relationship why is it not relevant for a woman to have her basic needs met in order to function properly in the relationship i guess what i am asking is if men and women have needs be they the same or different that are essential to their wellbeing in a relationship then why is that not the normal expectations of both parties to recieve what is required to be happy in the relationship. Just a Question …

  32. Ms Knowledge Box

    I have heard it all now just because men are sucky at expressing emotion and live in a modern caveman existance we as women should except this bull i dont agree at all but i will say this for the most part this might be about 80% of men in general but what about the femal need for romance

  33. Holley

    I think it’s informative. I didn’t at all feel like it was saying to cater to him, just understand the basis of why he wants what he wants. Let’s face it, no woman is ever going to do ALL of that at once, and if she did he would walk all over her. It’s just a clue in the mystery of the difference between men and women. I know all of the woman things that guys should know and do won’t ever be done all at once either

  34. Paula

    All of the above is true. I was with my 2nd husband 18 years and my present 17yrs in Oct. One of the things my mama told me was, “The same thing it took to get your man, it’s gonna take the same the same thing to keep him.” That also applies to us. It’s not a good thing to get some time in a relationship and then change horses in the middle of the stream. Just like us, men get accustomed to how we treat them and when we change that, either slowly or suddenly, it can cause problems to the relationship unless it’s an illness or physical reason as to why. Otherwise, steady as it goes and everyone involved stays happy.

  35. Stormie

    I kinda agree with Paula it’s hard doing all we do and the men think if they go to work that it’s enough.when is it time for a man to be in a womans shoes for once and see it’s hard doing all those things and try to impress them. Don’t get me wrong the insight is helpful but women have it much harder then men

  36. Connie

    So in other words men want sex, golf clubs, food, and sleep. Hey guess what, me too. Men are selfish. I shouldn’t have to tiptoe and manipulate and cajole a man into having a conversation with me or listening to what I have to say just because he doesn’t feel like dealing with “negative” energy. Guess what, me neither. When I am the one doing the dirty dishes, picking up and doing the dirty laundry, and providing the sex, I become tired.
    Guess what, I like to be touched too. I like to look straight towards the chocolate cake and not at the dishes, and I would prefer to just take a nice bath and not have to clean the bathtub first.
    Men are quick to tell us women in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS about anything that bothers them about us, such as, WHAH, WHAH, you’re giving the dog too much attention! Men are babies and I’ve already had the babies and raised them up. I’m looking for an adult to have a relationship with not an overgrown child who needs to be manipulated into picking up his dirty socks. Considering that I am the one who is dealing with all of the “negative” energy so as not to piss him off, maybe I could use the massage.
    Get over it men (and I use that term lightly). You are spoiled brats and your mothers should have slapped y’all upside your heads a long time ago. Go live back with your mother if your looking for a maid.

  37. Paula

    I am so sick of hearing about men and their needs. I would love to know why women have to watch their step so as not to topple the apple cart but men can do as they please. It is getting boring, and if you don’t give them everything when they want it most of them go get it somewhere else. It doesn’t matter that you work, clean, take care of dinner, shopping the kids, mow the lawn do the laundry, feed the animals and still try to be sexy and have sex when they want to, who cares that your tired and need a rest, right, gee your a robot that just keeps going and going and going…….

  38. salimata diabate

    I love so much california Psychics,they helped me a lot in my mariage and everything.thank you to there for us. God bless.

  39. toots

    Ask him to peel a bananna for you??? Gimme a fawkin break. Who can’t peel a damn bananna? What are women supposed to be weak little invalids or something?

  40. Chrissi

    mine won’t talk, actively causes conflict if he’s worried about something so he doesn’t have to and he’s had some big stuff come up recently too five years back he had cancer- and every check-up time I walk on eggshells for the fortnight before- now he has to fact the fact he can’t continue in his job- which the docs told him would happen but he held it for 5 years longer than they said as they told him he should have given up after the surgery it’s very hard for me as we don’t exactly have the perfect relationship anyway we have to live in his mum’s place and she’s not at all well either- at 85 some was expected but she’s hard work too she doesn’t really like me and when she had her health wasn’t shy of saying so either- our son is lovely but sometimes I wonder if he’d do better away from all this and me as well as it is really physically tiring


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