What Women Don’t Know …

While it’s true no two men are alike, there are certain characteristics that tend to replay themselves out over each new generation. If you’ve ever wondered what makes your man tick (for better or worse), here are nine of his most closely guarded secrets.

You may not have the same equipment, but he still compares size
Men like to be the best at sports, video games, and providing for their household. One of the most difficult realizations for some men is that they are no longer guaranteed the role of main breadwinner – and this can be a difficult pill to swallow. Some blame society for this competitive edge, while others say it stems from the long line of patriarchal ancestors battling woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers to provide food and clothing for their families. You can ease his insecurities, however, by acknowledging his contributions, regardless who’s making the most ‘wonga’.

Yeah, he’s thought about having sex with your friends
According to various surveys, over 50 percent of men have imagined having sex with their partner’s friends, while a good portion say that they work hard at resisting such visions from entering their imaginations. It’s normal for men to have fantasies of fleeting sexual encounters, and it should be no cause for concern nor reason to doubt his overall commitment to the relationship.

Men don’t like help, unless they ask for it
Women are nurturers and are first in line when their partners need a hand. They tell them they’re driving too fast, too slowly, and when they’re lost. Men do not appreciate this casual advice, however, unless it’s asked for. Men are hardwired to solve problems on their own. Not that this will change those arguments outside the gas station over who’s going in to ask for directions. So, women, at least you know you’re not alone.

Sex to a man, is love
This has been noted before, but it bares repeating. To a man, sex is the tangible form of ‘I love you.’ Men do not function well with symbolism and emotional expression, but do understand action. Men also understand the love value in kissing, holding hands, and receiving a home cooked meal, so it isn’t all just about sex.

Most all men look at porn (yeah, even yours)
A minimum of 50 percent of men peruse porn according to surveys. In fact, research in Canada suggests the number could be closer to 100 percent, after researchers attempted to find ‘porn virgins’ for a study, but were forced to cancel when there were none to be found. With the easy accessibility of the Internet, porn is like having a candy store at every corner (with free samples). This should not be cause for concern, however, unless his viewing habits effect his ability to function.

If he answers a question with a question, he’s cooking a lie
He heard your question. He is just stalling for time. She: “What are you doing home so early?” He:”What am I doing home so early?” Some things never change … and many men have yet to come up with a better means of stalling while cooking up a lie.

Although he may complain about fixing things, he likes it
Men like to be handy. Before you call a professional, give your man a chance to do his tinkering, especially if it has nothing to do with gas or flames, and in particular, the combination of the two. Men like to be the master of their domain, and that includes mastering its maintenance. Men also see fixing things for their partner as a chance to prove their love and worthiness to the relationship. You say flowers and romance, he says a new water heater … it’s all about love in relative terms.

Men need alone time
If he disappears and is difficult to find, chances are he does not want to be found (especially if he is in the bathroom). Unless you suspect foul play, let him find his way back to you.

Men don’t like funny women
While a lot of women like to think their date enjoyed their sense of humor, research suggests otherwise. According to a recent study, men do not appreciate the antics of women as much as they enjoy having their own antics laughed at. This stems from the competitive nature of men. They use humor to size each other up and win the attention of the opposite sex. Men see an aggressively funny woman as a source of competition. Does this mean she should change to suit him? No. The more self esteem a man has, the more he will accept a woman’s own brand of humor.

… and that’s the way he sees it!

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