What She’s Dying to Hear From You

It Takes More Than Just “I Love You”

You might expect a long list of demands for what a woman is dying to hear from you on. But as many common phrases are closely related, the following are a compilation of many likely contenders of what she really wants you to say to her. Let’s look at a few observations she’s sure to adore you for.

“You Look Amazing”

Compliments! Women tend to spend a great deal of time on their appearance, especially for a big date, and a simple, honest compliment like this one will get you everywhere with her.

“You’d Make a Great Mother”

It’s a biological thing, but even if a woman isn’t thinking of having children anytime soon, hearing from her mate that he sees her as mother material for his children is a major compliment. Whether a woman wants to have kids or not, hearing that she possesses certain positive attributes associated with being a good mother, such as sensitivity, strength and patience, will certainly warm her heart and increase her confidence as a woman. Is she meant to be the mother of your children? Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 has the answer!

“What Do You Think?”

Asking her opinion about something is likely to flatter her. You are telling her that her opinion is important to you and that you value and respect her enough to ask for it.

“You Know Me So Well”

Every relationship takes work and you can be sure that during your time together she has made considerable efforts to figure you out. Acknowledging that her mental work has paid off will give her the sense of confidence and peace of mind that she has chosen the right partner.

You Make Me a Better Person”

This statement is likely to flatter anyone, as it suggests that she inspires you to be better than you would be on your own. You are truly complimenting her character because you are letting her know that you like the person you are when you are in her company. Do they lift you up or bring you down? Teagan ext. 5318 can tell if you are a good love match.

“____ (insert a fault of hers here) Doesn’t Matter to Me”

Whatever faults she may have that she feels insecure about, letting her know that they are not important to you and that you care for her in spite of them will always score you major points. Everyone has a number of insecurities, and acceptance of hers through kindness and love will only make her love you more.

“I Want to Spend My Life With You”

These are heavy words, so don’t say them unless you truly mean them! Telling her that out of all the women you have known and dated in your life, you choose her, can be one of the greatest and most romantic of all compliments. It also tells her that you are ready to commit to her fully, and as long as she feels the same way, she’ll be ecstatic to hear it!

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13 thoughts on “What She’s Dying to Hear From You

  1. Lexi

    I asked my boyfriend if he thought I’d be a good mom – his response – “maybe.” Maybe?!? Awesome. I guess that shows a real need to be honest, and that’s great. That way you know for certain when they’re telling the truth… Still, it would be nice to hear things I want to hear with certainty. I’m sorry @ Angela… we all need to feel loved/be reminded of it in special ways. How do you coach someone into being romantic, if it’s in no way natural to them?

  2. sonam

    Dear Mimi…
    If you want people to love you there are two simple things you need to do.
    Firstly, love a d respect yourself, in the humblest possible manner and for all the right reasons.
    Secondly, learn to respect and be affectionate towards all living beings. This will automatically soften your nature, make you more approachable, and attractive on the inside.
    Two basic steps to your success dear friend.
    Wish you all the very best !


    Unfortunatly, I’ve tried all of them and it doesn’t work! But I still keep praying and hopefully she will realize that I am the one for her! Your psychics say we are ment to be togather. I still waiting.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great tips !!!!

    And for Jon : VERY NICE indeed !!!!

    Jon September 16, 2012 at 8:42 am
    I have found that women react favorably if you tell them something (especially if you are mid-age or older) along the line of “I am too mature to be interested in just your physical appearance. I am attracted to your emotional nature. You are kind and gentle.”

  5. angelica

    my husband no longer compliments. I have attempted to talk to him about his inability to ‘treat’ me well. thoses compliments he used to give me meant everything. two kids and a mortgage are his priority. not me. The concept to treat your wife as if she was still your girlfriend baffles him; no time or engery . says I should know that he loves me , and I should be satisfied. Yes I have a roof over my head and two beautiful healthy girls,…but no desired to be wanted. Just cut off.

  6. Courtney x5036

    Compliments from a man make a woman feel special, loved and “hey, he noticed” but they must be sincere and from the heart.

  7. Burt Rishel

    I believe that my wife who passed on last November is my soul mate. I still am in contact with her, and I look forward to being with her again.

  8. Startwin

    So, far the gentleman I am dating right now mentioned the following compliments. that I
    looked nice (twice) and that I would make a good mom for his son. This was on the
    second date. Of course, its too soon I think, to tell me this compliment on the second date.
    But, a girl goes not get too many compliments (I don’t have kids). So, I don’t tend to
    believe this. He, has not complimented anymore since then.

  9. Jon

    I have found that women react favorably if you tell them something (especially if you are mid-age or older) along the line of “I am too mature to be interested in just your physical appearance. I am attracted to your emotional nature. You are kind and gentle.”

  10. latoya

    i’ve heared all those comments before even with the man im with now..when he complients me i kno he means it..but i feel at times maybe im not right for him but he see i am..ami wrong for feeling dis way due to all the men that have one me wrong


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