What is Tantric Sex?

Learning the Ancient Art of Love

Tantric Sex is kind of “sexual magic” which brings pleasure, power, energy, and control. You are enabled to reach new heights of sexual pleasure and at the same time tap your sexual energy for creative use in other areas of your life. It has no roots in the Kama Sutra.

Tantric sex has spiritual roots that have evolved over many lifetimes of learning about love, and its expression. Unlike the traditional, Western ideology of sex, tantra has no guilt, shame or expectations. It is not just practiced for toe-curling or baby-making, but for spiritual enlightenment created by the union of the male energy, Shiva, and female energy, Shakti. In its basic form, there is no wrong way to perform this practice, as long as you are expressing your feelings by focusing on your partner, listening to their body, and answering through expressed action inspired by desire and intimacy.

Unfortunately, in Western culture, the definition of tantric sex has veered off course somewhat, seeming like a spiritual Viagra of sorts—a magical elixir that can instruct the impotent man to rediscover his erection, the minute-man to withhold his ejaculation, and the unfulfilled woman to relax and discover a more consistent (perhaps even, multiple) orgasm.

The truth is, when defining tantric sex, it is important to understand that by its very definition, it is almost impossible to define. This is because it is not static. It is an experience that is forever transcending to new depths of awareness as you continue to practice with your partner. One could (and should) spend their lifetime understanding the meaning of tantric sex. However, what I have found is that studying it through text book is one thing, and experiencing it for yourself is something entirely different.

“Always remember love is an emotion and sex is a physical act. Yes, you can have sex with or without love, and yes, you can have love with or without sex. For some, this concept is hard to embrace and the lines can become blurred.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an experience must be worth one billion. Today, I invite you to allow this ancient practice to touch upon your own life, just by following some very basic ideas. For the moment, forget what you know about sitting with your legs crossed, and chanting the ancient mantra, known as “hummm…” The most fundamental ideology behind tantra can be taught within a single evening of conversation, kissing and massage.

Tantric Foreplay

Tantric sex may be said to have no beginning, but when you are just getting the hang of it, it will help to set the atmosphere for its proper reception to your senses. What you are ultimately looking to accomplish is to place yourself and your partner in an absolutely relaxed state. Begin by taking an area that you normally associate with relaxation and intimacy (bedroom, bathtub, etc.), and make it even more inviting. This means removing all electronic devices and replacing them with flowers/plants, natural light (sun or candles), natural fabrics (cotton, silk, etc.) food and a pleasant, natural aroma.

There are no expectations to this evening, so get it out of your head that tonight should be about sex. What it is really about is rediscovering how to communicate with your bodies. Enjoy some wine (or other relaxing drink) and engage in some pleasant conversation. Once you discover a lull in your thoughts, take a few moments to focus on each other without saying a word. Ignore the social stigma that it is impolite to stare, and just enjoy looking into your partner’s eyes (soul).

Practice breathing deeply in unison, imagining that you are taking in your partner’s nervous tension, and replacing it with calm serenity with each exhalation. Feel yourself relax deeper with each breath, and begin to fantasize about holding your partner in an intimate embrace. Allow each breath to carry your thoughts throughout your body, so that your sexual longing can be felt by the entire surface of your physical being, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

When you are ready, straddle your partner, continue breathing in unison, and begin to explore the sensations of each others body through gentle massage and kissing.

If I may, I’d like to take a moment away from this blissful imaginary exercise, and bring up a few important points as to why this practice is so effective in a modern world. In biological terms, one of the biggest obstacles to sex is stress. By learning to associate sex with relaxation, you will open your arteries for improved blood flow, which will result in a heightened awareness and sensitivity to touch. In fact, just the process of learning to relax before sex can prepare your body for the best sexual experience of your life. However, this is only the beginning.

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By learning to breath in unison, you are reminding your senses to maintain an awareness of your partner during sexual arousal. It is not only important to focus on how your body feels during foreplay, but also what feels good to your partner. As you develop this cooperative effort, a sacred trust will emerge, which will allow you to expand the depths of your sexuality to areas you may not currently feel comfortable with.

Once you have experienced this fundamental tantric exercise, I invite you to learn more specific tantric techniques that will allow for an even greater fulfillment in your intimate relationships.

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15 thoughts on “What is Tantric Sex?

  1. chad

    well, I must say I agree with you liam. tantric sex is very fulfilling, it leaves the mid body and soul, in a very peaceful state. it is a convergence of you three embodiements. I have used true tantric sex for years. I spent 13 year studying everything I could about sex. When I finally found a book on tantra that I could understand, it opened my eyes to a whole new existence. you are giving your partner every part of you, and they are doing the same. it creates such a solid unity between the two of you, that it’s almost transgenic. thank you for touching on the subject. great job

  2. gopinathan k

    I beg to differ with the author of Tantric Sex.Firstly the actual sex act does
    n’t take place.In today’s world I donot think anybody is fit or eligible for practicing this.Because in Hindu philosophy great importance is given to
    virginity and celibacy if you want to go up the spiritual ladder.So a person
    with great restraint(mental as well as physical)can indulge in tantra.The
    beauty is that the man or woman need not necessarily be your wife or
    husband.After the act you are still energetic,no loss of vitality and no feeling
    of guilt or shame.In contrast in the present world the act between men and
    women consist mainly of the physical one-after the act they are dejected,
    feel ashamed if it is not within the permissible limits prescribed by society.
    The physical aspect(ejaculations,spasms both muscular as well as that
    connected with nerves-all acquire great importance and spiritual aspect
    has no meaning).The limitations imposed or practiced in society is also
    another cause for dejection and sorrow or guilt feeling after the act..
    The process culiminating in tantric sex is the final stage of a spiritual
    procedure and to straight away go to the last stage is not the usual

  3. Annabee

    Liam, What a wonderful explanation, I have experienced exactly what you have said here with only one person, we would do a guided Meditation by laying side by side first and our breathing was in unison, the actual act of coitus after that was an amazing and beautiful experience, and here you have described it in the most wonderful way, I would love to see you write a book on this, as I am sure many people cannot understand the many books on this subject, my experience with this was not from anything we read but was just a natural thing, I think its just about getting our bodies and spirits to line up, for me it is what fantasy’s are made of. Thank you 🙂

  4. Phyllis

    Spiritual sense of love and sex is even stronger between two people of the same sex. But same sex relationships are rarely ever mentioned as if its some fantasy that’s not real. With the number of states now allowing same sex marriages and the number increasing, it seems logical that the psychics should start to address this group.

  5. Louise Green

    I would like you to be honest and answer this truthfully. I do not feel nothing when I am with a man so I have never had a orgasm so my relationships don’t last very long. Is this happening because of me or something else?


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