How to Increase Your Sex Drive and Know What’s Killing it

Understand Your Sex Drive

Even though sex is a natural part of life, there are so many ways our daily lives influence a healthy sex drive. If you’re looking for a mojo boost, check out some proactive ways to get there fast! Get more personalized advice on your sex life by contacting a psychic today!

40 Winks

Take a look at how much sleep you’re getting every night. If you are always exhausted and sleep deprived, odds are it’s affecting your sex drive. If all you are thinking about when you hit the sheets every night is passing out, you’re in trouble. Try making an effort to add more sleep time into your schedule, even if it means taking a few catnaps during the day.

Decompression Time

Stress plays a huge factor in your sex drive. If all you can think about is work, bills, responsibilities and worries, you’ll hardly have any energy left for sexual playtime. Allowing yourself some downtime at certain points throughout your day and week is imperative not only to a happy sex life, but a healthy mindset! So carve out some time to unwind. Try baths, books, movies, yoga or whatever works for you!

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Self-Esteem Boosts

How you feel about yourself makes all of the difference in how sexually enticing you feel. If you’re not taking care of yourself through diet, exercise and attention to your physical appearance, it can be difficult to feel sexually appealing. Life is all about balance, so make sure you’re leaving enough time for these simple but important things that keep your self-esteem healthy.

Monitoring Intake

Whatever you put in your body influences your physical and emotional well-being.

Common factors such as high levels of caffeine and alcohol can easily contribute to a less-than fully engaged sex drive. You may want to cut back on these and see if you can rediscover some inner mojo.

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Keeping the Relationship Healthy

Relationship problems often contribute to hiccups in the bedroom. Instead of bringing that baggage between the sheets, tackle those issues head on through communication. It’ll not only help your sex drive, but improve your entire relationship!

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