What is He Feeling?

Here at California Psychics, I receive many calls from women who ask “What is he feeling?” This question is asked most often when they want to know what their boyfriend is thinking regarding the relationship. They wonder if he is thinking of commitment, or possibly thinking of leaving, and want to know where they stand.

I can tell them that the one question “What is he feeling” is not as simple to answer as they may think. All human beings appear to me to have “layers” of thought going on in their minds. They think of the drive to work and how stressful it might be. They also think about their families, their work, the haircut they need to get, the boss who is always asking for the impossible, if they will get the raise they hope for, or if they can get along with the difficult relatives at the next family gathering. There are so many things going on around us, and these are reflected in our thoughts.

Sometimes asking the question “What is he feeling” can also open a real can of worms. I can honestly tell the caller (even though I’d really rather not) that he is thinking of a past love interest and wishing that he had not let her get away. There may also be thoughts in his mind that he doesn’t know if he’s ready for marriage or not and if, indeed, this is the right woman for him.

There are so many “layers” in our minds. What the callers possibly don’t realize is that no-one thinks of another all of (or even most of) the time. Events occurring in our lives demand a thinking reaction, and these events are most often far removed from romantic ones. In books, movies and television, the hero appears to ponder constantly the relationship between himself and the heroine. I can assure you that in real life this is not the case at all. Practical affairs also need to be taken care of.

Of course, in addition to telling the caller what I see, I do recommend that they talk about this with the other individual. It is my belief that if a discussion regarding the relationship is not feasible, then a marriage or permanent commitment should be looked at as something far, far away or at least, postponed until a better level of communication has been reached.

I can usually tell the caller what the other is thinking. As a matter of fact, sometimes it seems like I can see too much, both the relevant and the irrelevant. But for me, while I am happy to tell the callers what I know, it would be better for them if they could, in person, ask the other “What are you feeling?”

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2 thoughts on “What is He Feeling?

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  2. Zora 5349

    Awesome input on this subject. I also get this question a lot. You are so right when you talk about the levels of thought involved. Thanks. Wonderful article.


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