Ways to Escape in Love

Don’t let a rocky economy keep you from having fun, being intimate and making memorable plans with your lover. In these challenging times, even if you can’t afford to get away on vacation, or even for the weekend, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure together – or that you can’t think big!r even for the weekend, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure together – or think big!

The three suggestions below are brimming with things for the two of you to do that will keep your flame burning with a sense of adventure and discovery in love. Whether you’re new partners, or have been together for decades, try the suggestions below and see where they lead… (hint: it starts with an “f” … no, not that (well, maybe!). To forever!

Dream vacation
Have you thought about planning a dream holiday for next year or the year after? Looking into it and talking about it will feel like a vacation, anyhow. Spend some fun nights looking online together, to see if you can find a bargain villa – or a locale that’s beautiful and inexpensive. You can buy bargain airline tickets up to a year in advance (especially for the off-season). Do a budget and start socking a little bit away each paycheck (it will add up faster than you think). This way you can figure out how much it will take, and how long you will need to save it up.

Next, open up a new “vacation” savings account and sign up for automatic deposit from both your accounts – and watch it grow! Visit a book or travel store together to build the excitement of your trip. You can even take language lessons together. Maybe you want to go to Argentina and dance the Tango, so you’ll want to start taking dance now. If your desire is to go to India and spend a day meditating at a particular temple, start your practice now to deepen your love and your spiritual connection. Want to conceive a child in Italy, where both your ancestors are from? Hey, anything’s possible…

Simply dream up your fantasy vacation, and start breaking down ways to make it happen as soon as you can. Even if it takes you 2-3 years to do it, half the fun is in planning and looking forward to your trip – and the process will bring you closer.

Why not take a personal day off from work during the week? You can sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, and then take a hike together. How about skinny-dipping in the pool or a lake? If you want something more elaborate, make an appointment at a couples spa. During the week is a splendid time to go, because it’s not usually so crowded. Or, take a day trip with no weekend traffic – maybe to wine country. Even going to a movie you’d otherwise have to wait in line for can be relaxing and fun. Is there a popular restaurant you sometimes have to wait to get into? Making a weekday lunch reservation is a good bet – and, lunch is less expensive. Remember – a week day off could turn into a time together that you’ll remember for years to come.

Bedtime stories
If taking a day off is too much, how about a bedtime spa treatment? Take a bath together, shampoo and condition each other’s hair, and give each other a facial and/or massage. Make sure to have lots of towels and candles on hand. This one is better with a bit of prep… hair products, bath salts and oils, cleansers and creams. Maybe even get the camera out for a laugh! Oh, and don’t forget the bubbly on ice for a toast to your love (champagne or sparkling water, served in crystal glasses).

Try giving each other head massages and using a leave-in hair conditioner… or a facial mask for two. Body scrubs on back and feet are soothing, too. Put lotion all over each other’s bodies. Oh, and try putting small towels in the microwave to put around your necks as a relaxation technique as you lean back in the tub. Just think how clean and relaxed you’ll be when you go to bed – and we all know where that can lead!

The best ways to celebrate your love always start with your imagination, so take inspiration wherever you can find it – maybe take a page out of a magazine you both like, and recreate the scene for a day. The most important thing is to something – or nothing much – you together. For one precious day, you’ll feel like you don’t have a care in the world. And you won’t!

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