DreamCast: Mom Honored at Church

My dream took place in a church where many people were sitting in their pews. All of a sudden my mother appeared, so very beautiful, and started walking toward the pulpit on the altar (as if she were being honored, come to think of it). As she was smiling and appearing before all of these people, the congregation all stood up and started to clap their hands and cheer for her! I told my family about this dream. In reality, three days later my mother died here at home. Please talk to me about this dream of mine.


Elaine in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Hello Elaine,

What an inspiring dream! I think it was definitely a premonition of your mom’s passing. The church represents her spiritual values, and perhaps yours as well. The dream was telling you that your mom was about to cross over while in a state of grace, as symbolized by the applauding congregation. They may have represented her friends on the other side as well. Actually, I think perhaps the dream took place on another dimension, and the congregation was in fact a group of people who had also “transitioned” and were welcoming her “home.” I’m sorry for your loss, but your mom is undoubtedly in a beautiful place now.

Sweet dreams,

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