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As a spiritual practice, is it important to count your gifts? We put the question to our highly gifted team of California Psychics, who were quick to point out that there is even more power and magic in making a heartfelt list of blessings, pleasures and experiences than you might ever imagine!

“We are so accustomed to being fed information from sources outside ourselves that we don’t slow down long enough to take in, absorb and enjoy all that belongs to us,” tells Donna ext. 9448 .

Counting our gifts validates us. What can appear to be a simple practice keeps us empowered and passionate, opens our eyes to a more spiritual way of looking at life, and helps us focus on finding solutions from day to day.

When you list your gifts, first thing in the morning or evening, our psychics suggest, acknowledge the good things in this order 1) the blessings you were born with, advantages, good fortune, your personal bounty, 2) gifts you’ve earned and gifts you’ve nurtured, 3) then those of which just appeared. However they’ve come to you, these gifts can lead you to live an inspired inner and outer life.

Count your gifts even if you have to stretch your brain a little and include the small things. Callers ask, ‘When will it be my turn? Why does all the good stuff happen to everyone but me?’ but the truth is your turn is right now.” Only when callers stop complaining and comparing themselves with others will they notice their gifts and feel elated about the things that are happening in their lives. It’s easy to ignore your gifts, if you are focusing on what is lacking in your life, our psychics believe.

Jonathan ext. 9601 finds that callers who open themselves up to the many gifts the psychics see they already have during the reading, actually become happier and happier over the course of the call. They go from believing they have nothing at all, to finding value, inspiration and inner strength in the positive in their lives. In this sense, gifts, beget even more gifts! And all gifts lead to a happier life, especially when you acknowledge them.

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