Valentine’s Day Gift: What Does it Mean?

Decode Their Gift!

If Valentine’s Day came with a secret decoder pen, you ladies would have it made. You would know exactly where your relationship stood, and whether or not you should continue down the same path with your guy. While nobody can say for sure what lies beneath the mind of the man celebrating with you, we can make a few educated guesses based on what millions of other men have bought their valentines year after year. Read on to find out what his gift means!

(Just) a Card

A card can be nice and sentimental. Depending on how long you’ve been dating, the gift of a card either means he doesn’t feel like you’ve reached the gift-giving point in your relationship, he’s too cheap to buy you a gift or he just doesn’t have the money for anything descent. Some guys don’t even read the card before they buy it. You’ll know your guy is one of those guys when your Valentine’s card says “To the proud parents.”

A Virtual Gift

This is a gift that didn’t take him a lot of time to come up with. If he is using an email in place of an actual card, it means you’re barely worth the pixels it took to write the email and hit send. If he sent you an online gift with the email, it means he thinks your relationship is too new and this kind of gift-giving is all he is ready for. Will your new relationship see Valentine’s Day 2014? See what your romantic future holds in a reading with Psychic Sonja ext. 5071.

A Gag Gift

Many women will receive a gag gift this Valentine’s Day, and some women will think it’s cute, while others will be appalled. I would describe this as a bag of flour with the inscription, “Here’s a ‘flour’ for my lady.” This kind of gift suggests that he doesn’t take your relationship seriously but he is hoping you find it creative enough to sleep with him.

The Regift

This could be anything he found at his apartment. It could be something he had just lying around or it could be a gift that was given to him and he no longer wants it. It could be something less obvious like a stuffed animal or it could be something totally random, like an oven mitt. Either way, he didn’t put any work into the gift.

The Money Gift

This is a gift for a distant cousin or a small child. If a guy gives his lady cash, he is basically telling her to go do something nice for herself because he couldn’t think of anything to take her to do. He also didn’t want to take the time to think of something himself.

Sweets in a Damaged Box

Not only is this a last-minute gift, but it is also the last one they had at the store. Every other guy passed over this box for a better-looking one, but since your guy was so late, he had “no choice” but to pick up this dented box. Some of the candies inside are probably damaged as well. This kind of gift suggests that he doesn’t care how he looks to his lady and most likely it says a lot about the relationship in general.

Chocolate, Flowers, and Dinner Out

The old one-two love punch has been used by fathers and sons since the day the first caveman brought a dead fish to his maiden, and was smacked for his insensitivity. It may not be creative, but it does show that a man cares enough to give his lady something she will like. But, if you are the kind of woman who is expecting a relationship that goes beyond the norm, your guy may not have the gumption to keep you dancing on your toes.


It’s not original in any sense of the word, but this kind of gift makes it clear that your guy wants to have sex with you on Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day can be discouraging when you’re feeling down and out in the land of love.” – Rowan ext. 5423


This is another way to ask for sex, but if the woman is offended by this gift, there is a good chance her guy won’t be getting any on Valentine’s Day.


This is a gutsy move. There are so many things that could go wrong here. The size, color and style could be all wrong for her. But the gift also says that your guy knows you and loves you. You can assume that a lot of thought went into this gift. The fact that he took the time to pick out clothes for you says that your guy is crazy about you.


The man who buys his woman jewelry is probably the most invested in the relationship. It’s not a creative gift, but it is often an expensive one. Jewelry is a common gift to give on Valentine’s Day, and women who receive it are usually very happy.

Homemade Stuff

You’ll know the meaning behind this gift, based on the amount of effort that was put into it. In other words, does it look like he put it together at the last minute or does it look like he put a lot of effort into it? It could be a heartfelt and thoughtful gift!

A Weekend Getaway

This gift says that he loves you so much that he wants to spend the entire weekend away with you and he’ll be on his best behavior. This means refraining from passing gas, not leaving his dirty clothes everywhere and remembering to keep the toilet seat down. Is your guy still on his best behavior or is he the real deal? See what he’s been keeping from you when you chat with Brendalynn ext. 5173.

The Household Appliance

This gift may seem impersonal, but it could mean that your guy is planning on getting domestic with you. Unfortunately, it seems like he’d like you to spend more time cooking and cleaning for him. He may feel like your relationship is at that stage, but maybe you don’t feel that way…

A Pet

It seems like a lot of responsibility, but the gift of a pet is a guy’s way of saying he is ready to take the next step. A pet could be the first of many things you own and care for together.

The Late Gift

The holiday may be over, but he gives you a gift the next day. Perhaps her forgot to get you something for Valentine’s Day, but this late gift could also mean the woman he gave it to the night before didn’t want it.


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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    There’s much truth to this, however funny it may be. LOL

    Valentines Day is highly over rated, it’s only one day out of the entire year afterall.

    It’s really about how your significant other treats you on a daily basis.

    Happy Valentines Day Everybody !!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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