Valentine’s Day for You and the Benefits of Self-Love

Valentine's Day for You and the Benefits of Self-Love | California Psychics

Finding the Joy in Valentine’s Day

Whether you are alone or in good company, you really should be celebrating Valentine’s Day. I realize that the commercial nature of this holiday has tarnished its luster for some people but hear me out – because there are some very good reasons why everyone should be celebrating. And reason number one is: Everyone deserves to be loved. Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but it is absolutely true. You deserve to be loved by your family, friends, partner, and most importantly, you always have yourself.

Love Yourself

What can one day of self-care really accomplish? It can do a lot to remind you of the importance of self-compassion. Loving yourself this Valentine’s Day (and every day thereafter) is key to your happiness, motivation, and sense of value. Self-worth is largely based on how others value you, but your self-conscious also plays a role. Of all the difficulties you have faced this past year, there has likely not been anyone who has been more critical or cruel than you have been to yourself. And unlike some things in life, self-criticism does not make you stronger.

In order to fill those love reserves that may be running low, may I recommend a heartfelt self-serenade. A proper serenade never starts or ends with a negative, and this is how every internal conversation you have with yourself should go. Imagine how you would build up a good friend, and then turn that motivational talk towards yourself.

Treating Yourself

You probably (hopefully) already treat yourself to things you enjoy, but you may not recognize these moments as treats, which you probably should. Just as in any relationship, paying attention to your needs suggests that you are worth caring about. So, what are your needs right now? Just as machines run best when it receives proper maintenance, your body and spirit are the same way.

How about beginning Valentine’s with a good night’s sleep and a sumptuous breakfast, or treating yourself to a gourmet lunch, a movie night, or a day at your own DIY spa with your favorite aromatherapy, crystals, and candles.

And while self-love may help top off those leaky personal reserves, opening that love to others can expand your overall capacity.

Benefits of Self-Love

For anyone who has ever looked down upon celebrating Valentine’s for yourself, they may not have considered how self-serving any relationship is. But it is never selfish to love yourself when it allows you the opportunity to share the best side of yourself with others. Spending time with the people who make you feel good allows you to open up and reciprocate those good feelings with your friends and family. Here are some suggestions for how to accomplish that this Valentine’s Day:

Gratitude- We all want to be loved and we all want to be valued. When we do things for others, we feel good about it, but there can be a spark in that action that fails to be ignited by the lack of appreciation. This can all be remedied by minding your P’s and T’s, also known as “please” and “thank you.” So please remember that every human responds magically to the tune of respect and heartfelt gratitude.

Valentine’s Day Together- Putting the focus of Valentine’s Day on you doesn’t mean you can’t spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Rather, Valentine’s Day for you, as a couple, becomes Valentine’s Day for you both without the commercialism that is attached to the day. Instead of giving each other glittery cards, flowers, and chocolates, or making a reservation and sharing your romantic day with a bunch of other couples, make a romantic dinner at home together, followed up with a scrumptious dessert. Turn on your favorite romantic movie afterwards, or some romantic music, and have a slow dance in the privacy of your own home.

Make it Special for You Again

This article has purposely avoided the expectation of a perfect Hallmark Valentine holiday and has focused on making this a month to love yourself for your value and appreciate others for theirs. Instead of breaking the bank and going out of your way to enjoy one special day, make it a starting point to be mindful of what you love and what you appreciate about those you love. The reward ends up being more love, greater intimacy, and even more reason to love/treat yourself next year.

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