Turn Your Partner On by Zodiac Sign

Different astrological signs are turned on by different types of romantic touch. Use this guide to know how to turn your date on in a big way!

A Valentine’s Day Special Turn On

If you’re wondering how to get your Valentine’s romantic attention, simply follow the astrological clues that are written all over their body. All you need to know if their zodiac sign and you’re well on your way to unlocking their heart, their body and their mind and of course, turning them on. Here’s to a steamy Valentine’s Day—and any other day for that matter!

Head-to-Toe Seduction

Aries (The Head)

The head of the zodiac loves both a take-charge, inspired mate with boundless energy and a soft whisper of something naughty in their ear. Be sure to tell them how much they turn you on.

Taurus (The Neck/Throat)

Your Taurus loves the no-bull approach. This means that soft, meaningful strokes and long, sensual kisses on the neck will make your bull ready to charge. Why not wear something red? After all, it is Valentine’s Day. Ole!

Gemini (The Arms/Hands)

It’s not surprising that the twins have two ways that leave them vulnerable to your persuasion—touch and communication. Touch their hands gently while telling them all the ways you’ve dreamed of seducing them. Then do it. Communication is key in any successful relationship. If you find yourself unable to communicate with a partner, Psychic Demi ext. 5510 has some tips you haven’t tried yet!

Cancer (The Breast/Stomach)

Pour on the romance and include lots of kissing and hugging. Hold them close. But don’t stop there. Changeable Cancer can be quite naughty as well. Be sure to spend some quite time alone with them.

Leo (The Spine/Heart)

The lion is king of the jungle so giving them the royal treatment is the way to go. Include a massage with long, slow strokes down their backs and hear them purr.

Virgo (The Inner Stomach)

Give your Virgo Valentine the gift of feeling good inside and out. Feed them luscious strawberries while massaging their body. Their body is their temple!

Libra (The Lower Back/Upper Hips)

Be inspired by the classic romantics and you can’t go wrong. Soft lights and soft music are the things romantic novels are made of. Pull them close with your hands on their lower back.

“Sex and lust, are part of the original attraction.  The love will come faster if restraint of sex is used.  Remember, what starts quickly most likely will end quickly.” – Psychic Lucy ext. 5353

Scorpio (The Sex Organs)

Mysterious Scorpio loves intrigue and seduction. Show up at their office wearing an overcoat to cover up that sexy surprise underneath. Invite them to dessert later and be sure to skip dinner.

Sagittarius (The Thighs)

Just being flirtatious and spontaneous will inspire your Valentine to devote the day to love. Planning an outdoor romp will get them even more motivated to run with the fun.

Capricorn (The Knees)

If your Valentine is a tradition-loving Capricorn, then tap into their love center through some traditional role play and make your Cap. weak in the knees. You know what turns them on.

Aquarius (The Calves/Ankles)

Send your Aquarian Valentine a naughty text. Use your imagination but definitely include the calves and/or ankles in it. Appeal to their kinky, quirky side and they’ll melt. Knowing your lover inside and out is the key to a strong, sexual bond. If your bond could be stronger, you need to give Venus ext. 9463 a call!

Pisces (The Feet)

Your Pisces loves anything steamy and dreamy and if it includes a pair of sexy heels, all the better. That is unless your magical night of seduction includes playing footsie in the hot tub.

6 thoughts on “Turn Your Partner On by Zodiac Sign

  1. LJ Innes

    You heard it girls, send Reed a naughty text, but do not touch his ankles LOL – thanks for the comments – funny, most Aquarians guys aren’t into the ankle thing I’ve found, but girls seem to agree – if not, than maybe check your rising sign – see if another sign’s turn-ons are more to your liking, and I’ll bet you have a few planets in that sign in your birth chart. The fun is in the exploration I say.
    Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

  2. Kimberly Eubanks Soenyun

    I would love to see clarity in the field of love. I think my x husband of 20 years has made me far too jaded. No happy about that. At least i see it.

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Well I’ve never been the typical Aquarian – I don’t know about other Aquarians, but having my calves / ankles touched would make me kick like a mule because I’m just a bit ticklish. The text and quirkiness are certainly me though.

    Reed x5105

  4. LJ Innes

    Happy Valentine’s Day Quinn – you know believing is the beginning of receiving. Hope you get everything you want – and that goes for everyone else too! Look to February 28 for an even more romantic night (if that’s possible). (Hmm 14 days after the 14th) LOL and Happy New Year too! I think we need a year of the snake.
    xo LJ

  5. quinn ext. 5484

    happy valentines day to you LJ…
    i really want a new diamond, had the urge for one for a long time now. odd for me mostly i wear silver and jade – but i know there is a diamond with my name on it out there somewhere coming soon. that would indeed make me weak in the knees. 🙂
    love love love,


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