Your Weekly Career Horoscope for February 11 – 17, 2013

This Week in Work

Monday offers great career opportunities if you are compassionate in your dealings with clients and coworkers. You’ll be feeling generous, so remember to tell someone who might be feeling sensitive about their appearance or their love life how great they are. If you start the week making an upset customer or coworker feel valuable and wanted, you’ll find personal benefit by Wednesday.


Friends will have great ideas that can bring funds for your pet projects and career plans. Wednesday  can bring the breakthrough you’re looking for through personal networking and the media to find your niche. Listen intently to clients and management at work on Friday and act on what they say for financial benefit.


Female coworkers and clients will be full of enthusiasm and will be running at a lightening pace this week. Use your natural expression of beauty, comfort and relationship to sell your ideas this Valentine’s Day week. On Friday, remind people that your personal style is a real asset to your business in subtle ways.


Your boss or clients may be dealing with health issues and not communicating well, particularly at the beginning of the week. They will be counting on you to be the one to communicate clearly. The Internet may perform poorly on Wednesday and you may need to come to the rescue, just in time for Valentine’s Day sales.


Travel or training at the beginning of the work week can bring knowledge to really boost your career. Wednesday and Thursday are full of surprises that, if handled well, can bring potential opportunity. Friends will have great suggestions on Friday that could open ways to build on your creative career ideas. Want to use your creativity to earn money? Turn your creative career ideas into a reality with career advice from Teagan ext. 5318.


You’ve been directing your energy more towards partners, or even dealing with jealous adversaries lately. On Wednesday, take a break from the drama of relationships and pursue studies in new technologies that could boost career efforts. By Friday you’ll again have your focus on immediate business opportunities.


Your job may well revolve around supporting the health care, training and personal needs of others at the beginning of the week. Priorities will shift to dealing with financial and investment needs to grow the business midweek. By Friday you can relax more and enjoy a quick trip or spiritual retreat for the weekend.


You’ll really enjoy creating something beautiful this week. You may find that inspired creation to be teaching others at work how to relate and enjoy each other’s talents. You’ll find this particularly useful midweek at work and at home. Creating a harmonious work environment is your forte and others will be appreciating you this week for your talents in this area.


Your inspiration on Sunday to improve health and build bridges in communications will extend into the early part of the week. Partners may surprise you on Valentine’s Day, so make sure you’ve planned your schedule to accommodate what could be a lovely break on this day.


Speak from the heart this week  and you could see a truly solid boost to your career efforts from an unexpected source. Networking, probably through the Internet, is the key on Wednesday. If you can work out a little trip around Valentine’s Day, you might discover something useful to career efforts amid your enjoyment. Terrified by the idea of selling yourself and your business to potential customers? Improve your networking skills with tips from Phoebe ext. 5231.


You’ll find all of your career efforts revolving around communications during the first part of the week. Networking may take up much of your time, so make the most of this by communicating your goals clearly. Build in time for a surprise from a parent or your home situation on Wednesday so that it doesn’t affect your work schedule. Friday brings some pleasant relief and a possible trip.


Money concerns will carry over from the weekend into the workweek on Monday. Wednesday releases you to think less about finances and more about communicating your career aims with lots of enthusiasm. This is your month for others to find your unique style beautiful and charming. Valentine’s Day will be full of friends and creative expression.


Expressing your feelings in solid, creative ways at the beginning of the week will lay the groundwork for success. You are feeling a bit of “electricity” from parts of yourself you were unaware of in the past. Make note of the flashes of insight so that you can use them later to build a foundation for your dream job.

“Whether you see yourself as a success or a failure… you’re right.” – Psychic Kelli ext. 5130

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