How to Survive and Thrive While Saturn Square Uranus

How to Survive and Thrive While Saturn Square Uranus | California Psychics

A Clash of Wills

The irresistible force meets the immovable object. Uranus, the planet associated with earthquakes and violent weather changes, is colliding with structure and tradition-loving Saturn in a dramatic showdown in 2021. The more unwilling we are to change, the more shocking this transit is likely to be.

Expect personal and public shocks. Upheavals, twists and turns of fate, and the crumbling of old structures are on the table. This won’t be bad! It might feel difficult initially, but new systems are forming which break up rigid patterns and implode limitations. The new meets the old and demands adjustment when Saturn square Uranus!

What is an Astrological Square?

Square aspects are when two planets are 90 degrees apart from each other. This is referred to as a “hard” aspect, meaning that there is tension and difficulty inherent in how the planetary energies push against each other. It brings to the surface a need to take action, resolve something, or reconcile conflicting desires.

Major planetary aspects usually occur in a sequence of three exact contacts before they move onto something else. The first aspect sets the stage for what is to come, the second aspect heightens the energy and makes it impossible to ignore, and the third aspect brings resolution to situations ruled by the planets involved. This is mirrored perfectly in these Saturn square Uranus transits.

Get Ready for Change

Saturn and Uranus are square to each other in 2021 three times; on February 17, June 14, and December 23. These dates are when the aspects peak but the effects will be felt all year. Get ready for lightning strikes to traditional structures in ways that will ultimately spin out as fresh and freeing. Forces for change will be challenging our sacred ideas of “reality” in a manner we cannot ignore. Uranus does this by causing sudden events in our lives that don’t fit in with our established patterns.

Uranus isn’t trying to harm us. It’s letting us know that we don’t have all the answers. Reality will reveal itself to us in a new and better way if we are willing to see it. If not, it might hurt a little but that part is up to us.

Saturn Square Uranus from Birth

For all of us, tension will build to let go of anything that interferes with our true purpose on the planet. But if this square is present in your natal chart you may tend to have more dramatic disruptions throughout most of your life than other people do.

You will tend to be “a law unto yourself” but also experience the push-back from authority figures and traditional institutions. The good part of this is that since you are familiar with these energies and how to deal with them, you will know how to work with them more easily than a lot of other people. You will have something to teach the rest of us that will help us through this time.

If you have a personal planet like the sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, or the moon in aspect to this square, you will have had lots of experience with this energy in your personal life. If not, you may experience most of the changes that take place outside of your personal spheres, such as in society or government.

How to Survive, and Thrive, with These Energies

Okay, let’s say that the pressure of a necessary change is banging you in the head or heart, but the thought of letting go of something established that worked for you in the past feels like too much to handle. This could be a stale relationship, job, location, family tradition, governmental or societal structure, or anything else that worked at one time, but no longer does. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for this astrological event:

  1. Don’t take impulsive action but stay in touch with what you are feeling. Take the first step of being open to the possibility of doing things differently.
  2. Realize that most changes you consider involve other human beings. Be sensitive and think things through before you take steps to free yourself. (Unless you’re in a situation where you or others are in emotional or physical danger. Then, do whatever is necessary to be safe.)
  3.  Realize that you might not really “know” what you think you “know.”
  4. Remember that sometimes you can make a “new” relationship, job, location, or other structure out of an old one. It will change when you do.

After the “All Clear” Sounds

Uranus is called “the liberator.”  If we have ignored the need for change long enough, it will bring shocks and disruptions, but the ultimate result is fresh and new structures that really work in the present! Don’t be scared.

Trust the evolutionary process that is doing its healing work in our inner and outer worlds. No aspect is truly “malefic.” Its effects are only “bad” when we refuse to evolve in the way that our souls require. Remember, there is still, and always is, room to grow.

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2 thoughts on “How to Survive and Thrive While Saturn Square Uranus

  1. Psychic Adrianna

    Good point, Phyllis!
    The true Aquarian age is about to take place, and we need to acknowledge that the difficult transition period is right now. Concerning planetary ages, the transition period can take up to several hundred years. We are seeing new and better structures forming now, so we can speed this up by flowing with change and with our own commitment to spiritual evolution to consciously create the world that we want to live in!

  2. phyllis stewart-smith

    why is nobody mentioning the Aquarian Age, a time of revolution to dissolve existing structure and replace with the new age ways….?Did everyone think the Aquarian Age would be a Hippy Paradise?


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