Psychic Krishni on True Love: The Signs it’s “Meant to be”

True Love and a Soul-to-Soul Connection

You’re in a crowded bar. Suddenly you lock eyes with a mysterious stranger gazing at you from across the room. They seem familiar, yet they’re also like no creature you’ve ever seen before. You introduce yourselves to each each and after a few drinks and a few hours of conversation, you discover that you both own black Labradors, shop at the same hole-in-the-wall Italian market and collect 60’s vinyl. STOP!

This is just like a scene from the dozens of romantic comedies you’ve probably seen, but it’s not how you make a true soul-to-soul connection with someone you’re destined to have a profound relationship with. A true soul connection is not likely to be all sunshine and lollipops.

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True Love Pushes Your Buttons

The story I hear most often from people who have succeeded in forming a meaningful union is that their true love pushed all of their buttons and knocked them out of their comfort zone when they first met. But at the same time, they felt so intrigued that they couldn’t just get up and walk away without finding out how this person affected them so deeply.

To grow in love and to cultivate a lasting relationship requires a partner who pushes you beyond your limitations and forces you to evolve in ways you hadn’t previous considered. They don’t just accept you at face value; they challenge you to want more out of life, to develop your hidden strengths and to pursue your biggest dreams and deepest calling in life. And even though they refuse to support you in staying stuck, and instead challenge you to grow, they still treat you with the utmost love and respect.

True Love Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Your true love doesn’t say things just to flatter you, lure you in, gain your trust and then let you down. They say the things you don’t always want to hear, but in the most loving way possible. They keep their word and they follow through. They empower you and always have your back. This partner isn’t the perfect person, and doesn’t have to be. But they accept responsibility and make amends when they have made a mistake.

Here are a few signs that indicate you’ve found true love and a soul-to-soul connection:

1. Your true love is more focused on who you want to become rather than who you used to be or what you’ve already accomplished.

2. Your true love supports and encourages you in pursuing your biggest dreams. They don’t feel threatened by your success and don’t make everything about them.

3. Your true love refuses to buy into or enable your bad habits, self-defeating tendencies or self-imposed limitations.

4. Your true love keeps their word and makes amends (quickly) when circumstances prevent them from following through.

5. Your true love treats you with respect, even during an argument.

Just about everyone can give you the kind of fleeting romantic experience that makes your heart skip a beat, but only someone truly special can provide a real relationship that completely rocks your world! Not all romance is the real deal. Is your partner just putting on a show or are they bringing real substance that can build toward a lasting union?

32 thoughts on “Psychic Krishni on True Love: The Signs it’s “Meant to be”

  1. Sylvia

    My finance left me after 6 years. We never had an agreement. We had our disagreements but we always talked them out. He lost his younger brother in August of last year and he started pushing me away. He told me that life was to short to be in a relationship. We have been best friends since we were in the 7th grade. And we found each other after 30 years. He and I both were going through divorces when we found each other again and when our divorced were finalized we got together. We promised each other that we would grow old together that we were soulmates. He always knew what I was feeling and vice versa. But then after his brothers accident he just started pulling away from me. I miss him terribly and I’m always thinking about him. Will we ever get back together?? I don’t think I can keep going on without him.
    Lost in love

  2. bkimsfarmKimberly Boudreaux

    I was blessed with finding my soulmate without a doubt I believe 100% in heart and head he is my soulmate! , we stayed together only 10 yrs but as of today still call each other and still believe we are soul mates ,the down fall is, beings I was the one looking for my soul mate when we met now that I have found him , I no longer have the desire to look for anyone else because my hunt is over which has left me a very very lonely person. He one the other hand has been able to move on and have someone else keep him company. Everything we read tells you how to find them they don’t say it will last cause of bad habits that totally risk the other ones health life and freedom, so I’m looking for the answer to what happens after you find your soul mate and it’s over, What Happens After You’ve Found Your True Love!!! Please depretly looking for the answer.

    1. Katherine

      Came across this today just by chance and can Identify completely. I had an amazing relationship, albeit a distance one for more than 6 years with someone I met online and of a different nationality and language…. In itself a miracle. We just felt so right together and I know in my heart it was meant to be. Unfortunately he has become ill and feels he has nothing to offer me now, even though I want to stand by him. He has lost hope in himself and therefore in us having a future. He thinks it best for me to move on. But I know this is wrong for us and I will never find anything to compare again. In fact a medium I have seen told me he was the one when we had just met and has since said we are conjoined souks and this can be fixed. I don’t know…. Am I crazy not to give up?…. I have asked myself sane question as you and feel for you… I hope and pray somehow destiny will stay with us.

  3. Teofilo

    Give up tru love is death .tru love don’t exist no more love love is fake.fgot it love don’t exist .u can b with any men 50 /10 /25 years if shakira come around hot girl across his job fgot it my wife ,cheat .100%

  4. Teofilo

    True love don’t exist.u can b with any men for 40/50 years 100% he cheat on u with other girl 100% I’m not talk bout those girl who go out club get drunk?? They never cheat. Lol ?? Lol lol oh boy u want to c how fake club girl they are lol..on mouth they all real they all not other girl .female is a snitch bad I hate 95% of girl fake ,,,

  5. Teofilo

    I meet over 800 female they all bout use my car.use my money,want drugs,want weed .alcohol all the girl I meet is real bad they lier,they user all the one I meet I m real honest so I guess real lady don’t exist maybe for me.. I kind say I sick of female I kind really say I lost hope on lady’s or true love ..I got no idea what true love is

  6. Teofilo

    I real love exist ????? Mom is with same men since 16 so mom is 70 now??? So me I’m 31 I don’t find yet so I guess is way late to get that real love.. Love no longer exist any more lost hope totally

  7. gabriela ruxandra

    I like having surprizes about love….good ones….anyway…seems so far this true love..I do not believe in it anymore….

  8. juliam

    Renee Bell April 30. Ask him where he wants you to together go, and to lead you there. He’s followed you to this point. It is time to pass the baton, switch roles, and follow your confidence in his leadership. Let the family and community elders weigh in on building confidence in yourselves and one another. Good luck all around

  9. uzumakidesu

    The problem most people experience when they ” think” they have met their soul mate, is: they FEEL only the chemical reactions in their brain that TELLS them they are feeling love.
    I have felt that, been through that and so many other types of love, that I understand now, why I am here, and it is in part to let people know, that, “LOVE” is merely a chemical reaction in most. When most people will DIE For love or do anything for the person they love… it is the CHEMICAL reaction they are having in their brain that makes them FEEL good. FEEL the way they THINK they should. In reality, the real soul mate is the one, you feel and understand different TYPES of love for: such as, I went through many lovers and loves, thinking and feeling they were the ONE,
    because I let my brain CHEMICALS feel good and tell me I just want to be this with person because they feel good. Well here was my wake up call.

    I ended up realizing my SOUL mate was FAR FAR younger than me,
    Due to the fact that, I loved him as a A BEST FRIEND, a MOTHER, a SISTER, A TEACHER, A student, and a lover. All these things,individually were given to us as an understanding of how were were to actually realize our depth of knowledge of each other. We know each other far better than ANYONE could know anyone else, and it involves a psychic link, of knowing what we will say before we say it, and what we BOTH DREAM AT THE SAME TIME.
    When you meet your “soul mate” you will KNOW the difference. you will not FEEL the difference.
    I am by nature and life a NATURAL EMPATH. So, I ALWAYS FELT for my answers. I was WRONG to do so looking for my soul mate. He found me, when I stopped FEELING and just realized, that who he was, simply made me who I was missing. And everything fell into place. You have to stop FEELING and start KNOWING. It’s weird, but it’s true, if you want to FIND your soul mate. Knowing not FEELING brain chemicals, is the difference.That wonderful feeling everyone talks about when you are in love …. well, it’s IRRELEVANT!! IT’s WRONG, it’s BRAIN CHEMICALS.
    What is real, is the KNOWING. And what my SOUL MATE AND I KNOW is: Even though, we may not be together in this life, we BOTH recognize the fact that we have been before and will be again, together. It HAPPENS when it is your SOUL meeting your SOUL again. You can’t make it happen, you can’t feel it happen. You just KNOW, it when it happens. And most physically bound people in this world, confuse, FEELING it happen, with KNOWING it happens. That is what I have to share. I hope it helps some of you progress.

  10. TLow

    I think I met my true love, he’s not perfect but the things he does just makes me want to hug him forever! He’s helping me pursue my dream right now, never ever encourages my bad habits but tries to help me break them, talks to me all day and I love him. I do things in return don’t get me wrong but the description above just fit him so perfectly!

  11. julia

    I have been in a relationship off and on with this guy , but I don’t know if he will ever be true to me or ready or to settle down. I keep getting told that he is messing around with other women and when confronted he denies it . i DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE AND MORE…

  12. respect123

    I thought I met my soulmate we have a beautiful daughter together its been 13 yrs already & he just dissapeared without calling or anything. I miss him dearly but im kind of confused because he tatooed my name on him b4 he left but he also lied to me about being married. I really hope to meet my soulmate soon.

  13. Renee bell

    My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for a little over a year he moved in with me after we didn’t see each other for months it’s been a really great relationship and I’ve been really happy except for the fact that she barely makes any money and only gives me a certain amount towards my rent Eatough of my money and he doesn’t ever take me out I understand that he’s poor that he doesn’t want anything more he doesn’t want to get a better job when he’s totally capable of it and he doesn’t want to move out of our little one bedroom apartment that we share with my five-year-old it seems like he’s just very comfortable and doesn’t want to make anything better for us I feel like if he loved me and my son and that he would make changes to help us to get a better life what do you think I got upset and asked him to leave I don’t know if I did the right thing or not please help

  14. Seriousgirl

    When I got married I thought that I found my true love but unfortunately it ended after 14 years of being together. It’s a long time and I thought my marriage would last forever. It’s been 8 years and just getting over him now. My heart was broken as we also had children together, but after my divorce I met another man whom I worked with. I was attracted to him right away and we grew closer and closer. He was the first man I really really connected with. I fell in love with him, but never told him. I truly believe he is my soul mate and pushed all of my buttons!! About a year ago we decided to just be friends but it’s too hard so I called it quits as we don’t want the same things. I guess if it’s truly meant to be it will be

  15. vivienne

    Yes, so true. When I met my soul-mate, in my belief, he was a great man at that time. We planned our future together, we planned to do business in our old days until one day when I got promoted at work, he accused me of cheated on him. We fought for months, I pleaed with him, I swore that I did not do such things, he called me names that my mother do not used on me, we lost each other respect when that happened. I gave him all my love and he shatter my heart into millions pieces. If there is no respect, trust and believe on each other, there is no relationship. Broke up with him was not as hurt as when someone accused you on something you didn’t do. Still missed him but yet can not be with him. WHY???

  16. wanda

    I agree with this article 100% but i’ve been in a relationship for ten years but I don’t know if I can be with this man the rest of my life, we’re as different as night and day.

  17. Krista

    We have 2 wonderful kids, and have been living on a very rocky road. We disagree mostly. Never have quality time I wish i had a job. He puts me down and is always against me. ” all ur good for is ur cooking”. I feel trapped. Alone. I give up n not care on were its headed. Our living situation is horrible and he makes me feel like “its all my fault”. Our marriage seems so distant. Is there hope or does HE deserve better ??!

  18. Psychic Krishni

    Chrissi, no relationship is perfect, but it sounds like you and your husband are doing a great job at making it work! 24 years together is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats on a job well done!

  19. Psychic Krishni

    Oddna, from what you’ve written it sounds like your husband is too domineering. It is a very difficult to make a marriage work when your partner is not sensitive to your feelings and needs! You deserve to have him accommodate you, at least some of the time!

  20. oyoma

    I would like to think that everyone has a soulmate ! But i no most of us just stay together inspite of flaws! I have been with the same person for 20yrs but i no she is not my soulmate! Really i no and she knows this! But i would like to no if i have ever met this lady before? Have we spoken to one another?

  21. Will

    Hi I been w/this lady for about couple months she stays in Nigeria but says she in Indiana I just found out she have a account w/facebook & another site their a man on facebook sayin he was marring her so I don’ know i can trust her now don’ want 2 be played thats all goin on these days now her name is “Ina Rose Jeffery” 37 yr old 2/14/1977 I love her so much but now I’m older than she is like 17 yrs apart I’m 55 yr old so what can i do w/out drama gettin hurt by all of this…Plz!! let me know as soon thxs for all u done for us all…

  22. Oddna

    Hello, my hubby and I are separating…I thought we had true love but it’s his way or the highway….is he being too domineering or am I lacking in accommodating him? Thank you..

  23. Chrissi

    How many of these should be considered as obviously number 3 is going to be hard to cope with for some people especially if they fail on 4 and 5 I have a husband who is very hot on 1 and 3 but lousy on 4 and 5, and very intermittent on 2 we have a relationship that is up and down like a rollercoaster, yet we still have times we can have a laugh together, though not as many as when we first met, we can have long intelligent conversations, though the sexual side of our relationship has been gone for quite a few years we are still affectionate to each other and we’ve been together 24 years this year so it can’t be all bad

  24. Mary

    My live in boyfriend of 10 years just ended our relationship. He is dating a coworker. I am devastated. I thought we would grow old together. Will he come back to me and try and make our relationship work. We have build a family together my kids and his. My heart is broken. Will he come back to me.


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