True Love Always Finds its Way

True Love Always Finds its Way

A True Love Story

Well on a beautiful sunny day I took a call from a very young woman who asked me if I could “read them star things” for her like I do for her best friend’s mum. I said I’d be happy to do an astrology and Tarot reading for her. Relieved, she went on to tell me through tears that she had fallen in love with a man who lived a few states away. She wanted to know how their relationship would take shape and what challenges they’d face being in a long-distance relationship surrounded by family and friends who were not being supportive.

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Nothing Would Keep Them Apart

During my reading, it became very apparent that nothing would keep these two lovers apart. Even when their families and friends told them they were too you to fall in love and make this kind of commitment to each other, it still couldn’t break their love bond. But that didn’t mean this young lady wasn’t struggling and hurt.

Staying Strong 

She wanted to know how she could convince their families that their love for each other was true and strong. As I said before, she was quite upset and I first wanted to calm her down. Once I did, I asked her if she truly believed that she and her young man were meant to be together. She said she believed they were and he felt the same way. I told her to imagine a photo of them being placed within her heart so she could carry it everywhere and it would keep her strong.

Trials and Tribulations 

As time went on, this young woman continued to have readings with me. We had established a great relationship and she liked to update me on how their relationship was progressing. She talked about moving to be closer to her love and eventually, they had a child together. But the trials and tribulations of life got in the way, and it all took a toll on their relationship. Finally, things came to an end and they both tried to restructure their lives without each other. The shared the parenting responsibilities of their child, but not much else. Life seemed hopeless on the love front for both of them.

Moving On 

Soon, their lives moved in different directions and they both found love again (or so they thought). But, my readings still indicated that they would end up together. They would have true love again—with each other! The truth is that neither of them were really happy in their relationships and for over a decade, they both felt something really big was missing in their lives. They never married or made a commitment to anyone else.

A Teenager’s Birthday 

Then one day, fate brought them together. It was their child’s birthday. But she was no longer a child; she was now a teenager! They decided to celebrate the birthday as a family and had an amazing day together. Cupid’s arrow had struck again! When the woman called me back, she asked me if their true love was “written in the stars.”

A Wedding 

Their love and bright future had been written in the stars. Despite their challenges, this young couple had grown and matured in their time apart. Now they were getting married and had planned their fairy tale wedding which is taking place at the end of this year. And their friends and family who doubted their commitment all those years ago will be in attendance!

Love finds its own way—even through heartache, disappointment and despair.

If you’re wondering where you love journey will take you, call me and we can look at your astrology chart for the answers.

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11 thoughts on “True Love Always Finds its Way

  1. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Cat,
    Thanks so much for responding to the blog. You are so right. True love does find its own wsy no matter what. Hope all if great in your love life.

  2. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Barbara,
    Over the years many people have consulted me searching for love with many different obstacles in their way. One thing I can say age is no barrier when cupids arrow will fire. So please don’t give up hope love may just closer than you think.

  3. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Donna I feel you have been through so much and yes you are lonely, and this will not be for much longer. I would love to connect with you in the future to see how love will find its own way for you.

  4. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Christine

    I would love to explore this connection in a deeper way. I know there is a soul past life connection here. When you are ready we can explore together where this relationship can go. And yes the answers are always written in the stars..

  5. Goldie

    Dear Gail
    Your daughter has to let go of old hurts and emotions this is blocking her chances of attracting new love …

  6. Psychic Fiona #5178

    Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It’s what holds the Universe together, and it has been so since the beginning.

    When you have given readings for as long as I have, you realize that when it’s time for it to arrive in your life it happens.

    Regardless of what hurdles may lie in its path, it doesn’t matter. Love finds a way.

  7. gail

    this question is not for me, but my daughter Adrienne Marie. She is 29 and has dated a few men but nothing seems to last long. Do you have any feelings on her ? If she will ever meet the one ! Adrienne’s birthdate is 10/27/85

  8. Christine Barr

    I wish you could tell me how my long distance relationship will “unfold”. He was a confirmed bachelor and I have been married. I am now a widow and I’m falling in love with him. We live two states apart. We email all the time and visit each other when possible. We have been doing this for three years. We met online through eHarmony and clicked right away. Is there any hope?

  9. Donna Mohammed

    Hi how are you ? I dont live in the United States but I got this Psychic reading on my computer….I will sure love if you can tell me what is in store for me with my future…I am so fusrated …depressed …lonely …and sad I dont have a boyfriend and I am so tired of fallen relationships and guys who just want and use me ..please tell me what you think and what I should do… thank you take care…bye. Very much hurting…..

  10. Barbara Brown

    It sounds like a fairy tale. I would love to find true love, but at 81, everyone says I look much, much younger, there don’t seem to be any men that I would want to get close to, except for one who is married. I don’t know where to look or what to do at this point. I stay very busy, I still substitute teach, and meet lots of people.

  11. cat

    How beautiful. True love does indeed find a way. Things get off track but will come full circle around. And nothing will stop it!


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