Erogenous Zones by Zodiac Sign

Catch a Pisces by the Toe

Make your lover marvel at your mastery of their body. Learn the secrets of erogenous zones by zodiac sign, make all the right touches in all the right places, and leave them begging for more. Think of it as erotic astrology.

Head to Toe

From the top of the zodiac to the proverbial bottom (or back around to the beginning), so follow the parts of the body that each sign rules. From Aries’ head to Virgo’s stomach, right down to Pisces’ feet, the zodiac wheel is a map to the human erogenous zones. You might also look at someone’s rising sign as well as the Sun sign for clues to those sensitive spots. Need more insights on how to understand your lover? Talk with Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 and learn the secrets of your lover.

Aries: Aries is the head of the zodiac and that’s just where you’ll get their attention. Stroke their hair, admire their eyes and whisper sexy suggestions in their ears.

Taurus: Adoring their sexy neck with soft, sweet kisses and adorning it with jewelry will make the down-to-earth bull float among the stars.

Gemini: Deepen that connection with a heavenly massage from their shoulders to their fingertips, and you just might make their toes wiggle.

Cancer: Passionate Cancerians rule the breast and chest area. Deep, long kisses on the mouth and chest can drive them absolutely crazy and make them melt in your arms.

Leo: Long sexy strokes down your lion’s back will go a long way. A head to tail massage will make them purr from all the erotic pampering.

Virgo: A single finger outlining Virgo’s waistline, from the inside of their clothes, will set their tummy aflutter. They have sensitive tummies, and love being touched all over. Anything could happen.

Libra: Librans love the balance of both of your hands on both of their cheeks, bottom cheeks that is. Concentrate on their lower back and butt, rubbing, squeezing and kneading and maybe even spanking.

Scorpio: Scorpios get to the heart of erogenous, enjoying all the attention you can give to their most private parts. Touching their erogenous zone with any and all parts of your body leaves nothing off limits.

Sagittarius: You’re Sag is fun-loving in and out of the bedroom, but a few gentle strokes up and down the inner thigh and they’ll get seriously aroused.

Capricorn: Sit next to Cap, touch knees and let it linger. Put your hand on their knee and you’ve got their undivided attention and probably a chapter in their next tell-all book.

Aquarius: Make sure your foot massage includes the ankles, and feel free to include the ankles in any and all foreplay, etc. Aquarians have a kinky side, as do many signs.

Pisces: Pisces men love to look at Pisces women (or any women) who have beautiful feet. Painted toes, sexy, strappy shoes, all leave the feet in need of pampering and this is the way to a Pisces’ heart.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets to erogenous zones by zodiac sign, it’s time to put your erotic astrology knowledge to work. Drive your lover crazy.

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23 thoughts on “Erogenous Zones by Zodiac Sign

  1. Lukas

    I’m a pretty perverted Taurus and I love breasts so I’d go great with a cancer I think and also when people touch my neck by accident I usually start to blush or something.

  2. my mood...Awesome! wait now i feel sad.

    My boyfriend is Pisces and I am Cancer.
    When my boyfriend and I have our very prolonged and sensual kissy moments (lol) we melt in each others arms. Before anything I start by kissing his neck. He could be in the middle of a phone call and he will either completely stop talking, trail off slowly or just hang up (mostly the same if his sister comes downstairs and starts talking to him) he completely just melt and my god i love it too. I do love my chest being touched but my nips naaahhh. I looooove my thighs being scratched and my sides being caressed and like i said before i absolutely melt when he kisses or bites my neck. Its kind if funny though. I never noticed any interest in his feet being touched, i will have to try that. I might just surprise him haha.

  3. Rose

    I love it when he lick, sucks and blows on my fingers it turns me on the way he does it. we have only kissed it may never go any father I don’t think he can but he makes me feel good he enjoys hear me moan he stops to talk a while then start over

  4. kisha

    a good sign to convince someone is an experiencing one of knowledgeable facts of occurence to not only advise but to encounter only loves lost battle of the sexies. Incomplete to remit proper notification of lifes set goals.

  5. LJ Innes

    ps: if you don’t know your moon sign or rising sign, an astrologer can help you with that, give one a call.

  6. LJ Innes

    Hey there everyone, I’m still getting responses to this article, and I love them all! Thank you. As for you who said “nah, no-way or way off,” try reading your moon sign or rising sign as I suggest in the article. You just may change your mind. Thanks again, and remember to worship those erogenous zones! Love and light.

  7. Travis

    Yup. Piscean here. I LOVES my feet touched. Also a massage therapist and I love learning this stuff, sorry for the scorpios and cancers… I could loose my lisence to please you lol

  8. karel

    Well Well Well … You certainly got it spot on for this Taurus girl !!!
    Adorning my neck with sexy kisses is absolutely the way to get me raring & ready for more !!!

  9. theresa

    im an aquarius and can tell you right now touching my ankles would do absolutely nothing for me in fact i have weak ankles and they hurt alot so the thought of anyone touching them really wouldnt thrill me at all it never did even before they hurt alot just not a turn on for me sorry now the back of my neck and going up towards the ears thats a whole different story

  10. pauline

    ha ha….i must be everything, except the Aquarian that i am! messing with my feet irritates me! On the other neck, shoulders and back do the trick quite well!

  11. Lisa

    Mmmmm…oh yeahhhh, yes YES OH YESSSSSSSSS!
    Scorp here…\(^o^)/YAYYYY! We get the BEST ZONE……….ohhhhh baby

  12. Steve

    Interesting – and enlightening. My Sun sign is ARIES, with LEO rising. You’ve called me out true to form! Fingers running through my hair, and down the back gets me EVERY TIME! I dated a Cancer and checked out the profile for verification – Right On The Money!

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  14. RK

    How do you think you can convince the black woman with this tips it has been hard because they don’t understand these tips and those who do will not admit them so fast.


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